abulia buddachunk buddachunk went the can(n)on 000710
startfires when i was little my parents used to take me to liberty memorial in KC on the fourth of july. they always did that 21 cannon salute and i cried every year until i was 11 'cause i was scared. 001003
yenaldlosi the happy accident of palmetto wood acting like a shock absorber as the royal navy fired its barrages upon the carolina coast 021125
p2 taco bell's
cannon indy
the awful truth looking down
the barrel of a life
it's pointed to a night
that's bleeding out the eyes
the life
is focused on the right
or wrong and not the night
not the life

the night
is smokey-slow and drunk
it's old people and punks
sharing space
in the park after dark

the night
is acid-bright with light
it shines from the inside
and makes you wonder why
you need to wonder

we bow heads to the sky
we never want to die
we stock our basements full of foodstuffs
we're living in a lie

the birds you see
when you cease
to sleep
are as important

as the man
on the street
that you feed
to feed your own esteem

everything is the same
everything is the same
nothing is famous and
nothing is named as the one
everything the same
everything the same
you want to move forward
but i want to remain
in this world
this life
i know this is right
you dont' need something else
you got it tonight

the stars and the trees and the wind in the leaves
and you and your dreams; they all conceive
ONE universe and without anything;
it ceases to be a univers'ly good thing.

it will become what we aint
become something tainted
some ugly misshapen
monster we created
that'll swallow us first and the rest of it next
i'd rather push bikes with our feet till we get it.
the awful truth i'd rather wait in this cannon forever
then light the fuse on some
careless endeavor
and find myself flying
or maybe i'm floating
or else im just falling,
and soon i'd be dying

no, i'd rather sit here,
not question my fate, or whats outside the black walls of thise shape,
this tubular thing,
this "cannon," or, "life," that seems so pointless -
only if you don't look at it right.

the life that we have,
cannon or not -
is possible to explode or not
its possible this thing will
flourish and rot
as one
and that's what we want.
e_o_i Some cool images there... are you making this up or is it from a song that I am woefully ignorant of? 061221
the awful truth this is mine, of course,

but i'm flattered
what's it to you?
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