Whitechocolatewalrus What penguins do. My dad once did an impression of a peguin waddling and it was hilarious. 031110
uow willow 040816
pipedream what my cousin's pregnant wife used to do. she made a big scene out of being pregnant and the rest of the family would just raise an eyebrow and slide surreptitious 'oh, brother' looks at each other frum under our eyes. it was kind of fun being exclusionist. 040817
acidshank i know this guy. that guy. the 'one'. yeah hahaaha. anyway so this guy when he walks, its like a slight waddle. its because he has a huge cock tho.thats why he walks like that. its so sexy tho. me and my friend contemplated why he walked like that for a long time. we thought it was becuase it was cuz of his cock. turns out. it is . 041123
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