andrew@benicetobears.com sometimes i think it's a word, sometimes i think it's a letter, but invariably it just ends up being me. 980819
sage like this. 980821
eric i am yellow too... 980903
jeff i ... personal pronoun ... an act of referring to one as self. 980905
sarah i
am one with nothing
Pacia take up entirely too much of my focus. 981107
Dallis am. Am I now? Such selfishness. Just cant stop talking about yourself can you. No, I cant. You know you Want to. I know. 981118
a want to 981120
Adi I blathe therefore I am... 981121
oh yeah need a break from reality. 990121
Danny everything...not much at all really, but everything 990209
adam imply nothing, assume nothing, trust nothing, rely on nothing but am scared of everything. 990212
Demi Monde i am the world. when i die, the world will no longer exist, because i will no longer be there to experience it. of course, this is an entirely subjective POV: the same is true also of you. 990301
Owen Ty Kahle does not see
does not wonder
does not wish
does not care
does not accept
does not love
kyo can't see how I was ever underground since I always wanted everybody to notice me 990328
daxle the most boring word in the english language
sometimes I'm embarrased when I realize how much I use it
ceorl used to think i knew who i was, but found it takes some knowing 990418
allie am? 990501
mareberry a small word which sums up our entire existence in one breath...
it is who we are. we shall never escape the chains of the word, the life, the soul.
leese should really go to sleep 990514
jake enk. am the point from which all of you exist. that is how i see things backwards. 990603
suzan don't want to begin to admit what you mean to me, without some sort of reassurance that you feel the same way i do. 990604
tarin is the product of a brain filter that by nature works against itself. 990605
bfnh only to be typed in lower case, those who do otherwise are @$$holios 990617
bfnh ok, maybe not total assholios 990628
benji am a process. I am becoming Benjamin Bradley. 990723
flowers too like boys... grammatically speaking 990729
BUTTerfield8 I totally agree with bfnh 990729
Legion ...is a fundamental misconception.
to begin with the notion oneself, an oxymoron, as the primary concept of identity, is to begin with the most fundamental fallacy, conceptually embedded in the language one learns to speak from birth. for there is not *one* self, there are many selves, each saying *i*, each oblivious to the others.
is this one that says *i will get up early in the morning* the same one that won't get up? is the one that says *i will stop smoking right after this pack* the same one the buys the next pack? the one that says *i love you* the same one that kills with a word or a look? are they not difffent ones altogether, each claiming *i*, each wearing the same face and bearing the same name?
our language perpetuates the misconception. *i will...* is already a lie. to have will is to be able to do, but how can one do anything if in one moment *i* wants to do it, and in the next moment *i* doesn't want to because it's too difficult or has become meaningless. will is a function of unity.
And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.
adam suck 990831
jonn think this is insane. A healthy insanity, however that fosters more creativity than its creators know. They knew it would catch on, but onto what? What makes this insane. i forget, i do... 991004
Pete first person, singular

used to justify everything
i i 991103
Colleen there is no "i" in the word team... but there is the way I spell it. 991111
Alexander Beetle I am paranoid of being caught doing something illegal that I didn't know was wrong 991116
why me i
quite egocentrical
don't you think?
valis no, no "i" in team. but there is a "me". 991207
Starbuck I think, therefor I am. 991207
nameless why does I spelled with capitals? thats because I write about I and I is the center of MY world. they only added "am" to the I maybe because a simple I was too simple, people often mistaking to mix simple with boring and therefor "am" added to the I. I=me am=being 991217
setsuna meiou I oft wonder who I am
in some strange life
was I the same
and shunned as I am now
or was I an empress
and revered by countless subjects
or maybe this is just my first
trip around
and I am new
and I have to learn for myself
and maybe next time
I won't fuck up as bad
bee the word turns people off. i don't care. when you use it, subconsciencely, i know i wanna smack ya. 000104
candace is so small yet it means so much. sort of. when i write it there's a window so small inside and if your eyes can focus hard enough you'll see my magic there. 000106
deb i
i think

i tried to say
but you just
flashed me
plastic smiles
or pretended that
you didn't see

i was talking to chris
my friend's gay friend
and you looked
at least a little
as though i shouldn't
smile with him
but he smiled back
-toothily and real-

should i be the mad one? i'm not-
instead i stare at the
pac-man treats
on the way to our dear
tuiviq once dated a girl who was in love with I. She forgot that to be a couple, she would also need to love WE. That was impossible... I could not share with WE.

She goes from one partner to the other, always lonely and wondering why?

WAKE-UP b---! self centered people live alone in their mind!
bane why should i deserve to be capitalized? 000124
ime iii mememe
power through passion am here
what more can i say?
what more can i know?
who knows?
but it sure is fun
a am done 000313
amy it's not you. you are wonderful. it is me, and my life. it is a little hard to figure out.
i am happy to have... more time to see you in. i will know what i feel... it is already a warm line.
Midnight Bliss am a whirlwind of emotion
i am a hurricane of despair.
i am forever burdened.
i am the one with the short red hair.
i am me, and i am exactly what i want to be.
i am myself, and no one else...
i am an individual with and individuals mind.
i think for myself, taste by myself, feel for myself, i learn by myself.
i am me, deal with it.
you can't change me, no one can.
girl cant trust anyone anymore, and its scares me. 000326
meggie blather sometimes. 000331
girl i am a girl.
i have a story.

