quinceye Ode to ms. girl, who now says, after many, many a blathe about dents and scratches, she be not fragile:

Vibracious silver vase, you're not fragile
for holding a hundred bright roses the world,
all of it, craves to see and sleep upon.
Malleable though you must remain, and
sorely may be scratched and dented deep.
Still, surely there will always be a sweet
silversmith to repair you to fineness
the world could never imagine you be.

Copyright 2000
Dragonflye I am malleable.
(Too cliché.)
A slack sack of skin
with the skeleton removed:
s p i n e l e s s.
I melt into a plasmatic pile
of human Jell-o,
on the floor,
at your feet,
diamond-shaped linoleum patterns
etched into my cheek.
I give you me like this,
dirty and raw.
Do what you want with me.
It doesn’t matter;
I don’t care anything for
just as long as
I can make you happy,
or at least remove all
the sharp parts of me
to keep
from making
you bleed.
Lemon_Soda I am easily influenced by the media. 091030
Jurisprudence I see you there with your throat up
You are so tired
Anyone could come along and give you a kick or whisper ugliness in your ear
But I have you
Sometimes close in my arms where you are safe to sink, fumble and dream
Other times I'm in your periphery, watching for the creatures who would drink your blood out of jealousy
Carefully I move aside the parts of you that could gouge and slice
You are too tired now to do much harm
Go ahead and sink, roll, flow, form
I'm not too afraid of what you'll be
unhinged he says one thing
and then does another

somehow i have come irresistible
. . 091030
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