kronoman stand navy out to sea
fight our battle cry
we'll never change our course so
vicious foes steer shy-yi-yi-yi

roll out the tnt
anchors aweigh

You know, it's sad. I'm a freaking sailor, and I don't remember the rest of that tune,
syd octopus 010630
good people i want a squid tattooed on my back. my entire back. 020824
pSyche Giant red squid on my backpack now. smelling all fresh and of paints and things that are not of the sea. I would rub you with salt, but still, you would not be of the sea, and you would would not wriggle, writhe, or even shrink as the snail does.
Red squid, i love you, and all your tentacles. You are almost as lovely as evil red robot. Eat your submarines and watch all the happy little sailors come drifting out.
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