(...and they lived happily ever after)
awake am all that i have left...the rest has been thrown to the birds 000410
Tink I am Tink, I be mildly amused 000420
or the curious habits of the modern word processor, programmed to automatically capitalize.
WoNDERGIRL am waiting
for three more letters
to come to me
and make us
(you eloquent smashing young man)
silentbob the universe is unique as i see it. no one else sees it EXACTLY the way i see it. which can only mean one thing. without me in the world and the universe, the world and the universe as i see it would cease to be. MEANING I am the god of my own universe. and i must find people to believe in me so i can continue the struggle of life love and the pursuit of happiness. 000601
mungo i drive my killer car and pray that i live 000610
silentbob i have this ripping gut-wrenching heart throbbing sensation going all the way through me from the bottom of my stomach to the top of my throat, swirling through my head. i miss her so much sometimes that i think i am nothing without her. 000619
Mimi I wish I could be more like ME! 000621
maccie am pointy nose, i am skin and bones
but it motherfuckin' makes me try...
eruth be eye spy a revolution...or shall i say i despise the lies of historians wrapped in an slithery yet enchanting package...eye candy for the masses...most similar to that of razor bladed halloween "treat"...just believe the kids wont notice as their pleasant eyes twinkle to their own demise...why dont you just pick on somebody your own size...you jerks...i am sorry you recieved countless swirlees in the lower school bathroom...i am sorry your teeth were all funky looking and you had to sport braces for 7 years...so she dumped you senior year...get over it...she had bad breath disease anyway...eye spy 000710
Jeffrey am a platform for the historians . . . and you are an angry young man . . . spy this masser Be . . .
am selfish
am concerned for the welfare of the candy eating masses but
am not alone
there is this voice in my head sayin
get out more man
who am i
i scream you scream we all screeeammm man
can you feel it coming down through the keys
i am sending it at you
it is your rage
it is me it is I
i AM
i am not I am
but satisfied fully in the knowledge that he is me .. . . . .
what i am is not
what i am not is hungry my
words have fulfilled me who is i
who is
kim have to go 000712
Mariah am selfish and lonely.
am jealous, bothered, and shaky.
need off this whirlwind ride of in betweens and ups and downs.
just need a break.
ladyg when you're not here, it is not we, but I 000815
wolfman i is the essence of individuality... saying
i am
i will
i love
all are proclomation of ones individuality.
never ever WANT to be an individual.
individuals die.
power through passion just a letter
the strong silent type
solitary and simple
but packed with so much
ten million bursting concepts
a handful of brilliant precepts
each fortified
by a thousand case studies

what is the purpose of this i?
is i a means for itself
or a platform of servitude?
one i can give rise to a tsunami
another i can gently wash
through the deep blue waves of history

but which i should be me today?
fragments of identity
some forced by others
some created by nature
some adopted by passing fancy

i does it my way
just like the man with the big band says
lolita i
once wanted to be everything to everyone
scurrying right only to discover i should have drifted left
sleeping in the gutter only to find i should have accepted the offer to bed
feeding the strays only to find i shouldn't let them get attached
making my ties stronger only to find i should have severed them long ago....
Rebecca I want to cry, I want to die, but
what I want doesn't matter.
I am not physically ill, but still...
the pain is real, I cannot see the light
which is ahead of me.
I'm in too deep, but cannot fall.
Yet I can't walk, for I must crawl.
The mud is deep, the air is thick.
I am in quicksand, sinking quick.
And though there are those who care,
I cannot find them anywhere.
god i am god 001024
*tammie stand beside myself, cowering in fright 001025
god no, really 001025
me need a psychiatric evaluation.
i am crazy.
i am blabbering.
i willgo.
kitten on drugs need to go to bed, but i'm blathering!!! 001205
Greg against I. 001213
god of bad brains no, i really, really am god. 001213
Remiel I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing

experiment I am alone. 001223
allaboutme Who isn't, really? 001223
yes me I am the is-ness of body-mine now, here or elsewhere occupying this space very slowly, urgently calling for meaning for this I or U 001226

evolutionending its all me me me with you 001230
Quiggz just a letter or word.... it's the concept that really matters, and that changes from person to person... then again, isn't that why this page is here?
When is it proper grammar to say "I is"?

"I is the letter after H"
dailyallowance exist only in my mind's "I" 010106
hoodrat ...am freezing in this cubicle. Searching for something. What? A sign of life? Humility? Why has life turned so cold? Children kill themselves and others (it's not the music- fucking Jerry Springer Parents, that's what- still I dislike that Eminem character). Kruder and Dorfmeister are telling me that it's all in my mind...maybe so. Who the fuck are they? Never mind that. So I'm looking, freezing in frozen cube.

Looking for signs of life
for honesty
peace in myself
kx21 You can only reach the state of real piece of MIND without " I ". 010114
kim i am who i am
and nothing can change that
i cant be who you want me to
i know that i cant
so take your u's
keep them to yourself
cause i am just i
meat beat manlyfesto oh yeah!

and did i mention

that on very rare occasions such as

I've even been known to beat
potted meat product
bobster most of ya are all saddened w/ all your troubles and you need to learn that your troubles aren't all that bad! geez! 010122
vinny you are the one. Dony lie... Vinny...
The one who, the one speekin is the one who looks apon the screen. You however are the guilty party who incriminated two of which one me who did nothing wrong. Dont spread rumors as@#ole
Vinny Taplin Everything is anything and anything isnt everything. All that is known comes from a source. All that has been passed is not passed though thin air but through a means of communication. Unknown to me the words that have been spoken about a friggen new years party at Vinny Taplins house. I am Vinny. If you dont believ me call me in two time zones away. I have ears and you who posted it knows what they are looking at. Busted. Why try to tarnish the reputation of one (or two) when you know that is cannot rust. I dont even live there anymore-dont talk sh#@. I know... 010122
Deniedu lie
and judge
mimeruu "am i in earth, in heaven, or in hell?
sleeping or waking? mad or well advised?
known unto these, and to myself disguised."-comedy of errors(shakespeare)
lalalala i is no longer we
we are not together
we are forever apart.
Uriah Hate you for your suburban life.
Mommy Daddy, and little sister's bike.
Minivans and school dances.
Training bras and first chances.
Plastic symbols of the everyman dream.
Dysfunctional, apathetic families.
I am me, not a drone.
I will always be alone.
Lady Morgaine ...have dreams and goals, fears and obstacles.
...have known the pain of unrequited love.
...have felt the joy of unconditional love.
...have experienced pleasure and pain.
...know the tendernes a kiss can bring.
...know the fear a slap can give.
...am human.
I think therefore I exist...

