nomme) "homelessness is not a choice" 050718
nom i keep thinking of that elderly man in the wheelchair how he stopped me on my bike said he was starving said my smile brightened his day i keep wondering if he's ok i keep wishing i'd talked with him more had more money to give him a bed and a meal and a home 060927
birdmad circa december 1997 i stole a bar of soap from the 7-11 around the corner from where i sometimes crashed.

surreptitious sink baths in public restrooms at ood hours to avoid stinking

out-of-the-way hedges and bushes with low ground clearances make for good places to sleep when you don't want to be rousted by cops or park rangers

the amound of unfinished food people will leave sitting on plates in shopping mall food-courts without bothering to take the extra three or four steps to the trash bin to throw it away is both astonishing and convenient... during the nearly nine months in whish i was at least somewhat homeless, i only lost about 15 pounds because i didn't completely ignore the advice of the trailer park sorceress

(Although, i should point out that she did that sort of thing not so much out of necessity so much as the deluded suburbanite notion that she was making some bold social statement...that she was challenging what she, in her stereotypically inane notions perceived to be "Babylon"...i only did it when i thought it was needed to)
nom it's just that i want to help people here 061110
nom i want to help people wherever i go 061110
nom i want to help people 070206
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