Dafremen Saw another UNIQUE and INDIVIDUALLY EXPRESSIVE Libra today. Yep, you guessed it...purple hair again (third one in 6 months.) The usual music tie-in...CD player (complete with headphones)..patch stating emphatically

KORN Issues

And the big stunningly-noticeable-yet-not-in-TERRIBLE-taste pastel sky blue backpack which matched the pastel purple hair and tastefully matched yet carefully chosen for the YOU DON'T KNOW ME AND IF YOU THINK MY CLOTHES ARE GUNNA HELP YOU FIGURE ME OUT HAVE I GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU effect they help to achieve. Slightly chubby teenage bo0ber with an OUT OF BALANCE Libra patch on her backpack. Oh..and UNIQUE pastel purple hair. (Heheh Linda Goodman hit that pastel colors thing on the head.)

May You Find That Peaceful, Happy Place That You So Deserve, My Purple Haired Sistren and Brethren.


Roger Dafremen
yummychuckle lol thats hilarious. I love fellow libras. 020322
unhinged my hair isn't pink anymore and the purple never really showed up, with an out of balance immune system that keeps allowing this awful cold to return. if i had someone to put cold wash clothes on my head and cuddle me at night i would get better a lot faster. 020322
Dafremen Get some huggy bears in the interim do0d. They're pretty damned close.

Dafremen unhinged, do0d...I'm coming back. Sometime within the next month or so.
You know what that means. More time for inconsequential prattle on blather since I won't be paying by the hour anymore. (Prolly means a lot of lighter material mixed in amongst the long winded serious stuff.)

Didja miss my babbling at ALL or is that wishful tinkling?

P.S. I think that I finally understand Shostakovich's "Death of a Poet." Through his music he was speaking out in a land where the written and spoken word had been silenced, right? Pretty deep stuff do0d.
yoyology i am a libra librarian
how cool is that
cube Harmony and good taste - I'll bet you just live to decorate the library :-)
Dafremen Nope. Bet they're prolly too busy reading the books. Librans who have or WISH they had a bookcase full of nice books, raise your right hand. Ok, those that wish they had a nice bookcase full of WEED raise your left hand.

(Ok, this isn't working, I can't type with both hands in the air.)
Monsta hey I can type with both hands in the air. Not exactly a Jedi, but that's the closest I can explain :D 040202
no reason i think i like the moon in libra
no reason "tell [no_reason] the moon's in libra"
heh heh
unhinged i am going to soon have a beautiful bookcase my greatgrandfather made to put all my pretty little books on. that bookcase has been in my house since i was a kid.

i like the thought of it holding all the beautiful books i've amassed in the past two years. (when i started reading what i wanted to again)

my buddhist collection
some poetry
some fiction
musical biographies

aaahhh my books
they've been so good to me lately
a childhood truth rediscovered
books never do you wrong
no reason i think i'm starting to see it in you
what's it to you?
who go