I_am_nothing therefore I see Everything...
florescent light Up until this year I was (literally) afraid of girls who wore lipstick. 010222
Jae eye to i 010222
TheShovel reach down through the everlasting throat that is my pee pee; Tomorrow, I shall be seen to be done, and in any other case, I shall retract the folds of my encasing, and you shall bear witness to the sloppy heavens contained therein 010302
jerrym i
am lost, but i love this. This is fun.

wander and it makes me wonder
-there are a lot of i's here.
nobody asked you!

wondering is wandering with a strategy
call it
got to go.
-see you later.
nobody asked you.
-see you later anyway.
mikey am chaos
am unpredictable
am sexual
am sensual
am affraid of the unknown
am lonely
am depressed
am addicted to blather
am saying again i am addicted to blather
am telling you i think i really am
am saying things just to say things
am even annoying myself!
am logical
am wondering can a human be logical?
am thinking that i at least try
am wanting to hold YOU and you know who you are so badly that it makes me sick.
am an enigma
am wishing i had more then 40 bucks in the bank right now!
am hoping i get this great job
am leaving now
misspudding am
will be

but more importantly...
nocturnal i is? that's bad grammar. 010307
Sol the eye cannot see the eye
I cannot see myself
prove i exist
mikey you just wrote this. which is a totaly obvious no brainer answer heehee 010309
johnny west i are what you is, just as jesus sang 'bout squirrels doin' the hibbity jibbity. ya still feel like some applesauce? 010309
silver I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!! 010320
silver factor I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!! 010320
DannyH and I will see you through.
- Bob Marley
nocturnal hmm, this is disturbing. when I read that last thing, I thought of that eminem song. I hate that guy. well, I must confess I do enjoy "Stan" but THAT'S IT! other than that the guy is beyond ridiculous, and not in the good, cute way either. 010324
mmm i am not you, i will not be you, i will never b who u want me to be. 010324
vampers i love weapons 010324
roel i dance
i sing
i dream
i love
owl i am always afraid. 010327
vampers sit here in the school's library posting cause im addicted to this thing 010328
Sol Dont be silly of course i dont exist 010328
Sol YOU are dreaming
YOU are reading this
YOU are interpreting this
YOU are thinking
who is to say you are not all that exists?
keeper i realize i am naive...playing head games with myself...acting like a little kid...selfish...wanting what i can't have...not seeing what he does...not realizing what i have...frustrating myself...hurting myself...possibly hurting others...i need to stop...not sure how...but i know i do...this has got to be the end...i dont want to hurt anymore...i dont want to cry anymore...i no longer wish to be envious and jealous...those are awful attributes for a person to have...i dont want to be known as whore or a bitch...i dont want to think of myself as one...no more 010329
mikey need to get to sleep but i cant sleep!!! 010330
lifeandlight I... I am my stream of thoughts, my cognitive process. I have no real evidence that anything exists, yet I belive it does... may as well, nothing else to go with.
It does seem quite tenuous that any of you exist. All I have to go on it a string of words on a monitor.... yet You and I and human perhaps..... I guess I'll run with it, nothing else to go with.
Question? If I am my thoughts. When my thoughts change, am I still me?
Chrity go to:
elisabeth I am scared of what might happen, I am afraid of your responce, I am happy with the friends that i have found. I finally found out who i am I finally know. yippee 010411
TheGreatIam I thought I knew who I was until I reacted to another person in ways I did not recognize in myself. So I obviously do not know who I am. It is also obvious that others do not really know who I am; but as I try to discover more about myself through my interactions with others, I am more like who I think others think I am than I think I am. 010426
rebel nose, mouth, ears... etc 010427
redspark comes before E except after C 010428
god i am the alpha dnd the omega 010430
god am the zombie woof 010430
Alexander Beetle it is not coincidence that it can also mean 1 010507
redspark I have a friend named Anna. I'v known her sence i was in the 7th grade, im in the 8th grade now so it hasnt been really to long but it seens like its been forever because we have been through so much togeatehr. im so glad to have her, shes the best friend you could ever ask for, shes been there for me through thick or thin, shes always there to make me smile. im so glad to be her friend.
go to love (click on it)
raeffer its actually i written backwards 010510
wes the idea of the Self. a misconception that the universe revolves around it. the first gate of your personal filter. the separation of One into 6 billion. the space between me and you. 010522
nemo i am a waste of space 010605
dustessa i feel i am where i've always wanted to be, on the road to becoming, in the sea of endurance, we can love with empathy and *be* who we *are*... 010609
rubydee why does word always turn my well-intention "i" into "I"? if i felt so important i'd remember to hit the shift key myself 010609
User24 i agree. i also hate the way Coreldraw always capitalises the first letter of a sentance, cause i do a lot of design work, and some things simply look better in lowercase; eg

[-h a c k e r-] looks better than
[-H a c k e r-] i think anyway.
congz I think therefore I am,
I am therefore I am paid.......
black-dyed gel product I feel like being mean to people for no reason today 010624
//// i miss you. i miss our friendship. i need it back more than anything. back to way things were. help me. i dont want to be bitter, hurt, and angry. i just want it back. 010701
baby satan i'm watching all of you. so stay away form all that wholesome shit and stir up some trouble! 010701
baby satan "from"! not "form"! damn every penis that ever lived. 010701
black-dyed gel product I've sworn off thinking about getting a girlfriend, and thinking of girls I know as anthing more than platonic relations. In other words, I'm tired of trying to find love. It's not out there for me, so I simply give up. 010702
genevieve I love you black-dyed gel product 010714
chaos am the girl with the most cake 010716
sykoze I dont really exist.
I am just the composite of what others think of me.
I am an integrated part of society, doomed to never leave.
I am trapped inescapably.
I am not.
gigabyte or other wiaeky known as jamonky i suck i free from nothing? my from differ place like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? hy mi namy iz twee 010718
illya23b illya23b 010719
caveman I know a man named Senior Wiggley who only dreams of herion and fat nuns... 010729

don't know where to go from here
User24 hmmm, not only in caps, but posted twice, that's gotta rate highly on the_annoying_scum_sucking_mutant_scale 010809
me the_annoying_scum_sucking_mutant_scale ??? 010809
mellon i think, therefore i am a waffle 010811
marz102984 i cant stand people who type in all caps all the time. 010819
french i like to stand up for myself, but sometimes i have a problem doing so. And i am so happy when i do stand up for me. 010820
your mom patty 010820
marjorie ayn rand- anthem quotes.

