j_blue "Behold yon miserable creature. That Point is a Being like ourselves, but confined to the non-dimensional Gulf. He is himself his own World, his own Universe; of any other than himself he can form no conception; he knows not Length, nor Breadth, nor Height,
for he has had no experience of them; he has no cognizance even of the number Two; nor has he a thought of Plurality; for he is himself his One and All, being really Nothing. Yet mark his perfect self- contentment, and hence learn this lesson, that to be
self-contented is to be vile and ignorant, and that to aspire is better than to be blindly and impotently happy. Now listen."
j_blue a conversation between a sphere and a square, both visitors to pointland, about the point that lived there 010504
the geometry of grendel billions and billions of Carl Sagans 010504
melvinwang maybe it refers to life, all two-dimensional and all. I really loved this book, being a math person. . . 010504
j_blue dont ignore the socio religious aspects, the guy who wrote the book was a monk (i think)

its cool, cuz he coulda been talking about aliens, jesus, or just interdimensional shit; and how people might or do react to said visitations

great can of beans, and quite succinct
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