matt a lesser form of pissed or angry 990625
hahah ants-in-your-pants
ANTS IN THE PANTS?! What the hell is ants in the pants!! GODDAMIT!
raven when your father comes downstairs and asks you to do something that he has all prepared for you... but just decided to get you to do it instead of just doing the friggin task himself. 000825
. ... an anagram when you see words that indicate a reshuffle of letters, ie goes out, out, in a way, twisted, mad, arrangement, change, movement, about, agitated, ... 030721
sirflaccid Does this suit your fancy? 051201
In_Bloom Don't poke the fucking Bear.
Don't bother unless you want to wrangle.
Thank you for coming.
thieums My mind is agitated
But it's only a little storm
On a vast ocean

Salty water
Gushes out of my eyes
Slowly as I type
what's it to you?
who go