Shugarhi You're trying to elude me again. 010920
distorted tendencies Time. I never want this to end. 010921
in a silent way always on the precipice
in soft focus
close enough to touch
but not really there for the touching
nothing more or less than
an apparition
unhinged you always look at me
out of the corner of one eye

i climbed on top of you
laid down
stared at you

until you were forced
to turn both eyes
in my direction

i just kept staring



'this is starting to get a little weird. you are staring at me'

i sat up on you
so that my gaze wasn't so close
'ok ok. staring is just prolonged looking'

and i flung one leg over your body
and climbed off
unhinged oh and
'i never said i wasn't weird'
what's it to you?
who go