"I am. I think. I will."

"It is my eyes which see, and the sight of my eyes grants beauty to the earth. It is my ears that hear, and the hearing of my ears gives its song to the world. It is my mind which thinks, and the judgement of my mind is the only searchlight that can find the truth. It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will is the only edict I must respect."

"Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me; the guiding star and the loadstone point the way. They point in but one direction. They point to me."

"I know not if this earth on which I stand is the core of the universe or if it is but a speck of dust lost in eternity. I know not and I care not. For I know what happiness is possible to me on earth. And my happiness needs no higher aim to vindicate it. My happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose."

"Neither am I the means to any end others may wish to accomplish. I am not a tool for their usse. I am not a servant for their needs. I am not a bandage for their wounds. I am not a sacrifice for their altars. "

"I am a man. This miracle of me is mine to own and keep, mine to guard, and mine to use, and mine to kneel before!"

"And now I see the face of god, and I raise this god over the earth, this god whom men have sought since men came into being, this god who will grant them joy and peace and pride.
this god, this one word: I."
everything i said i wasnt became 010915
Ishtitoon I am fooling myself! 010917
stars I'm not the kind of person you think I am. I'm not the antichrist or the iron man. 010922
rah me myself and I

I want this
I did that
I love you
I hate you
I am goin to kill you
MadCat Me, myself and I
Three persons in one body
Jesse I-ness, me-ness we are not our name,our country. We are we. 011009
reitoei who am I to take a letter all for my self. I'm just cells. IIIIIIIII. I'm best, I'm here I is mine. so selfish. this body known as rei is not worthy of the I. lose the ego 011020
general direction i love grape jelly 011020
foolonthehill capitalize what's important - because its you and you're important. i don't usually bother. 011106
me? ...need to 'cher'

CJ I am me and I am Carly-Jo 011123
ClairE "i" isn't a word--it's
a letter

and makes me think of Lisa

who is a whole world unto herself.
anon ... makes it easy to figure out who is being referred to. The fact that there are many thought bodies within the one is irrelevant. 011127
Matthew We want what, we donít have,
and what we donít have,
in all itís horror and beauty
is the life of a stream
around the rock
stuck in the stream bed.

I am here.
Where is it that I am,
(who [1 * 0 = 0] what)
is it that I am?

I suffer underneath the self-same sky,
knowing my real not-suffereing, now, I...
as a relative object,
Buddha not-self, not, I...

& to desire & to suffer, well, quite, sick
& to lie awake & heer, my tears utter
ďnow I am what?
I fall & cleanse, nothing other...

So the practice of Zazen,
and I donít know when
but to sit in my mind
as my mind sits in me

I can write it and describe it,
VERY HARD for I to KNOW it.

The love & charity, hate & poverty
Almost retributive, I want to leave is
Moving I--other, only now;
when ONE is present

When is ONE present?
When is ONE not present?

Or perhaps..
Who, What, Where, When, How,
are ONE interrogative


Yes I write this stuff.... the worst part about it is that it actually makes perfect non-sense... I can see how people would think I was trying to be cryptic. No... I am just trying to be here...

And surely if I see the Buddha...
Iíll torture him to death...
As I am doing....

(I am)(itchy) * (I am)(cold) =
(I am )squared * itchy(cold)
itchy(cold) = (I am)squared

alright... Philosophically speaking I like Satreís preliminary idea of Ďneantí. The self is, what it is not. Everything that we see and talk about and feel about and interact with is..... Wait

The true self is what it is not
The self is not a tree with dead branches
Therefore the self is the tree with vibrant leaves

this is the central weirdness for me. How can something be what it is not.

Now Iím going to sit...
later im going to talk about drugs....

Well... I know what drugs are... theyíre bad for me!... I have resigned to never mix up my fun with my spirituality. You read about Tim Leary and co. sitting and realizing their affinity with shit... Fact of the matter is that when im on any drugs (donít matter how hard) my ego swells to gigantic proportions, all I can think about is myself, and how everything pertains to me... In that state it becomes very hard to stop thinking... I like drugs sometimes.... but sometimes I donít... But there are realizations that have occured to me under the influence of drugs that I simply canít ignore. The fact being that the ideas were not a result of the drugs cause the ideas were already there... I just had to remember...

Acid and Mesceline allowed me to realize how peculiar humans were, and see us in our beautiful brutality. Acid allowed me to see humanity thus see part of myself. I think that drugs can sometimes allow certain peopleís biological self see a proverbial finger pointing to something other then what we sense. But that is all. In fact I think it can fuck up certain peoples ability to actually realize their own true being. So while it is done and can be useful for what it does, it is not necessary and people should be made aware of unreality of the situation. And in one way it is very unreal, but in another it is all there is and is dy definition, most real!

About the universe

That the universe as object is similar to a fractal, and that our particular senses and states of thought have very particular ways of interpreting patterns of energy like trees, energy that composes every human awareness.

I mean really think what scientists are saying when they look at the matter that we are made of. All that stuff they ďdiscoverĒ about the properties of sub-atomic particles are the very particles that cause any and all biological thought.

But that it seems like sub-atomic particles are not alive in themselves (though ďlifeĒ is an arbitrary definition). These sub atomic particles make up atoms and molecules. Molecules make our bodies and all things in our environment. These things in our environment look, feel, smell, taste and sound in a particular way... A human way.

There are worlds inside of us and we are part of the worlds outside of us, but that no matter what level the world is on itís the same world inside, that is outside. Furthermore that my thoughts on this are too human and miss the point. Maybe that as we study our physical world we truly do learn more about ourselves. But that eventually reason gives rise to contradictions or paradoxes are just leaves it incomplete. So one must make that quantum leap to death before death.

