Quintessensual if lime be your pleasure,
here's double lime,
fresh from the freezer
of the warm corner grocer
Rhin Lime = Mmmmmmm! 010104
erin the psycho popsicle it's burning a hole in my face 010104
phil rule 020502
blown cherry We call them ice-blocks in our upside down and backwards

we'd buy them from the tuckshop in primary school, the red ones were the best.
When you got to the bottom and you had half a tube of red water, we would drink it down pretending it was blood :[.
eggory Janice ate a popcicle it tasted bad Janice doesn’t like Popsicles but her boyfriend had insisted so she thought she’d try it again even though she had less than a week ago because she wanted to test it after a few years it wasn’t the same flavour but it all tastes bad to her her boyfriend jack was disappointed somewhat that she didn’t like the Popsicle as it cost some amount of money it was no ordinary Popsicle but a fancy one she felt sorry and at the same time unappretiative of his somewhat surprising amount of disappointment and so spitefully offered to buy him another Popsicle to make up for it but that just made him more angry so they left the store somewhat less socially enthusiastic and it occurred to her and she asked him if he wanted to have sex. He was somewhat reluctant with a pause of considering how to interpret the idea at first and then he said yes. They fucked some and then he finished her off with his mouth and they sat there on his bed afterwards with their backs on the bed and her knees curled up and they thought of what to do next while also fading from feeling the feeling of aftersex then she went home and played the keyboards and then masturbated in front of her keyboard turning it off part way through and then she felt unsatisfied with her life or the day more deeply than her conciousness could follow. Then she lied there for a while and got up ten minutes later or so for lack of anything better to do 060517
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