Caine Hey, that shark has Pretty teeth dear, And he shows them Pearly white. Just a jack-knife Has Mack Heath dear, And he keeps it Way out of sight. 980905
miniver "Small fry dancin' for a penny,
Small fry countin' up how many--
My, my, you listen here to me,
You're not the biggest catfish in the sea."
Lothaine inspiration for really bad movies 990802
grendel skin jacket.

torn to shreds while falling from a moving car.

i miss that thing.

the glorious kitsch
of an era long since passed

maybe one i was better suited for.

but i was born too late
sim Squalo, in Italian. Squali, if you're an Italian schoolkid turning a corner at the Genoa Aquarium and, upon discovering a whole tank of the beauties, shrieking at the top of your lungs to all your grubby companions.

Graceful, efficient, perfect. One of very few species that have remained virtually unchanged since creation. Larger species are generally long-lived and slow to breed, but this was never a problem until humans began fishing them out of existence...
! piss off ! 070422
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