hahaha *twang* 000115
hai diddle de de de de de de de
diddle di di di di di di di
diddle do do do do do do do
diddle de de de de de de de
owko **words for the tune above**

# y'all can sit on my knee and sing with me #
# diddle de dum do dee #
# we can sit under the tree and sing merrily #
# diddle de dum do dee #
# with me next to you and you next to me #
# diddle de dum do dee #
# we can search each others hair for fleas #
# diddle de dum do dee #
kingsuperspecial banjo is my cat's name.

she is two and 1/2 months old, and weights 2 1/2 pounds.

She stands at my feet and looks me in the eye and says"


I'm in love with her. she has an adopted brother Ulysses, but this is the banjo blath.

if you want to see her go to

(a) kittylover
Sol can we assume that you are bloke in 'catslap' under the same directory? 010615
kingsuperspecial naw - that's my pet troll,


I look a lot more like a cross between
denzel washington
harrison ford
and ronald macdonald.

(a) lies
here's a picture of me

(this is supposed to be about my baby
banjo, however)
less than 0 she's liable to fall behind in her jumping for height training, but excel in the wailing category 030121
x i'm less than zero when you add up the sum 030313
three words banjo imagination this_old_haunt 061108
flowerock A banjo will find me again and I will not waste it this time, I will play until my finger tips bleed and I can't tell the strings from the callouses. Maybe I'll start by picking up my flute again, I used to play it until my face felt funny without it there and I felt flushed as if I'd been running, now I have a hard time sight reading and tuning.

This sound is the sound my heart breathes in, harmonica the sound when it exhales, there's got to be some violin in there somewhere as well... river and frogs in between, a light warm breeze, something about this kind of thing, brings out calm acceptance and comfort, courage and understanding...
flowerock I still crave a banjo. Perhaps a banjolin because they're smaller and have a wonderful sound as well... I want to make music, I should retrieve my flute from the storage unit and warm its cold body with my warm breath. 150128
fishawk Curtis_eller 150128
FUCK YOU i hate that her dog was named banjo. it tainted the name for dogs everywhere named after a radical instrument with a shape far more pleasing to me than a guitar. banjo, the dog, was scruffy and dirty and carried as many fleas as his owner. he barked constantly and got in the way. i'm not a dog hater but i resented the fuck out of that dog. i wanted nothing to do with him or his owner. what a fucking cunt. 150128
jane bought mine from Alex's father after his passing. it was the only thing in Alex's room that i asked for. his mom wanted his shirts, maybe something comfortable. his death still haunts me, and i think about him whenever i'm inclined to pick up the banjo and play something new. i think of him, too, at trivia nights, or when i see someone wearing a SF baseball hat. whenever someone appears so intelligent that they are awkward socially. whenever someone has dark bushy armpits, even if they're light-haired. those big blue eyes.

i have finally surpassed you in age, my friend. and i will carry your banjo with me until someone else surpasses me.
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