startfires sifted layers unfolded now
buzzing, bursting, titilation
it's going to hit us
we keep buzzing
startfires bsssssrrrkt. crrrrk. bxxszzrt. 001010
Barrett Star Trek can build ones vocabulary. 001010
epitome of incomprehensibility I was doodling on the fabric of space/time yesterday and I caused an anomaly in the continuum so that all gravitational fields will be used for football games involving quantum particles. Since then I have been restricted to drawing lots, which would be fine except most cars consider it a gamble to park therein. 050810
hsg knode 090219
hsg eoi, believe eye_all read more of your stuff..

i just saw you're a space_time_doodler

that sounds fascinating!
what's it to you?
who go