sphinxradio when kevin spacey arrived on earth in k-pax
there was a lot of dust in the air
but i'll forgive the dusty new york train station for that.
new york.
thanks for coming down to visit from columbia.
and let's hope i'm riding that train before too long.
the big
is so cold, but so alive that you don't notice your veins are ice
maybe it's the death of us all

then you walk off
muttering, dreaming about a colder state
with no asphalt and flurries in october.
pansy I’ve already prepared my heart for your arrival
Take off your shoes before you enter
Abandon your external self
And come inside
Deep into your soul to join mine
And become one
dandy love is that.
ready to accept
defences down
ready to listen
and not see the
worst but roll
inside the heart
and mind
of the other
blood brother
blood sister
heart family
more true
by choice
than any
accident of birth
in trust
in permanence
trust that you
can handle
anything and so can
the other.
dandy ok, so penny was far more articulate but all anyone can do is try to find the rhythm of beauty inside and outside and sometimes we trip over the cluttered profane mundane instead of seeing its profound soothing truth 050504
anomalous far_to_arrive 050504
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