i am y i searched every possible location to te77 you what i am f33ling; and while i know you wi77 never s33 it, i simply wanted it said.

you had a voice with a power to heal and
you left it behind; i am grateful for

it's not the words you speak, it is the clarity, the variations in pitch, the resonance and it's ability to penetrate straight through to my heart.

i close my eyes and i f33l as though i am liquid.

thank you freddie mercury.
Lola respect. 010624
nocturnal don't ever drink that stuff. take it from someone who knows. 010624
baby satan tastes good mixed with ginger ale and listerine. 010624
dooshbag it makes pennies look like silver and it tastes like chicken 040701
. retrograde.
wreaking havoc all over.
symphonic switches 040827
apocalynx ahh, mercury. sweetest of the transition metals.

and when she slices
pour it in
dreamer -the smallest planet and the nearest to the sun
-messenger of Jupiter and god of commerce counterpart of Greek Hermes
-a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element; the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures
god makes you mad as a hatter 050309
what's it to you?
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