sphinxradio it's weird to say hi to you in the hall these days,
as though those four months are automatically erased from our brains
and we're back to being indifferent acquiantances again.
yummyC the psychics say its my overprotective spirit guide...
I say its because i wear black and *people say* I look pissed off all the time.

Its just that i don't know how to filter out the people I wouldn't like to meet whilst still meeting interesting new friends. I scare them all away.

and back when i was too approachable, bad things happened.

loneliness, or being taken advantage of? For some reason, I can't find a happy medium.
misstree Customer service. Bleeeargh. I'm the happy friendly girl who'll fetch you a burger or a beer, who'll put a rush on that upholstery fabric, who'll have your car repaired... I wonder sometimes who slipped the plastic smile into my pocket... strange thing is, when I'm doing it, it doesn't seem that plastic.

When I'm not getting paid, though, I grow fangs and claws, and anyone who doesn't see them is going to smile as they bleed, buy me drinks as I dazzle and dumfound them.

Unless I'm sitting inside myself, like a hermit crab in its shell. Those are the best times, just watching the world go by, like a vacation from the crowd around you. Somehow, people know not to bother me, then. That's where peace lives... up that tree, sitting in that branch, watching everything else, occasionally spilling words onto paper.

Been too long since I knew peace.
Strideo many people find thier boss unapproachable
Nikita I adore my boss. I don't know how he feels about me but I simply love him and think he's the best. 040224
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