phil I don't think my whole life revolves around one decision I made. I think a definition needs to be made, to present itself in clarity, to be obscure of impurity.
To say to myself, give no limitation, like they used to give me, allow myself to be free. You have to realize what i really need is me.
It seems I've gone missing it seems I've stopped calling; it seems I don't care. I lost the joy of love, sensation of guilt, lost lost looks like lust I must remember.
There was much toil for little return so much work to barely have learned.
Wasandru Enter this world, the world, a world. There are so many worlds, right here, right now, someday. Here you are, there you are. Pass through another but fail to partake therein. Fail to behold. No, no. Behold after all. One must seek to behold. To not seek to behold is to not be? This I ask. Can I, mortal, behold unbeholdance. It is so rare that one really synchronizes with the greater concept behind something... but I, mortal, am satisfied with nothing less. I demand satisfaction. I insist upon partaking in existence, even if this entails an increase in personal delusion. 061106
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