Zy If I painted myself black, would they hate me? 011130
whoknows i wouldnt! =) 011201
ClairE someone will always hate you. 011201
roomite if you haven't already noticed, the most beautiful people come from mixed racial lines.

i suspect this has to do with the healthy result of crossing diverse genetic codes - beauty being a manifestation of good health. prolonged local interbreeding eventually suffers from a lack of fresh genetic material.

the programming of genetic algorithms seems to bear this theory out as well, with greater genetic diversity arriving at solutions in fewer generations.

too, mixed racial homes provide a more tolerant environment in which to raise inquisitive young minds. don't make the mistake of thinking that you have to stick to a single language either.

these kids are brilliant...
ClairE Or maybe they are just like anyone else.

(speaking as one, of course)

Man, sick of being called "beautiful", "different", "exotic", whatever.
distorted tendencies My mom is russian, white. my dad is black. from africa. mixed racial lines here. but repressed living in a small town, which used to be basically kkk capitol. at least someone loves me. :) 011201
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