Mishie is day-dreaming at nightime. . .and crushing on a frog who you believe is prince charming ( but we all know price charming is in the witness protection program ) Eccentric is Mishie -- that's me who likes to be friends with other eccentric people and laugh in the dark. 991130
Mir is not the name we should be claiming ourselves, but given... however, we're guilty anyway... it's a rarely annoying label and invites a smirk to my face. 000123
Gabriel Fulwider i am 17 i am male i like people who are like four leaf clovers(what do the three leaf clovers think?)i like to color my hair and wear weird clothing just to watch old people stare i like to answer peoples dumb questions accordingly(with a dumb answer/with smart ass over tones) i like to not use periods or commas i like to out wit teachers i cant stand being bombarded with school produced propaganda i am ecentric :+ 010322
alohamora is what people call each other when they don't know what else to say. 020126
j_blue i cant wait till all the staring_old_people_die

sadly, i know there will always be a few, since they actively seek converts from among the young
julietlives crazy bastard. 020822
RadariG I am the crazy,
the hazy lost young,
the youth of a forsaken nation.

Does anyone rememeber me anyway?

Did it even matter?

Damn it all, damn forever, into the infinite darkness of night and death.
mt i'm not rich enough to be eccentric. 031228
andru235 latin for "this `ntric`" 051228
JadedFey see idiosyncrasy 070410
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