Maybe Nat would Say A sudden Haze is brought about
followed by a heavy fog
dazed and confused...
you leave me.
Black Raspberry lips
wishing to touch your spearmint tongue
I really wish you would open the eyes called windows of your house and see me.
Let me in.
Come out and Play With Me.
because I need a play date...
and My mother isn't making them for me anymore.
She says I have to do things "on My own"
I agree, though shamefully
I don't follow through with anything.
I still have her clean my clothes. and she still loves me. why?
I still have her cook the good food that I won't eat.
and I leave her Dazed because I wont allow myself to get better.
I only allow pain and sorrow.
Someone needs to give her a hug.
I refused. I regret now.
Caught. Caught in the act of shameless breathing, waiting to be picked up and taken to the hospital in someones arms, not by car. To be taken, and a doctor tell me I am a hopeless cause.
thats what I want.
because thats how I feel.
what's it to you?
who go