hsg There's something beautiful about an endless_book_of_paintings where everything's solidified yet you turn a page, focus on a character and for a moment can live through that character.

You no longer see the book but just that page and only through your I's. I'sn't it interesting though how we go through the pages from any point_of_you and eventually find the book again?

Ther e nd less on sparkalls, facets and glimmers o'fly to see.

I've found.... sometimes other characters in the_books leave trails so you can find yourself, your way back, teaching, lessoning the hardship in the end I've found sometimes you are that person. It's a lot more work and the moment you forget.. well then that's just where you're at and that's okay, too. But the work is different. In the first example the work is easy but we are reluctant to do it with all our heart. In the second we do it becomes play! That is our whole art.

But what if you found it again? The book. And you felt well rested. You're no longer in those characters only Unafraid because HERE you seeN hOW they never died.. just frozen in time. Would you lay your head on a pillow with the book tucked under it and work all night in your dreams to make it a better book?
I ask because.. if you forget, if you lose your lucidity you have to earn it back... and it could be many, many lifetimes, more in fact than days in each lifetime.
But, you do know in this moment that you find your way back no matter what the story is or who you are. (-: The math behind why th IS complicated but it is SOUND:-) Now by better book I mean allowing a more fun story to be made more readILY available to each of the characters... It's like humor.. and it allows you to find your way back without unnecessary suffering. It seems though like an_inverse_catch_22 because it's a wIN_wIN_IN_the_end If you succeed in remembering_who_you_are then you maintain_lucidity into, during, and out of the entire lucid_dream. Also, the dream becomes a little nicer for the characters.. more artsier, more fun and brilliant, too. If you forget then... swim_back.. crawl, fly... it's up to you, really. But the thing is this: you're gonna get it right some of the time.. and that makes it easier for you when you don't.. which leads you to get it right even more and again easier. As_a_result what I half_found is that we_forget_who_we_are when we're_afraid_to_help_others and the other half is that we dream_lightly (carefully attending our journey) when we are kind.

Even without trails to follow, hopeless, feeling alone and desperate.. If you clarify your heart that is all that is needed to find your way back.

anger.. fear.. greed is prison.

Are there bars on your heart?

To clarify:

your willingness to work.. to play_onwards .. to make it a better time for the characters... that IS what keeps you lucid. The reluctance to play that way is what causes us to be stuck in the story.

So this choice is clarifying your heart. If you are truly clear on who you are you realize your true identity is literally Kindness. When you practice kindness you are awake the whole time.
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hsg ||| part twoish |||

The point where there's the _ choice is called the bedcloud. 

In the bedcloud you are as awake as can be. intern_ally_awake
You knowhat death is. You norm_ally couldn't deal withis. But in compassion you can

Upon choosing to return to the pages, it is very difficult to remember intern_ally_awake because you have to 
always consider 
t_wo_rldS {AT ONcE}

If you fall too far into either.. 
If you forget the bedcloud, you knowhere you are but not how nor why
If you come back half_heartedly still wanting to crawl back to bed while others work, you won't pay attention to the {book that's the world} and you'llose your mind. even_worse you become a more confuse d-:-p art of thistory, becoming a burden instead of a light. Like ocean_waves you're tumbled_and_humbled until all that remains is sincere & smoothed, a once piece_of_broken_glass

We can communicatenthusiasm to live
Remember yourself to successfully live
We can remember_y_our_true_face_is_love
love_is_awake and awake is playing_at_tension
h|s|g you_are_carved_in_stone

your_story your_face your_journey

all_read y written

your overself can travel over it, like_flying_in_your_dreams
close_to_the_ocean rip_pulls
what's it to you?
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