emily ...sweet guy with out of control hair, he never worried about how he looked or what he wore--half the time i came over he would be outside in overalls working on some mechanical thing in the garage...and we would always go sit in his van and smoke weed...crazy cute guy, i never told him or anyone or even myself really, but i was completely in love with him.....but he smoked too much weed and i think he forgot about me...last i heard, he's living somewhere in Washington.....i really miss him... 000522
moonshine I watched you vomit pickles slices in the bathtub once. Learn to chew, damn it. Or learn to vomit in the garbage disposal.. 000602
gwyllynne the name of a he wasn't a man...the name of a boy.....boy who I thought was my best friend....a boy who betrayed me in the worse way you can possibly betray a female....a boy that does not understand what he has done wrong or why I have pushed him out of my life......a boy that made me numb 000724
psychobabe I have a friend named jeremy. He lives in missouri, lol~
Hes pretty kool, even though i can pin him everytime we get into a little wrestleing match ha biaTCH~!

Nah, hes ma bud, so hes kool with me
clearly i remember seemed a harmless little fuck 010428
unique_butterfly he says he likes me
i say i like him too
he's confusing me though
am i confusing him?
he hasn't asked me out
the thing is my friend
well, she's sorta my friend
went out with him
if he asks me out
do i say yes and betray her
who already has a boyfriend
and says she's over him?
do i say no and not get
to be with him
but i'm prolly way a head
of myself so...
i just better shut up
and leave it all alone
He hit me With a suprise left. 010604
Casey my jeremy is like emily's...except no weed. And to me he isn't cute, but to every girl he is. And he is one of my best friends. 010604
startfires hmn. jeremy. he thinks we met in minneapolis. he must have been introduced to me at least twice before that. he didn't like the real me, he liked the me that you first meet, y'know? interests. tastes in music. appearance. attitude. those are the things you remember in a first impression. thats all he had, several first impressions. he was so impressed with me. i hate it when people are impressed with me. because the real me isn't so amazing. yes i knew all the words to guns of brixton, yes i drove eight hours in a blizzard to see this show. i am a strange girl, all heart underneath. i hate it when they enjoy the front too much. thats not me. i lost my virginity to jeremy. we were listening to snuff. 010605
florescent light Jeremy is the 76th most popular male first name in the US. 010605
Photophobe Jeremy is the laziest person who gives a fuck. Sentimental but with so my inertia. How can you be too paralysed to love?

