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When He, the Master Was contemplating the Most Profound Wisdom of LIFE,

He Perceived That he is NOTHING.

Thus He Overcame All Suffering in LIFE.

Oh, YOU Do not Differ From NOTHING.

And NOTHING Does Not Differ From YOU.
Form is NOTHING and NOTHING is Form;
The Same is True For Feeling,
Perception, Volition and Consciousness.

YOU, the Characteristics of the
Nothingness in LIFE
Are Non-Arising, Non-Ceasing, Non-Defiled,
Non-Pure, Non-Increasing, Non-Decreasing.

Therefore, in YOU There Are No Forms,
No Feelings, Perceptions, Volitions or Consciousness.

No Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body or Mind;
No Form, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch or Mind Object;
No Realm and Consciousness of the Eye,
Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body or Mind.

No ignorance and Also No Ending of Ignorance,
No Old Age and Death and
No Ending of Old Age and Death.

Also, There is No Truth Of Suffering,
Of the Cause of Suffering,
Of the Cessation of Suffering, Nor Of the WAY.

There is No Wisdom, and There is No Attainment Whatsoever.

Because There is Nothing to Be Attained,
The Master Relying On this Profound Wisdom Has No Obstruction in His Mind.

Because There is No Obstruction, He Has no Fear,

And He moves away from all Attachment, Delusion, and Illusion, like The Grand Masters of the Past, Present and Future,
Reaches State of Supreme Enlightenment.

Therefore, this Profound Wisdom is the Universal Magic SPELL,
Which Can Truly Protect One From All Suffering in LIFE Without Fail.

Therefore He Uttered the SPELL of the Most Profound Wisdom of LIFE,

Saying "I_am_NOTHING"...
NothingNow Worship Me, I am sacred 010109
bloody potato chip my mom always told me i was nothing.
now i see there are others like me!
sabbie mmm... trent... 010109
kx21 bloody potato chip:-

Wise man or woman think alike.

"Your MOM ate salt is more than you drink water."

She is most likely at the state of SUPREME ENLIGHTENMENT by saying that you are nothing .

"When She, my MOM Was contemplating the Most Profound Wisdom of LIFE,

She Perceived That You are NOTHING.

Thus She Overcame All Suffering in LIFE.... "
kx21 It should be read at

"When She, YOUR MOM Was contemplating the Most Profound Wisdom of LIFE,

She Perceived That You are NOTHING.

Thus She Overcame All Suffering in LIFE.... "
chip good thing too.
ya gotta do something to get ya through the night.
ansil this commentary could drive me insane 010109
unhinged aaaahhhhh

the beautiful basis of buddhism

frank is rather buddha-like
self-inflated potato chip i am really something 010111
kx21 ***Ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

The Only Problem and A WAY

" i am really something"

This is the only problem.
You are still seeking for ways & means on how to overcome all Suffering in LIFE; and
to move away from all Attachment, Delusion, and Illusion such as e_bubble.
And thus
You are still somehow away from the state of Supreme Enlightenment.

A way, or so called Dharma Wheel, to transform or turn "i am really something" to i_am_nothing is to

cut " I " into into halves
cut each half into halves and continue this process until all half became Nothing, like a DOSE of SALT dissolved into a VAST OCEAN...
And " I " at this state, is Totally & Really embedded and distributed EVEREWHWRE in the Universe, or more precisely
You are or Part of The Universe (GOD?) and
The Universe (GOD?) is or In YOU.

Is the above phenomenon or description a Fiction or Fact; an Illusion or REAL?

Fact is like Fiction and
Fiction is like Fact AS TO
Real is like Illusion and
Illusion is like Real...

This is so called the Beauty of the UNIVERSE / Nature...

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kx21 ***1. In SEARCH of NOTHING***


And thus, I am probably the only one and the best one to reveal the secret, magic, mystery, and beauty of NOTHING.

