ClairE I_love_you.


bijou once i heard patti smith, i realized ani difranco wasn't as original as i thought she was. 011212
ClairE Heh. 011212
ClairE You are the only thing making me feel better.

That doesn't mean you are better than anyone else.

It means we should worship anyone who creates.
And that would be each and every person.
<> it really bothers me when people worship performers who play others music and don't write any music or even play an instrument.

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tourist Caught Her act years Ago
Tom petty and the HeartBreakers were the opening act, (this was before they had had any airplay)
The Tickets were incredibly cheap
less than three dollars I think.
I bought two and paid with a ten, but the change I got was for a twenty.
So esentially They paid me to attend.
Such exquisite tourtured Angst
Innocent suffering dispair
Spitting on the stage during Rock and Roll Nigger
Incredible back up musicians
Scathing Poetry
She bounded back on stage after it was over. Waving and smiling at everyone like a little girl, a total shift from her hardened stage persona...
God I loved that show
god . 050218
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