me? sounds depressingly happy, but isn't.
my lackadaisical mother cut her finger while chopping zucchini. i hope it doesn't bleed too much, i like zucchini.
amy from lackadaisy, which is from lackaday
lackaday is an interjection (Lackaday!) expressing disapproval or regret.
lackaday is from "Alack the Day."
jennifer I always thought there was an "s" between "lack" and "adaisical" 000207
mikey she calls me lackadaisical
she digs into my brain
but i will never know
she said she loves me
i think it doesnt matter
it goes into my head
i think its just
chit chatter
Freak My step father always uses this word...

My mother swears he made it up or that it was just a wierd redneck term he learned living in the country...

I just find the whole thing funny.
I believe you were looking for this there you go. 021012
Zoe chan my friend and i were at a restaurant once and heard a guy say this word, which was when we both had just learned it recently. we thought it was a lot cooler than it actually was... 070103
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