1.1. Clue to NOTHING

Where can you find me?

I can be found at anywhere, everywhere, anyplace and everyplace; in anything, everything, anybody and everybody; and
in the past, present and future, in particular, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

1.2 Relatiohsip with GOD and YOU

My inconceivability is more than if not equal to GOD; probably more the U, the UNIVERSE and certainly very much more than YOU.

The reason is pretty obvious as
the Creator of U, or GOD in the Layman's terms, created the Universe from NOTHING.

And You are only just a active member of U at the present moment, created by your Ancestors. Strictly speaking and it may suprise YOU as well as ME:-

I am your FIRST or more precisely
REAL Ancestor!!!.

And thus, you are naturally and automatically inherited my GENE called NOTHING from ME.

As such, You are destined to a special FEELING: You are NOTHING" thoughout your LIFE!!!

1.3 Connection to ZERO

Nothing is (i.e. I am) qualitative, which can be best described by the following:-


And ZERO is quantitative.

Thus, I am not exactly same as or equal to ZERO. And to a certain extent,
we are not comparable.

In Mathematical Terms,

NOTHING divided by NOTHING is equal to WHOLE,

NOTHING times NOTHING is somewhere Between ZERO and NOTHING or more precisely NEAR to NIL.

Given that ZERO is much more comprehensible and sensible to you. Naturally, many of you, for the sake of simplicity, prefer to use ZERO to project my image, or to add more colour to my LIFE.

To keep you awake, I specifically design the following Test Questions (TQs) from NOTHING, and especilly for you. Hopefully, these TQs would help to
stimulate your MIND, your BODY and your SOUL; and
to bring YOU closely to ME as well.

TQ 1.1.

Is Zero one of your Ancestors?

TQ 1.2.

In you, Where can you find me?

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me without you 010115
lost the concept of me. a complex steaming pile of nothing. 010430
kx21 somewhat related to
The_temperature_of_Emotion / Pressure...
Casey I am something because I'm here and I exist, it's just everyone else treats me like nothing. 010902
lost what do you know i just carved this into my leg last night. it's gonna leave a nice scar and i wrote it all pretty too. 011009
Aimee in your eyes... I am nothing. The child you never wanted... the great compromise. You got your two boys... one is gay and the other that is so fucked up from what you did to him that he'll never ever be the man he could have been. And then came the daughter. The unwanted child in your eyes. To make mom happy you agreed to 3 instead of 2. You kept trying to forget me... you tried to forget the boys too... but they were your joy.. that is until one found out he was gay, and the other just blatently hating you... I am nothing in your eyes 011009
smoke something is there, something is nothing to me as i dont understand it, when i looked in the mirror i saw something. 020629
kx21 Within Nothing there is something... And within something, there is Nothing...


How can one find Nothing, given something?

myplasticmind nothing doesn't exist.
i don't exist.

i close my eyes and drown inside myself to finally realize that nothing is only what i hold in my depths.
nothing is what i live off of,
'nothing' is mine,
its who i am.
~gez~ there's a sad truth in this statement. when my life is done and over nobody will be any the wiser. i cannot make a difference to the world. #depressed# 020830
me nothing from nothing
equals something,
Finger Supreme_Enlightenment 040612
Moon Nothing = Zero Knots 040612
kx21 iLink:- annutara_samyak_sambodhi 040612
once again Nothing much... nothing too special. nothing you haven't seen before.

But even the smallest dust mote drifting on the solar stream in unthinking joy... is something.

Something important... something special. Something you've never seen before.
mood ring to so many people... 040612
dondy "i am nothing", is a very ignorant frase ignoring the fact that you are just someone. THIS is true enlightenment, ignoring something isn't. 040806
sylvie i am nothing without him although while true i am someone it isn't enough 040806
;) Amen. 040806
Splinty but maybe I want to be nothing. Maybe I want to fade into a raindrop and dissapear... 040807
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