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W.C. Every day at work
It was to be my assignment
To check the paper beside the machine.

I was to make certain the numbers
Highlighted by that brilliant sunny
Matched the numbers in the machine
Green like the eyes of a beautiful
Woman on every eighth

Read in.
Check out.
Punch in.
Punch out.
The numbers are within tolerance.

Then one day I became
The one that typed the numbers in
The machine built like a cadillac.

They gave me a piece of paper and a
Do this thing, do it right.
They'll check your work every eighth

Print in.
Read out.
Punch in.
Punch out.
Now I check the tolerance.

Then one day I became
The one that typed up the paper.
They gave me a computer, keyboard and
Type this thing, bring money to our
They'll check your work ten times a day
So it does not behoove you to make a

Type in.
Print out.
Punch in.
Punch out.
Now I direct the tolerance.

Then one day they came to me
They said, "You do good work."
So on they moved me to an office
With the swiveled chair and that lovely
"You tell us what to do," they said,
Now this is your

Study the data.
Formulate the process.

Type it up
Send it out.
I don't punch in.
I don't punch out.
Now I dictate the tolerance.
amadeus yur luv.
i dare ya.
what's it to you?
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