typhoid i shake when i think of you.
im scared.
what do you think? do you think? do you think of me?
(why do i bother)
do you know what it is like to live for someone, and have them barely recognize your existence?
im nobody's puppet.
Shugarhi My mother makes me quiver in fear when she looks at me. 010511
me with desperate excitement 030926
oldephebe i learned to return those looks from the imperial matriarch with an opaque indifferance..do not give her the satisfaction of seeing, or even striking a blow at your heart..
Syrope riding around bumpy twisted paths for 5 hours, straddling the side of a truck bed and holding on with just my thighs. walking back 2.6 miles to my dorm. my thigh muscles ache but when they quiver with the onset or release of a stress, i'm reminded of other times they were tensed so, and of how delicious exhaustion can feel...
i miss being puddled
what's it to you?
who go