The ďWhoísĒ

The ďwhoísĒ live on a planet, that is in a galaxy, which is in a large amount of space. That large space is the space between two gluons in an atom that composes part of your left pinky fingernail.

The one thing all these worlds have in common is their existence in time and their nothingness in no-time. When we die we so too does time die. Our awareness plummeting ever quicker to meet the end of time and space, we become forever, whilst everyone still here on our particular world sees us buried in the ground.

The true sadness is our sadness, at not being able to interact on our particular plane of my bedroom, of my house at 8 Chartwell Ct., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, northern hemisphere of Earth which is somewhere in the milky way galaxy, which is in all ďworlds in worldsĒ that composes ONE and NONE, the UNI-VERSE or ( ) (short for ďnot universeĒ)


Perhaps when He was in the garden of Eden, he ate the apple of time, and was born, himself as distinct from God. To be innocent is to not know right from wrong... To die is to become innocent, to go back to the garden of Eden and God. To not distinguish between yourself and God. Though as always subjective self holds on to his will so stubbornly.

He must make himself empty and poor in order to be the wind through the trees, or like the boy typing at his computer. And it is truly wondrous that some humans have sense to be.

I find no reason to suppose that we in our most reflexive self-awareness should do anything other then what humans do naturally. Yet it remains that for whatever reason, a thought that is before thought is within us and without us has been given as a gift.

ďThe gift says, do not be afraid. Go about your business as you will, theorize, pontificate, love and leave etc. but in the end or the beginning you are in me and I am in you

When this is fully realized you will see no reason to hurt your fellow man because he is you. You might by mistake hurt someone, and people will hurt you, but it is really just the incidental workings of time, and so you must forgive what people do with their free will. You will all return to me and your nightmare will be over with.


And what about those aliens. Well aliens that could possibly interact with us on our plane in a similar enough fashion to us would probably be in a similar predicament.
WingedSerpent cogito ergo sum

for better or worse
ever meditating non cogito ergo buddha

Mu! byah 011215
TK Apparently I don't know my alphabet nor for that matter can I count *L*
Here go to "Anyone" to see one great big blunder
Rebecca In the darkness of my soul, I sit alone.
Not really alone, the force of life within me I know as God watches me, but does not speak. Are you angry with me?
Rebecca I love you Jim 020125
scarlet I am something unique. I am my own. I am lost, and I am found. I am broken by love, but I am tired of hate. I see beauty for what's it's worth inside and out. I am poetic, yet I'm rough. I am perfect, because I know my flaws. I am loved, but I am alone........ 020126
Miffey Nikki!
2 i's!
misaligned "!'m do!ng a headstand..." it says, "look at me! look at me! look at me!" i loooves to be the center of attention. 020130
Grievance such a small symbol to hold everything that is me, yet i say it or write it, and there i am, in all of me. one line and a dot. that's me. so ironically simple and quaint to hold all my derisions. 020131
homelesswalker Wordjazz.com with Ken Nordine
i think this blather is wordjazz.
i think it is important to write the word songs of poetry.
i would like to say the birds carry it to the tree tops and sing it out in colors for my ears. The flowers give it color for my eyes and sounds of taste are felt when I eat a petal of a rose or a daylily.
Sounds are i
bethany too many start with I 020226
reenz me, you, who. them, her,
giving up so soon?




dont know what i had til i lost it


Am so so so Lost without you Ryan


Would do anything for you


Wish you couldve loved me like i loved you


cry every minute since you told me


hate how you can control my mind


Love how you control my mind


will miss you forever, you are the only one who ever impacted a lost street girl like me


hate you

Toxic_Kisses "Oh I keep lookin - I keep lookin lookin for something more..." 020518
Jacer "I" is such a can be selfish, or selfless, either way, I don't much care for it 020519
gh666 the most alone and head ache shit 020520
Lora am one, of many, that reside in one body. 020528
"Ancient Pagan" i am ancient_pagan said hela2 mistoo
mastoid proboid psychismaticaliticalisms & butter on toasts!
! milk is satan! 020601
cnxn am 020607
aero i am only human but i love myself anyway. 020612
so sleepy i DO NOT want to work tomorrow!!!!
1-8 today
1-6 tomorrow
1-9 monday (YUCK YUCK YUCK)
5-9 wednesday
9-1 thursday
9-5 friday
Thank God i'm leaving my "part-time" job in two weeks! Woo hoo! No more $! (j/k)

andy wanna cry. I can't cry, i'm a man. tears would release. i have to hold everything. 020721
D y a n n e get me 2 pair I need 2 pair so I can keep on stomping in my air force ones (big boys) stomping in my air force ones 020809
slip I think I 020816
Perspective_Of_Soul He who is saddened, is i.
He that is suffocated, is i.
I choke on your hope filled words regarding it.
I lay infested with doubt on the reeds of your obligation.You shall not stop its current.
Filter it slightly, disturb its flow, maybe.
But never shall you stop it.
Never shall you dam that which is already damned.
That which is i.
Ahmad i.

i dont know what to say,
dont know what to say, i
dont know what to say, i
ont know what to say, i d
nt know what to say, i do
t know what to say, i don
know what to say, i dont
know what to say, i dont
now what to say, i dont k
ow what to say, i dont kn
w what to say, i dont kno
what to say, i dont know
what to say, i dont know

What to say? i dont know!
ME does. me know what to say.

me just said it
myplasticmind what do you call a fish with no eye?


oooo thats fun.
Left Sided I close my eyes and remember what I know I will not forget

I try to make sense of what I know makes no sense at all

Yet, no matter how easy it is to say, it is always a million times harder to do
svd I am the biggest idiot I will ever know, the stupidest jerk I have ever laughed at, the most cold-hearted bitch I can imagine, the poorest fool I have failed to cry for, a liar, a thief, and the single most important thing in the world.

Mostly I am nothing.