But its too hard to be angry at his laziness, because every time you're with him he's just the same old jeremy, ready with a smile and a laugh and an ear.
the last jeremy used to be so sweet, I thought i was special because he would be nice to me when he was such a jerk to everyone else. We partyed all the time at Jason and Jakes but all i cared about was Jeremy. Then she was all "with him" and I hated her for a long tyme. We're best friends now again, because boys shouldnt come between things, I just needed tyme to get over it all. Then there is Jeremiah....oh lord...what can i say? hes just sweet in every single way.
Then of course there is the real Jeremy who Ive always thought was so cool and I finally got to know him and hes even sweeter than I thought. But sometimes drunken nites are too much for anyone to think about. oh well.
Then there is the only fucking Jeremy that is so stupid. calls my friends house at three in the morning looking for ME? what the fuck ? are you psycho or sumthing...I mean why the fuck would you do that? and Collect I might add!! DAMN.
All in all I definately think that Jeremy is a good name...even though some fucked up things have happened with Jeremys.
bijou i had to sleep in the driveway in front of the kosher mansion because he locked us out. that was one of those terriblewonderful nights. 010724
farmfish fucker got punched in the face for being such an ass, got his glasses broke too.
and it was luc_id who did it.
god hey jeremy...what do you know about...holes? 010801
aeon flux I loved a jeremy once.
*fondly remembers...*
tisha [[tears]] 020714
jessicafletcher winklypoo. he was a jeremy. he had legs and he ate bread, and i loved him. we sat down a lot. we were best friends. then we fucked and he bought me a diamond, and left me last summer. we died a lot. for two years we died a lot. and june 20, 2002, i made him a cake for his 20th birthday. in 2000 i took him to chuck e cheese. i miss those days. i don't miss those nights, though. fights in the parking lot. shit like that. yelling and fucking eating and sleeping... it was all the same after a few years. we still talk. he just doesn't like my new boyfriend. he says i have changed. no shit? people have a tendency to do that. i miss him. i still have the ring. i still have everything, but a best friend. 020714
Jen jeremy had black curly hair and blue eyes that became a little more blue when he drank whiskey. 020714
i e 020820
thea the most beautiful song. i like the name too, but that's really because of the song. it's funny- i originally thought the song was this angsty sad thing about the trials of today's youth, but then when i saw the video it was this hyper celebration.
and i started to think about how life and death are. and how people think of life as bigger than death, even though death and before death are eternal and life is a puny little thing. but because people make such a big deal out of life, they consider death horrible. but it's just normal. life is a little explosion of color. it wasn't meant to be forever.
but anyway, the video isn't about how jeremy got teased and neglected and so killed himself. at least it is partly. but that's just part of it. it's also a celebration of this cool little kid and his drawings of the maroon dead. even if he did kill himself, he still should be celebrated. because there's so little life in your eternity that you should think less about people's deaths and more about the time they spent on earth.
does that make sense? i'm sorry. it's just what the video made me think.
when i finish my book i've been considering a story about a transgendered kid, or a kid wondering if she's transgendered. anyway, her name is jeremy because when her parents looked at the little screen they thought she had a penis and they gave her a boy's name. and she wonders if maybe their vision of the child they would have caused to her be emotionally male. which is weird, but it would be an interesting thing for a transgendered kid to think.
jessicafletcher another day and i'm reading what i used to be. he's still my best friend you know. i just can't fall in love. he doesn't like when i drink and he cries because he loves me. 021210
limmus the song moves me. 030125
monsoon i personally would not rather be with an animal. 030127
nore but jeremy, on the other hand, once said that he would rather be with an animal. 030127
sweetheart of the song tra bong Jeremy was in my upper fall English class, and Jason and I spent most that time writing notes in our books (gatsby, capote) to each other. We made fun of everyone in that class a lot. We made fun of Jeremy most of all. He was our pick of Person In That Class We Would Make Out With If We Had to Make Out With Someone In That Class. Only he had wrinkly hands. Old man wrinkly hands. We laughed at this a lot.

Day student kid, sold some drugs. We felt superior.

After graduation there was a picture of him up on the website, holding his diploma high and pointing to it. No one believed he'd actually graduate. He had one of those "take that, fuckers" smiles on.

Couple weeks ago he killed himself. Jamie called me to tell me and I was too caught up in going to Charleston to take the call. Then I had to find out by stupid, impersonal, mass alumni email.

Stupid pearl jam song.

My class barely made it half a year before losing one.
Candy He is the male version of me.

Of all the people to run into on the internet, I find a guy who is just like me.. and not that far away. What are the chances of me just all of a sudden wanting to "chat", and I find him just as I was about to give up on any chance of entertainment.

It scares me though. What if I fall in love with him? What if he hurts me like so many others have? Why do I like him so much?

Love is not even in the cards right now... I will not even think about it, but what if? His name crosses my mind from time to time.. even when I play volleyball. I actually called my friend Justin, Jeremy today. I don't know whats wrong with me.

He lives in Ohio, and I in Indiana. He is so much smarter than I will ever be. He has his future planned out, I do not. Our personalities are the same, and yet our lives are so different. What will I do if he moves far away to go to medical school? Will I miss him?

Jeremy. That very word is like sweet music on my lips. What is wrong with me?! He is not here tonight... I really wish I could talk to him. Perhaps one day we will be together, but for now, I will leave it in fates hands. Oh dear fate, please make him part of mine.
Eowithien ~british.

I wonder if I'll ever wonder what came over me to make me write this, but I'll say it.

I love you.
kookaburra he was a dork.
he was the lowest of the low at my old school.
he picked his nose and sucked his thumb. and i did nothing to stop the teasing.
i know sorry doesnt cut it, but thats all im comfortable giving.
Jeremy me. 5'10''. dark shaggy brown hair. brown eyes. inverted laberet piercing. i like salvation army clothes, rough sex, weed and amazing books. i love diners, Interpol, and lust.

celestias shadow every time I'm in the room with him, I just want him to grab me and fuck me.

it hasn't always been like this. In fact, this only started three weeks ago. but it's getting worse every day.

this. is. not. allowed.
what's it to you?
who go