andru235 wasn't it JUVENAL who penned,

don't pretend, my dear Aescephone,
that you weren't present,
eating Trimalchio's yeast!

we all saw you,
as Trimalchio shoved his cock
so far down your throat
that it met with tomorrow's breakfast:
garum biscuits!
mmmm...juvenal likey!
Strideo Any of various unicellular fungi of the genus Saccharomyces. These little guys leaven your bread! Have you ever had unleaven bread? Well its more like a cracker than bread. More importantly yeast makes fermentation possible! The trick to fermentation is to let the yeast get to work first rather than letting things like bacteria and mold get a foothold. Yep, yeast is the difference between a yummy alcholic beaverage and icky rotting stuff.
DannyHq All of the raising agents have disappeared from the shops. We have all rediscovered the joy of baking bread. At this time we need to knead. 200425
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