ACHOO don't actually jump off cliffs.
It's a myth.
David Attenbourough said so.
moonshine yeah only humans do that.. 000718
p2 apparently
this was all a big hoax
the lemmings were herded off the cliff
by disney!!!

Dafremen "Cyclical explosions in population do occasionally induce lemmings to attempt to migrate to areas of lesser population density. When such a migration occurs, some lemmings die by falling over cliffs or drowning in lakes or rivers. These deaths are not deliberate "suicide" attempts, however, but accidental deaths resulting from the lemmings' venturing into unfamiliar territories and being crowded and pushed over dangerous ledges. In fact, when the competition for food, space, or mates becomes too intense, lemmings are much more likely to kill each other than to kill themselves."

This fits in perfectly with what I was saying about assholes,and somehow vindicates my comparison of assholes to lemmings.
The Spork funny you never seem to take the time comparing assholes to, oh, say.... YOURSELF.

you talk about this being a show, well what episodes have you been watching lately?

and i guess you must be real hard-up for people to fuck with if you've gpt to go after and start up on people for a blather (perhaps one of a few too many) where some of the blatherers were quoting an old radiohead song.

i'll bet if assholes could fly, then wherever you are would be busier than the skies overLaGuardia during the holiday rush
screwing for virginity 10,000 lemmings cant be wrong 021121
Dafremen You seem sad spork. I hope you will get better soon. I'm sorry for whatever I've done to make it worse for you. I really mean that. Together we can make things better. We each have as much power to create something good as we do to create something bad. I'm done playing society's game. Consider the hatchet buried on this side. Consider me a punching bag for your frustration.

~gez~ my finger got ate by one
i was so nice to it aswell
i built it a wall so it could throw itself off. how narrow minded, people (or leemings as the case may be) are never pleased when they get what they want. the grass is always greener on the other side
silentbob is myth the right word? wouldn't misconception be better? 021124
Dafremen Yes, misconception IS the word. Of course with Myth and Miss Conception it seems a bit sexist, shouldn't there be a neutral representative. Ummm...how about FOLKlore? 021125
maxell the engineer thought about obeying an order that would lead to failure 040712
maxell "unforgiving in his ceaseless quest to impose fiscal order upon..." 040712
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