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unhinged after i put 20 on his bart card, we realized we had to go on different trains and he reached over to hug me but i only had one free arm. i dropped my luggage.

'now give me a real hug.'

he smiled despite himself. i think he was afraid i was going to start crying all day. he pulled me in; just as i thought he might pop something he let go.

that is why i miss my brother. when i ask for a hug, he's the only one that can stuff it all back inside me and glue me back together.
unhinged (with the curve of his arms) 100423
oren Excellent. 100424
unhinged i lose it for boys
who know how to hug

you approached close
and i stuck out my arms
wrapped around
held each_other tight
i felt your breath come out
and let mine out too

i didn't want to let go of you
i have never wanted to let go of you

you dropped your arms
ad bolted
unhinged on benzos
you brought your step_brother by
and when he left
you walked up to me
'now give me a real hug'

and we did the thing we always did
where you tried to lift me
and i told you to stop because i was afraid for your bad back
and you told me you were stronger than i thought

'thank you for sticking around for me'
on benzos
because it's

and all i really want

i'm weaker than i wanted you to think
unhinged (and all i have imagined in letting_you_go is one last kiss, one last hug. a_real_goodbye ) 110505
unhinged last summer it was all i took not to tell you i was headed your way so we could be together again; just a few days that when by in the blink of an eye.

maybe it was the migraines that you had to get an mri about; maybe it was three decades of exhaustion. but when i walked over to you for a hug, you could barely pat me on the back let alone give him a bone cracking squeeze. what a lamentable difference five years make.
unhinged *give ME

damn typo
what's it to you?
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