andru235 sure, they look nice and all
as they stand rather tall
but nice though they look
you won't read in a book:

for what were these stones
which encase royal bones
a testament to?
enslavement, fu'
grumpy old man actually, most books tell you that the pyramids were constructed by slaves.
slaves were central to most economies that used them.
stork daddy slavery would be even more sordid were there not monuments to attest to it. 050308
andru235 yay! lets go tour the old plantation! 050308
stork daddy it does little good to tear down auschwitz if the turmoiled humanity which created it still remains. if we are not confronted by the horror, we will not know its true implications until we have created it again. 050308
nom discovered in bosnia 060414
what's it to you?
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