jezabel i have more uncertainties,
more questions,
more defined paths to failure.

if i told you my intentions,
laid them before you with spread legs,
would you run?

if i tempted you towards privacy,
would you suspect, become skittish as a deer?

or would you gladly abandon
the useless masks and smiles
and allow me to make a temple of your flesh?

such bafflement
with no guide through these wild woods,
and so many paths to failure.
jezabel DRAT!

missed the copy/paste on the first verse, which should have been:

i have a sliver,
a hope,
but i do not have what i want.

sorry 'bout that. i'm an idiot.
oldephebe um that was incredible

your words are assaulting this tower of so called rectitude

I'm really rigorous in trying to maintain my piety but ah wow

I'm glad they're just words I'm reading on a screen

very powerful stuff - where's that icepack?
jezabel it is bastard bliss, this
desire, this need
to feel your lips at my ear
pouring such exotic melodies
as to make angels blush.
i can imaging hands i have never held
brushing lightly against the center of my passionate ravings,
feel a tongue i have never taste
drifting languidly across soft slopes of flesh.

such infuriating want, such
terrible longing for you, for your essence,
a hellish rapture that keeps my blood quick
through every moment of wondering, hoping.

come to me.
you are trapped in my thoughts,
a bird beating against glass,
and i feel i will shatter
if desire draws me any tighter
across your imagined frame.
jezabel thank you, oldephebe. i haven't written in a very long time, so to me it all feels a little clumsy... but it's nice to know that someone out there is touched in that oh so special way.

and keep your piety. i'll do all the sinning for you.
oldephebe yeah
I get that

You ah are a dangerous woman. That's all I have to say. Jeez!!

Man! Gyrating every syllable..

as they say in the asphalt battlegrounds
devalis Words fall
rubies from your lips
Precious goodness
I can be bought with them

Your words are polished, slow and deep
A coin for every phrase I’ll keep
The right next to right next to right
Next to me
I will be bought with them

Move me shake me
Love me leave me
Justgive- me
Your words and
Let me
wear them
Jewels on my ears and neck
Lips and hips
Adorn me with your lexis
I am bought with them
emmi a mutual lie is the essence of seduction 060125
emmi as in,
"i don't want you"
"i don't want you either"
Useless Proverbs Your efforts as a stripper are wasted on a blind man. 071208
what's it to you?
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