zenfishsticks should i go there or not?

depends on whether it would be pleasant or annoying to fall in love every day.
niki go...only if i can go with you. 020111
king missile i want to go to scotland
i want to wear a kilt
i want to show off my two legs
and do just what i willt

i want to go to scotland
and show off my two thighs
and wear a mini kilt
and poke you in the eye

i want to go to scotland
and be so very bad
to wear a micro mini kilt

-of plaid
arwyn I miss it like a vibrating string in my soul. The greenery, the hills, the mountains, the people, the smells, the food - it's all a part of me now. I claim my heritage there and I know, with every atom of my body that I'm meant to be there. I'll be a tour guide if I have to. I'll work at Tesco. Just let me be a part of this world of unicorns and the loch ness monster. 190404
what's it to you?
who go