hoseluvr I love pantyhose, stockings, tights, I wear em all 051217
hosefreak If you're a woman and you don't wear any kind of hoseiry, I want nothing to do with you. 060107
pSyche Everyone at school said my stockings made them think of the wicked witch of the west.
We're they really talking about the stockings? Or was it just an excuse for a comment on my personality?
sab i like the kind pippi longstocking wears.

i want some of those.
hosefetish Psyche, you sound like my kind of woman. What did your stockings look like? Pretty sexy I imagine. 060109
me I love the striped ones they sell around halloween time. They give me a big boner. 060202
me i want to get some thigh highs. Those are sexy. 060413
pSyche my mother gets mad when I cut them up and sew them into long gloves.

this page kind of scares me.
Tony Pantyhose are more the way to go for me. I like stockings, but I love having my entire lower body encased in leggs sheer energy. 070626
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