Quiero dormir o morir, no me importa.
alora I am living in an ice age.

crazy the indivisable word. all knowing powerful chance to see the world, feel the world, tast the world, be the world. To be nothing without I. I, but a single speck in the cosmic goo that we project our desires into something to create meaning. I is only a part of we. 021003
screwing for virginity i wish i could just be i 021006
filzkugel who am i? 021012
bencvt you are i 021015
you what if i were to use a capitol I instead of a lower case i? would it make a difference? would it lead you to a different section? well maybe I will see. 021121
you no, nevermind, it doesn't make a difference. so much for expiraments. Or however you spell it. 021121
shatttered it's time for me to get over myself 021230
megan need you. terribly. you make me exist, you make my world real. you make me shine. sometimes i think i need you so much that if you took yourself away, i wouldn't be me anymore. i would be lost. 021230
Sol Rosenberg I believe in the blathersnitch. 021231
guy on shrooms i went to the supermarked and
tenants are stupid and smell like
the rats were just too much for
california suns in bootlegged boots
rather not for the intestinal
for them are wicked
and the really wild abcdefg
because everyone needs goals
me I_wish_today_that I knew how to make a new page in blather. 030204
x will take a whiskey sour, thanks 030204

We have defined the I as "Symbolic of a country, and since it is necessary to mention it for further analysis is as fluid or as constint as such".

The social constrcution of the Self, the act by which society is the origin of the "I", is assumed. The "I" is the internalization of social/individual constructs of previously uninfluential entities that alter the self or behavioural indications of the self which may or may not have corperal form. As such, the self does not truley exist in a singular enviourment (ie. an enviornment in which only the "I" does exist). Also, as an acurate representation of the conceptual body to which the mere word implies (ie. the model of the word-body "I" does not fit the self).
The "I" if it does indeed exist and is deemed true enough, is by definition and necessity the center of all, and furthermore nothing. Since the "I" is a construct that is capable of believing any and nothing, as it will; if it deems it so.
-All of this is indicative of Absolute Relativism.
"I" is in the thought and We is in the act. One can think, while two can not. Yet, two can act, while one acting alone could not, because of the subjectiveness of not only the observer by the acting party in relation to the observer.
This is the best of all possible worlds, because I can believe I am right and together We can act to make it so.
Another problem solved by violence...
And the "I" of We says "You" get a time out.

delial (who have nothing) 030218
catherine in all honesty, the most important in my life.

if you all are honest, you'll admit it, too.
ian i am an ian 030219
ian i'm ian 030219
ian i ia ian 030219
me ian 030219
acw I freeze because I was left,
left alone to bear this weight,
this ultimatum we've created.
With days, the stakes are raised
and accumulate into one final exchanged failure. Promises lack what time defeats, and I don't know how many times we've gone over this, circles around it, and sought out to change. But, the power of our weaknesses is not what compells them. It is but out ignorance to this loss of innocence. You, as well as I have experienced this, but not as I have, I your one true love, your innocent baggage, I, both young and stupid.
DraugHrafn i mean most certainly to break him in half for this 030224
icy way too much and way too little - all at the same time. what is said and what is thought and what is done all depends on this... and yet it doesn't simply because it is i. one single letter with too much significance. and maybe with too little.
torn in too many directions, all worried over all the other 'i's, stop and think. stop and think.
pepperdrinks "He's chasing tornados. I'm just waiting calmly."

What is this about?


A good question.

I don't know.

Maybe nothing.

Enough about that. Now about me.

(what is this journey we are taking?)

"So it was. Here I am."

Pay attention please.

"It must be worth losing if it is worth something."

Are you listening?
Am I listening?
I try.

I hate burning bridges, self loathing, stereotypes, being tied down.

I love personal expression, awareness, private moments, you

All these things are real.

Do you know where you stand?

I admire
Jack Kerouac, Dad/Mom (you didn't have to but did), Ian McKellan, Kevin Smith, Wes Anderson, Julianne Moore, Adrien Brody - (all contributing to the art of keeping it real), Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody, John C. Reilly, Adrien Brody (see a pattern, flow with it), Tori Amos, Easy Company, the world....my dog.

This will be on the exam. Take good notes. You'll need them.

Trust me.

Do I know it all? I don't claim to.

But someone smarter than me said "the future is peace."

Let's go with that.

The future is peace.


"I'm just waiting calmly."
god there is no "i" in mall 030417
Jenna Capitalized so it stands out in a sentence. i don't want to stand out. From now on, i am lowercase. 030419
ever dumbening . 030501
82 i, i havent slept in two days, im hungry and I cant find my keys 030512
the repeater xdaxlex: sure
RJONNZ: that's what you say now
xdaxlex: well yeah
xdaxlex: as opposed to when?
RJONNZ: as opposed to the time you just wasted reading this sentence.
xdaxlex: no time was wasted
RJONNZ: don't start getting optimistic on me
xdaxlex: well shave your own sheep then!
RJONNZ: them's just jokes, maw
xdaxlex: andre cardigan muffler
xdaxlex: chalk that up to your chickens why dontacha!
RJONNZ: glass bottomed goat fudge
xdaxlex: goats
xdaxlex: ou and your hairs
xdaxlex: ou etc pagam!
RJONNZ: ich bin ein stryper
xdaxlex: whatever dude
xdaxlex: pass the cheetoes
RJONNZ: mint cheetos
xdaxlex: slowreadher
xdaxlex: little green fuckmonkey
RJONNZ: slow children
xdaxlex: beebopaloogi
xdaxlex: slow seniors
xdaxlex: what's the difference
RJONNZ: she's my gravy
xdaxlex: cradle to the grave let's ROCK
xdaxlex: rock like gravy, sure
xdaxlex: hows the outlook on the old ostrich beranda
xdaxlex: i could eat a bag of my own hair!
RJONNZ: it's very leafy. possums darting everywhere,
nice hair
xdaxlex: no way
RJONNZ: red and black like a fine deck of iraqi war criminal playing cards
xdaxlex: i aint no dark iraqi

