revuiquier What is peculiar? Everything that is not ordinary? Not vulgar? Everything original? What is peculiar? 000822
sleepless People tell me I'm peculiar.
It would be very dull
To be normal.
Radhi Peculiar is to not be normal. But normal is to smile at everyone, even those you hate. To project the perfect image, while getting so trashed on the weekends you can't remeber who you slept with or why. Its not giving a shit, and being completely self-involved. I am peculiar, instead. 040130
psa Normal
best of the worst
worst of the best
and you crave normality?

I will stay as I am
but thanks for the offer
and go see my neighbour
he may be interested
he isn't peculiar
national hero I saw more than a few broken people today in the large building of many ethnicities. Peices of former people on display as though a traveling circus which knew science. All in all most peculiar. Political commentary seems to be everywhere my neck can turn. Turn off your political rants and say something personable! 060322
Ishutan Hear Hear! National Hero! 060323
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. belonging exclusively to. 061108
They call me Truth usually people just say im weird/crazy. but i wish people would surprise me and use this every once in a while. 070628
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