silentbob i had a dream i was a vigilant side kick
my name is tim i'm a lesser known character
S&W 38 Special

My father gave it to me for Christmas, 3 months after my husband died. He said, 'You're the strong one!'


Two weeks ago my father asked me if I still owned it, and I told him yes, to which he said, 'You know if you're not going to use it, then just give it back to me'.

What did he mean? Did he mean to say, 'if you have no use for it', as if it's just collecting dust?
Casey I wish I was the side kick of some great superhero, that way I could handle the overflow of babes, woof woof. 011027
CheapVodka My little brother is my sidekick. I'm 17 and he's 16. I call him the BoyWonder but randomly shorten it down to B.W. to give it a little know?

I'ma force him to start wearing a towel around his neck like a cape and make him act like he's flying around when he's clearly walking *gigglez*
whoknows im tired of being the sidekick. i want to be the hero for once. 011106
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