rubydee the hippies next door
kept a marvelous stash
of homegrown

she baked us muffins on sunday morning
and served them with "sunny butter"

bright as fuck.
User24 I've compiled a book of common ailments and herbs to use to cure them, now all I've got to do is get ill. 030426
nom cannabis, coltsfoot, mullein, kinnickinnick, labrador tea, catnip & osha root 061116
HSG been having a good amount of cardamom tea.

and some Acute Cold & Flu Formula, which includes:

osha root
usnea lichen
golden seal
white willow
colloidal silver

hsg http://www.lifelinefoods.com/Products/ACF_G.htm

eat that. screw the flu shot.
sameolme Chinese Club Moss, never seen it but I
sure hope the huperzine A is good.
caresscoffee You say "Erbs" and we say "Herbs" because there's a fuckin' "H" in it. 061201
nom i say "erbs"
an "an istorian"
nom *and "an... 061202
nom but i also say herbs
and historian
hsg ginger is a rather good anti-inflammatory. nutritiondata.com gives their A.I. rating. tumeric is excellent also. 070131
nom it's actually spelled turmeric not tumeric
...my mom pointed out to me one day)
nom sorry to spellcheck you hsg
it's something i usually refrain from doing
hUgs143 ! how dar u spel jeck me?!

*there like 3-4 correct ways to spell tumerick.

more erbs:)



