minnesota_chris I have to get a girlfriend. Call more people. Make Rhin happier. Find a permanent job. Establish more goals in life. Decorate this apartment. 030216
carlita when i asked my best_friend to describe me with one word... passive ... is what she said. not in a good keep_the_peace kind of way, but in a bad get_walked_all_over kind of way. i guess both are true. 030715
voodoo "that's what i need.
someone to boss me around
and tell me what to do.
you're too passive.
i don't like walking
all over you."

funny you used the word
it's so perfect
i've been told it before
by people who know me
a lot better than you

what you don't understand is
i like being that way
it's just me

i thought we would work
because of it
you're the opposite
aggressive, i guess
and i like it
weaving sunlight the opposite of what i am
but long to have the courage to be
minnesota_chris I am too passive, and people do bad things to me, and I don't retaliate. 080421
minnesota_chris and oh look, I started this blathe years ago 080421
Iren3_adler It is so much harder to be passive, than to be active.

It's an interesting stance - doing nothing. When every piece of you longs for that contact - to say "please, please don't think of yourself that way, please don't think of me that way..." But you don't. You screw your mouth shut tight, you type a number 60 times but don't press dial... It's harder to be passive. Much harder.

My blessing came with more than just words, it came with actions. Actions to let you love another. Want another. God how you deserve to be loved wholly. God how I wish there were two of me so I could be her. God how I wish you'd believe me. God how I miss you.

But I must wait and be silent and passive and still and watch you heal, so beautifully, the way you healed me too.

God how it aches.
what's it to you?
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