sphinxradio reminds me that the holiday season is fast approaching...
i'm not religious at all, but nevertheless i regret that the word "holiday" has come to mean that it is time to spend money on people you know.
or, to me, simply that i get time off from school. not a bad deal, i suppose, although i'm not any smarter for it.
stork daddy he had always made fun of her car. he always made jokes to the effect that she was compensating for some insecurity, or trying to one up the jones (as if there were any insecurities in her life she did not have for him or someone like him's behalf). he said how ridiculous it was to take pride in something which really was just a way to get from a to b, and which wasn't a person and shouldn't be treated like one. she thought about it for a moment and then for once didn't hold her tongue. just shut the fuck up. if i give up on that car, i give up on you. neither of you will last, both of you are stupid pride. and you're just as material as it. i'm keeping the car, and perhaps you, if you stop being such a bitch to maintain. 040412
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