RJONNZ: i ain't to proud to beg
xdaxlex: if you see her in thr moning with the penis on rhe side
RJONNZ: just touch my butt cheek before you leave me, baby
RJONNZ: just call me angel hair pasta
xdaxlex: remember when you shit yourself?
RJONNZ: why, yes. yes i do.
RJONNZ: thanks for asking
xdaxlex: that was presconsterous
xdaxlex: wait so
xdaxlex: what happened to your head?
RJONNZ: i ask myself over and over as i rock back and forth
xdaxlex: was it the drugs?
xdaxlex: i feel like maybe you should send naked pictures
xdaxlex: but if not, just tell me if it was the drink?
RJONNZ: no. i am not drunk
xdaxlex: well fine
xdaxlex: hen what's supposed ot happen?
xdaxlex: am i gonna get drunk for you?
RJONNZ: beats me
xdaxlex: ok
RJONNZ: i did eat 13 wilmas from a flintstones chewable bottle
xdaxlex: whoowee
RJONNZ: i think i am getting younger
xdaxlex: is that because
xdaxlex: NOOOO
xdaxlex: i need food
xdaxlex: pretty please?
RJONNZ: i got some spaghetti sauce
xdaxlex: ok, it's done!
peat psycosis. 030602
Angie i is the 9th letter of the alphabet. i is a pronoun. i am angie, and i have to go pee. 030605
mo i hope that this life isnt the only one i have
i want to be able to come back as someone who doesnt care
someone who isnt so concerned in how the professors or the board of acceptance or the dean of students or the scholarshp advisory board thinks. or how mum will be disappointed.
i want to live
a week ago i did something so out of charater it shocked even me. in the still of night i stole into darkness and decieved the parents who trusted me, for what? for a guy, no two guys, and my best friend, and i liked it, i liked feeling free, for once i was doing something i had no permission for and no leave, n signed document granting me opinion of my own and...i paid for it, no i wasnt caught, not by anyone else anyways, i am my worst judge and if i had the power i would have grounded me, locked me up for eternity for being so reckless and careless of others feelings and safety.
But i would much like to do it again. To feel exhiliration as i did that night.but i ant not without paying for it. so i'll wait, until i come back as someone who doesnt care.
endless desire i am just a little girl
i am just a little girl
sometimes this is all just too much.
please, understand
i am just a little girl
and i am not going to pretend i am not.
trixie not a very pretty or dramatic letter to hold so much value. just a straight line. boring. i like the letter s or q or w or even k or v or x. why i? 030617
some guy blah 030618
some guy very blah 030618
the game I AM CANADIAN!! 030711
oli the word i is a word,
but its masterbating
mmm i miss you 030726
hmm no... imissyou 030726
delial there is no i in love 030727
i I blame I. I look down upon I. I criticize I. I put I in awkward situations. I force I not to talk then wonder why I don't speak. I hate I. 030731
Sj am only one I in the crowd. What is it that makes me think I am special? Why do the many 'I's out there believe themselves to be someone who is worth the air they breathe? Only when I becomes We. 030731
Cathexis I am.
I am me.
I am now.
I am here.
I am waiting.
I am waiting for a time when "I am" will be enough.
crimson I talk about myself too often.
I am not even sure if I like me all that much.
TinyTits am not so different from other people; i'm just much smarter 030823
queen of darkness me myself and i, at war with one another 030825
jewelZ would i be
out of line
if i said
i love you ?
phil I don't know, would you? 030926
spooky I believe in revolution
I believe in silent power
outov I I I
eye eye eye
hi high hye hyi

stork daddy love you all 031010
sans nom sow dew eye 031010
Lemon_Soda having nothing to say. 031010
Death of a Rose want to know queen of darkness and crimson (maybe the two are one, probably not).

need a sedative. oops....it's right here.
jane cannot fathom what will come next
wish the universe was easier
want to be comfortable
should be studying for my midterms
am thinking about the third suicide
blew it again
drank too much last night
am me
would sleep if i could
will find it soon
me! i am
u r
he is
she is
we r
u r
they r
a thimble in time I
a thimble in time a favorite poem:

Myself and I
The inside and the outside,
The what and the why;
The when and the where,
The low and the high;
All I,I,
I itself I.

-Anonymous (it's ironic that we don't know the author of this poem)
anon the purest form of self centeredness. its beautiful because its me because i like me and I am one of the few ppl that i do like. that is why I is great. 031027
odin eat cheese burgers 031028
smile its beautiful i am not quite sure what this means, it's a new thing like some toy made in Japan - i'm sure there are instrustions - but i don' tcare to read them. I've seen it used, I've seen it abused, time to play. So like a kid at christmas i try it out - tentatively at first - like the lake in winter. oh well now i lost what this was all about in the first place. i'm already a jumper there's no point in going back now. You know me - i am your best friend and i bleed - like you. i am so tired. but above all else there is the resolve to go on and smile in spite of being shot to the groin. watch your step, my heart's on the floor, and i'm done with it. 031102
skye i see.
i feel.
i laugh.
i cry.
i hurt.
i died.

Caxton I am the future
I am the past
I am the present
Where you walk I am the grass
I am a baby
I am of old
I am a young girl
To no one I have told
I am your mind
I am your feet
I am your stomach
And I never told you, but you've had me beat.
scorpion heart love myself. its all abt me me me me!! 031119
thespacebetween i
i am no one
quinn i am elizabeth
also known as:
betty (yuck)
and several more variations that no one cares to read about

and as I grow older, my names grow bolder
chickadee hear you no longer want a husband baby
but youd rather have a wife
thestoryteller As one grain of sand,
passing through the orifice of time.
We each find ourselves
on this journey.
Ancestors before have passed this way.
The inevitable throat of
tomorrow, swallows all.
How minuscule is one grain,
but to prevail.
To hold back all the others
as in an hourglass.
mak the only one that i will never really understand 031224
Rin Me i am, i am me, can't you see, this is just it, i can't see any other, who do you see when you look in the mirror, i don't know anymore, who am i, where did i go. Hunted, I am Me, Me am I 031230
Dawn of Death and Gore on and on it goes
too much too little
I dont believe

selfish is the condition of life
without the self you are not identifiable

without separating yourself from the others you can't be anything other than what they tell you

that is the true fear

selfishness--i am at the point where i see it as a potentially good thing
others are necessary of course
but who should be first
ME or you?

i know, we are so conditioned to believe the self is a bad thing but i know otherwise

too bad
i luv caffiene man
how 'bout ephedrine
yeah sometimes i get the shakes but it's worth it

if you dont like it you can always stay clear of me, as you know.
passed can only be expressed narcissistically. Why is there no alternative? 040106
Meow How did I ever end up here? 040106
Meow How did I ever end up here? 040106
Meow How did I ever end up here? 040106
1234567890 i like cheese
i like cats
i like sporks
i like spiffy
i like dogs
i like words
i like randomness
i like stuff
blah says i like australian_shepherds 040108
x twisted x am trapped 040114
tashi i look up to feel the sun on my face 040208
anonymous -_-

I don't get it. I know in my heart if Jesus existed he would give me a clue. I am not talking about some old book with scary stories - I mean he would really get down with me and chill!