Basil – Crisp, peppery and sweet green aroma.
Is helpful in treating nervous disorders and stress related headaches, migraines and allergiesUsed to clear the mind and relieve intellectual fatigue, while giving clarity and mental strengthIt has a calming effect on the nerves and is known to ease sinus congestion.  Basil oil is refreshes the skin as well controlling acne and healing insect bites
*Clarifying, calming and cooling
BaySweet, fresh and spicy aroma
Used an antiseptic for the respiratory system while stimulating the digestive system and settling stomach pains. It promotes a calming and warming effect on emotions and alleviates general muscles aches and pains.  Bay oil is also helpful in combating hair loss as well as in treating sprains, strains and bruises.
*Warming, calming and uplifting
Bergamot - Fruity, floral, and spicy aroma.
Used to alleviate muscle aches, bronchitis and infections. It has soothing effect to relieve stress while alleviating systems of rheumatism, neuralgia and colds/flu. Bergamot is known for its analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic and antibiotic propertiesAn excellent oil in treating acne and oily skin conditions as well as eczema and psoriasisHighly beneficial in healing cold sores, chicken pox and wounds.
*Uplifting and calming, normalizing
Cassia - Warm and cinnamon-like spicy aroma.
Useful as an antiseptic to control infections, providing relief from fever and cold symptomsKnown to stimulate circulation and ease nausea and indigestion. Cassia oil stimulates energy and works as a wonderful anti-fungal for the skin.
*Euphoric, energizing and warming
Cedarwood Himalayan –Woody, smoky and spicy aroma
Used as Antiseptic, astringent, sedative (nervous) and stimulant (circulatory).  It provides uplifting and soothing properties that are beneficial in relieving emotional stress and anxiety.  Commonly used as a astringent for oily skin and antiseptic for acne.
*Calming, warming and uplifting
Citronella – Fresh, sweet citrus aroma.
Uplifting effect on your mood and is a great insect repellant, while its antiseptic qualities are good for fighting colds and fluIt has a softening effect on the skin and also helps to combat excessive perspiration.  It has antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant and insecticide properties.
*Uplifting and refreshing
Clove leaf - Powerful, spicy, and fruity aroma.
As with cinnamon, this oil is very affective for many disorders. Provides antiseptic and stimulating
*Warming and sensory enhancing
Cypress – Woody, spicy and sweet evergreen aroma.
Useful in soothing the nerves and mental fatigue as well as relieving muscular achesHighly beneficial for congested skin and wounds while acting as a good astringent for oily skin and broken skin capillaries. A great oil for combating cellulite and firming of the skin.
*Uplifting, relaxing and soothing
Eucalyptus - Woody and sweet aroma.
Is good for muscular aches and pains and soothes inflammation in respiratory passageways. Useful for inflammatory conditions such as sinusitis, asthma, throat infections, acne and skin
*Purifying, invigorating and cooling
Fir needle - Fresh, woody, sweet and earthy aroma.
The aroma is subtler than pine oil, yet more spicyKnown to ease anxiety and stress.  Commonly used as an analgesic, antiseptic, deodorant and expectorant. Is beneficial for respiratory conditions as well as for relieving muscular aches and pains due to its warming properties
*Refreshing, invigorating and stimulating
Ginger - Spicy and woody aroma.
Used to stimulate circulation of blood and promote healthy digestionEffective in easing muscular aches, arthritis and nervous exhaustion. Due to its warming and soothing qualities, it is helpful in combating common colds, flu-like symptoms and headaches as well as soothing muscular joint aches.
*Warming, strengthening and soothing
Grapefruit - Sweet, sharp, and citrus aroma.
Useful for treating congested skin, acne, toning the skin as well as preventing water retention, muscular stiffness, colds, depression and nervous exhaustion
*Balancing, refreshing and cheerful
Juniperberry – Fresh, sweet and earthy evergreen aroma.
Is effective in relieving muscle aches, inflammation and arthritis as well as stimulating circulation.  Useful as an antiseptic, sedative and tonic. It is helpful in treating stress, anxiety, and nervous disordersHighly beneficial for oily skin, congested pores, acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
*Energizing, warming and toning
Lavender - Sweet, balsamic, and floral aroma.
Supports the immune system by cleansing and detoxifying the blood. Reduces fever, anxiety, and agitation. Eases muscular aches, nervous tension, stress, anxiety, insomnia and inflammation of the respiratory systemUseful in treating acne, allergies, burns, athlete's foot, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Is rejuvenating to the skin and tissue.
*Balancing, soothing and clarifying
Lemon - Clean and sharp citrus aroma.
Is detoxifying and stimulating to general circulation. Improves digestion and eliminates muscular pains.  Useful in treating acne and balances the color tone of the skin.
*Energizing, uplifting, refreshing
Lemongrass - Powerful citrus aroma.
Stimulates circulation by detoxifying and eliminating lactic acid. Great for muscular aches and exhausted nerves. Known for its anti-bacterial properties.
*Vitalizing and cleansing.
Lime - Tart and sharp citrus aroma.
Promotes healthy circulation while detoxifying and stimulating to general circulation. Aids with lymph drainage.  Useful in treating acne and balances the color tone of the skin
*Balancing, refreshing and cheerful
Litsea Cubeba (tropical verbena)- Fresh and citrus aroma.
Is helpful for general skin cleansing due to its antiseptic properties. It is beneficial in treating oily and acne infected skin.  Commonly used as a astringent, antiseptic, stimulant and tonic. Highly beneficial oil in treating fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, anxiety and depression.
*Calming, uplifting and refreshing
Manadrin – Sweet citrus aroma.
Is soothing to the nervous and digestive systemHighly beneficial as antiseptic, sedative and tonic. Useful in treating oily skin, acne and preventing stretch marks.
*Uplifting, refreshing and soothing
Marjoram - Spicy, warm and woody aroma
Used for treating respiratory aliments, circulation and muscular pains. Provides a calming effect to alleviate stress, anxiety, fatigue and griefKnown for its antiseptic and antiviral properties.
*Warming, comforting and calming
Orange, Sweet - Sweet citrus aroma.
Useful in treating all nervous and stress related conditions. Good for depression, anxiety, oily skin, sore muscles, colds, bronchitis and water retention.
*Cheering, refreshing and uplifting.
Palmarosa – Sweet and fresh floral aroma. 
sameolme to go along with the incantations 080321
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