LeVi Don't do it!!!! 010628
nocturnal I figured out that markers were to blame for my trouble understanding some of the concepts of light. I was taught that if you combine all the colours, they mix to make white light. also, black is the absence of all light and colour. I disagreed. if you take all your markers and colour over the same part of a piece of paper, you don't get white. you get black, sort of. if you don't colour the paper at all (assuming the paper is white) you get white. it took me a while to realise that this is why I had so much trouble believing what my teacher was trying to tell me. colours of light are much different than colours of ink. I know, I'm a smart one, I is. 010629
crimson I like black markers and blue pens.

I write on myself all of the time. I suppose it is better than self inflicted wounds.
My grandmother always asks if I don't have enough paper, offering to buy me some. I shrug, knowing I have more than enough paper, and say no, its fine, only to resume drawing spirals on my ankles and small intricate designs on my thighs and wrists.
jezabel he doodled as we talked,
absent-mindedly tracing
blue characters on the places
i couldn't touch.

i wrote on him,
drizzled symbols unknown to any other
from the soft crook of his arm
to nearly his wrist,
and wouldn't tell him what they meant.

he signed my arm in much the same way,
danced cryllic to form his name
in blue ribbon, looking like
the signature of an artist
tucked at the corner of a painting.

this morning, when i woke,
that subtle souvenier had
copied itself to my right breast,
as if my longing were drawing his symbol
closer to where
i want it to be.
shoccolo that's pretty neat.

would have been even neater if it were your left breast, and over your heart.

but does it matter? i think not...
lovely, anyway.
jezabel i don't want him close to my heart... i want him close to my wrist, the metal in my breast. my heart would be out of place here. 030818
nomme genetic 030818
crimson ooh jezabel that was marvelous 030819
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