amy the joke of being unsurprised 981210
amor y nada ms is rapidly becoming en vogue and is beginning to penetrate blather. why? the world is not suited for mass despair; it is suited for mass joy and exhilaration. it's a beautiful world, with beautiful people, and although love does hurt sometimes, it's still the most wonderful thing we can experience; it's not a joke or a cruel prank. and we can experience it everyday if we merely open our hearts to the beauty and peace that are all around us... 000403
MollyGoLightly yay amor y nada!
yay amor y nada!
dB Mass joy? Like some kind of disease? People don't want to be happy! They don't want to see what is going on around them! People only want one thing, and one thing only! They want tomorrow to be pretty much the same as yesterday. They are so insecure, that they don't care what their situation as long as it doesn't change!
People meander around the place talking about weather, pets, work, what was on TV last night or anything to stop themselves from becoming what they really are!
Humans have a huge potential as a species, and yet all they do is trap themselves, or allow themselves to be trapped, and just "deal with it".
They have set up this little regime, this system by wich things are done, and it has even taken their subconcience (which should be put to better use)!!
You talk about Joy, Beauty and happiness as something that people will simply look at and acknowledge, and accept. They can't even do that! They see a thing, if they even bother to look up, and will not even notice it's presence! Even something amazingly huge and obvious and totally great, if it's not part of the hive mentality, if society says "hey, that doesn't belong here" they will not even SEE it!
People have dug this hole for themselves. They will never get out.
In summary; Humans, just don't even bother.
mikey i like this word. 010306
peyton armor

if unblemished, impenetrable

please embrace me
florescent light This is blather.

A place for poetry, musings, and sharing.

Everyone's expressions are beautiful.
And important.
positive and negative.

Not everyone can be happy.
Don't try to make everyone love everyone else.
Stop undermining one's cynicism.
Honor different views.
Don't tell them to 'be nice'.
They are speaking for other people who take salvage in their words.
mikey A scornful, bitterly mocking comment or act. 010311
nocturnal is the central cause of almost everything I say and do. sad, isn't it? 010311
Sintina his shining shield.
my sword.
embraces him.
protects me.
his sanctuary.
my weapon.
your pain brought to the surface in a shift jab and then receding back to its hiding place.
jorge masks a failure to cope, or so I have heard. shut out. dismiss it as unimportant, even boring. pretend we're above it, when we never quite rise beyond it. see avoidance. 030304
peyton my wish was granted 040408
wp my mother once told me, "you're too cynical to be loved."

actually, she didn't put it just like that. but that was the gist and it sounds better when consolidated into a short, to-the-point sentence like that.

she still loves me, though.
Asai Alone, I'm a cynic. 040911
In_Bloom Is delicious with Vodka and spite 081106
Usually looks petty. Sometimes I think the noisier cynics think they are coming off as sophisticated. Alas, seldom so. 081106
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