jennifer Tuesday.
I sit in my room, playing Poe and putting on my make-up and I feel a small hand touching my knee. Angela is only three. She eats scooby-doo fruit snacks and asks if she, too, can wear make-up. I lightly brush blush on her cheeks and she looks in the mirror: "when I get bigger, I will be as pretty as Jennifer" and I tear up a little bit. She asks me to put a bandana on her hair to match the one I have, and I see her eyeing my costume jewelry and I let her have some. She notices Xerox whining and asks why he's "pissed off" and I almost gasp, for realization that she picks up on everything. She says that the poster on the wall looks like Miss Becca and asks me when she's coming back. When Debi comes to pick me up, she asks for three hugs, two kisses and to touch my hair: "I just want to see how pokey it is today". She walks away, an eerie little version of me and I understand the two constants:

Today is still Tuesday
and Angela is still my best friend
MollyGoLightly Funny how I found myself telling a drunk seventeen year old boy that he is one of the few constants in my life. And it's the truth. 000507
Devalis God Almighty, Twinkies, roaches, Cher, and Micheal Jackson’s nose. 020822
ofsuch apparently there are constants that are easy to figure out. everyone else seems to have this constant thing down except me. the problem is that constants change when one tiny factor is changed, so how is that a constant at all? 111014
flowerock change is the only constant.
I knew a girl named constance, sounds like constants.
She played banjo, drew comics, and had an octopus tattoo. She was inspiring at the time, maybe I should have talked with her more.
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