klairchen people give urgent warnings about the possibility of getting one. i enjoy the possibility of getting one.. 030623
ever dumbening thin ray from a place i once knew. 110523
Soma here in the ocean we don't notice what is refracted and reflected away from our eyes. What is true or blue or dreams or just pictures of your. Our hands create monsters on icy walls as yarns weave around us. The constant chatter of the great loom as its treadles go up and down, white noises like waves crashing on the shore. We stand idly by, trying to grasp at fish with bare hands. Sigh on, cyan, sigh an sign on again. We are but slivers and shadows lurking in the depths. No scientist knows the true depth of our oceans or the width of our giant squids or the length of our rambling. 140918
epitome of incomprehensibility That's beautiful, Soma.

Sliver. Hmm. The moon a sliver in the sky like a fingernail clipping, I wrote once. I don't know where I took that from. Commutative. Congruent shapes.

Anagram of silver, too. Shiver. Moonlike. R. Murray Schafer's "Epitaph for Moonlight," the score with all its experimental squiggles leaving singers wiggle room.
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