Valentine I live here, temporarily... until I can show them how not stupid i am. 030328
Caxton Im stuck in this room with the twisted metals, trying to find my way out.
Im suffering alone, in pain and in torture, Im losing my doubt.
In close paranoia, and rage thats inside, all to build and collapse.
My body in a straight jacket, my mind in a fury, im going crazy...perhaps.
A tugging of greif, and a loss of memory, that makes my life no better.
If my hands were free and I could concentrate...I write life a suicide letter.
Asylum Bound For so long i thought i was asylum bound,
but just seeing you makes me think twice...
--As Lovers Go, Dashboard Confessional
Katya a place to stay
a place to be
and yet it is no place for me

safety no
from here
to go
but staying go insane
what's it to you?
who go