me? hate: your time will come.
welcome to the machine.
please check your god at the door.
moonshine I used to own a god. 000601
moonshine He threw me up against the wall once, by the basement with a rusty machete. and laughed like vinegar...laughed and laughed. I laughed. 000601
guitar_freak you are so intoxicating. 001113
Miner After a mild case of getting so intoxicated, i only knew i had been drinking by the fact there was a bottle of 40% strength drink, minus the liquid sitting on my desk in the morning, a pretty nasty headache, and some sick.... how pleasant that morning was, shame i cant remember how fun the night before probably was. 010509
owko alcohol, it's the devils water don't you know, but who wants to be an angel anyway :) 010509
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