Wayne long haired freaky people welcome inside 000621
independent woman Get a job
stop bitching about MacDonalds and all the "bad food"
No one told you to order but YOU
Get a grip
Grow up-Baby!
Get a job
stop "sux"-ing off all of us with your cry baby story
Get a job-even if it's not at Mickey D"s
Just stop Boo-Hoo-ing
dead_beat not me
and if u dont like it too bad

i guess you'd better run for office so you can try and change the laws

do you think you are smarter than my psychiatrist?
misstree came very close to losing my job today.
i missed a large chunk of time last july, and then did badly at controlling my habit of being late for a while, and, for the final nail, wednesday nights usually find me going to sleep two to three hours before i'm suppose to be in at work. so i'm on probation for unsceduled paid time off, and if i have one more incident before the end of april, i go bye bye.

making desperate pleas this morning for a coworker to come get me from the edge of town, all i could think was, "i don't want to be a waitress. i don't want to be broke. i want to take my vacation, and get paid for it."

i've also had three bignasty errors handed to me in the past week. the average is just below one a month. i_don't_care_anymore.

i just want to make it to yellowstone.
kuffsleeve opportunity !
are you having a laugh !

everyone should have an opportunity,
everyone has something special,
don't think that i never had the same problem,
i could never get a job without having crap corporate names behind me,
i will not prove myself to that bullshit and i hope you don't either. x big love x
what's it to you?
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