eric a point beyond which further absorption is impossible. i think this is an important thing to remember in respect of relationships -- romantic and friendly. 'familiarity breeds contempt', they say. 980907
(charlie parker)mad a friday morning november 1986 sophomore biology class

it was a good thing i wore black that day.

i gave him a concussion

he gave me a broken nose

it was the first time i felt crazy and vicious, he made a vague threat against me and i responded in what was at the time an uncharacteristic fashion ...

i responded in kind and made a more explicit threat which he did not believe

so i proved it to him, yanking him up out from behind his desk by his collar, placing my hands to either side of his head and headbutting him with sickening force...and as he staggered back he unleashed an impressive right hook that might have been worse if it connected with my jaw seeing as he was one of a group of people who would later be kicked off the football team for suspicion of steroid use

i leaned back and a part of his fist hit my nose at the bridge.

the sickening wet snap and the flow of blood running down my face as the cartilage was cracked and the blod vessels ruptured

before either of us could attack each other again, every boy in the class had seized us by our arms and pulled us apart though we were flailing about trying to break free as the teacher stepped in between us and sent us, in turns to the office.

i had never known the thrill of an adrenaline rush like that before and wanted to charge him as he was being sent out first but i realized i was bleeding all over the place

he shot a look back at me as he was led out of the room by two other guys fromt the team, big seniors who regularly asked for my help with lab work

i shot it back, grabbing my nose and snapping it back into place with the same nasty wet sound as the break had made and sending a fresh run of blood down my face

i didn't feel it for about another half hour when the adrenaline wore off and the rest of my nerves had settled down from the red alert they had been on

by rights we should have been suspended, but since the man in charge of student discipline was also the athletic director, the football player got off with a slap on the wrist...and since i was a favorite of most of my teachers who might have made a stink if i got punished more harshly than one of the sacred cows. i got off with a similar hour work-detention every day after school for a week...big whoop

i had to break uniform rules and put on the Dead KEnnedys shirt that i kept in my backpack for later in the day since my uniform polo shirt was soaked with blood and had that coppery smell to it even after i rinsed it clean

and the moral of the story is: don't piss off the sax player
pipedream lunch at shanni khala's, with roast chicken and haleem and stacks of naan. 030308
kid andre When a liquid is just fucking fed up with absorbing a solid. 050425
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