But the funny thing is...
I was walking home a few days ago passed the ghetto and three guys pulled me into an ally so deep and narrow it was like a tunnel. When I saw the first guy start to unzip his pants I just drop to my knees and started praying. Oh GOD! Oh GOD! oh GOD!

He just looked down at me and pulled out his nasty weenie and said - yah grl that's jus wherr I wans ya ta b. Then he tore at my t-shirt until my breasts where exposed. Then pinched my nipple soooo hard with a twist I almost fainted.

I could smell his stinky crotch as he pulled me near. I wanted to scream -- but all I do was whisper. No lord, please no.

Then I heard a whoop whoop cop car thingie sound and saw a bright light shine at the end of the tunnel. Next thing I knew they all ran like roaches when you turn on the light.

OK so -- it was no burning bush but it sure saved mine! Perhaps I'll have to reconsider this thing called faith!

it_always_rains_on_the_unloved who am i? i do not know. when will i find out? probably not until i am too old too gone too dead to appreciate the beauty of the world.

i am me, and i cannot be anybody else besides me.
shhh imissyou 040310
shhh imissyou 040310
him no... i.miss.you 040310
panther have 20 toes cause im a animal 040314
Mommacat I am a woman,
I was a child,
I am a sister, a mother, a daughter, and a friend.
I am special.
I am intelligent.
I am beautiful.
I am sexy.
I am wanted, needed, important.
Most importantly I am me.
Alex The greatest source of frustration, being completely unable to define "I" through any medium whatsoever 040413
waffles I... a word.... hmmm.... eye? eye am an I? blah... WORD! mmm... frogcakes.... 040420
waffles I... a word.... hmmm.... eye? eye am an I? blah... WORD! mmm... frogcakes.... 040420
Dosquatch I think, therefore I am. This is proof of self, and is the only truly conclusive proof a self-aware being has. All other proof of reality is based on the input through one's senses.

This input does exist, however. Though it does not qualify as proof of existance, it does qualify as proof of "something" beyond the self. This "something" is reality, however real it may or may not be.

If we allow that this "something" is what is commonly called "God", then it can be said that God is the whole of reality that we experience through our senses.

It is, of course, silly to disavow reality as an illusion simply because there is a slim chance that it might be some deity's mind game. So, we accept that reality is, indeed, real, and that we are part of that reality - that is, we are part of the universe that we are in.

Since we are part of reality, or "something", then we are part of "God", whatever (or whoever) that may be to you.

The babelfish paradox explains nicely that, as God exists based on faith, any actual proof of his existance would cause Him to vanish in a puff of logic. And since the proof says that we are part of "God"...

I think, therefore I am, therefore I am not.

*logic puff*
christina love God 040501
katie in this world, there are way too many people who worry only about that silly little vowel. 040528
puredream When you got back a week later you could barely look at me. I could see clearly that you had changed. My Lee was gone.

For three painful days I looked into your blank eyes and you said nothing

I pulled you aside one day and said that it had to end

And we were no more

I love you so much lee
Fey I will never forget who I am...

I made a promise to myself.
lacunas coil i, the cast away into the night.
i, picked up by the darkest cat.
i, helpless and lost never afraid.
i, your dirty rag on the floor.
i, the forgotten and abandoned.
i, who hears you and wants to cry.
i, the star directly above.
i, the throw away scraps.
i, the evasive peace at night.
i, who you walk upon.
laced am on the phone concerning something inconsequential 040626
laced am working on a piece that speaks of sex and desperation i've been screwing on the tracks of abandoned train stations 040626
laced saw a different side of her
Self-conscious, bottomless
Ocean driven here and there
With only itself to love

Wonder and pain and terror, and
Sick silly songs of sorrow, and
The marrow of the bone of life
Are smeared across her mouth
lou_la_belle crumbling
down and down
and all around
i'm falling slowly,
loosing myself.
into god knows what.
where have i gone
who have i become
it seems i've lost
my special song
i don't know
What I Am...
kookaburra am a contradiction 040703
laced am lonely again 040704
i imagine... 040708
! http://blather.newdream.net/cgi-bin/blather?who;name=i 040708
Deomis It was all about you wasn't it. 040718
veritas it seems to always be about "I". when it comes to one's own mind there is no "you". we are within ourselves and we know only "I". or "eye". the eye into a being, the window. when that word is uttered perhaps it opens. 040912
veritas it seems to always be about "I". when it comes to one's own mind there is no "you". we are within ourselves and we know only "I". or "eye". the eye into a being, the window. when that word is uttered perhaps it opens. 040912
you in some countries in Africa they don't have any word for "I" or "me" and you think how is that pissible but it's just like how the Eskimo's have like 20 words for snow... it just happens. We don't every grasp quite how obsessed we are with "me", with the individual and not the group as a whole. I guess it makes sense, I mean we should evolve that. because if someone only tries to save themselves their more likely to live and the nice ones will die. so we start evolving selfishness I guess. Maybe they couldn't evolve that way in Africa? They just never talk about themselves. Ever. How do they do it? 040913
agni am a conglomeration of everything that is. the panchabuthas are in me. i am fire. i consume. 040923
insert name here 6,395,439,093 i's in the world.

i'm the only i that i concern myself with
r3v0lut10n am depressed...
wish i could go on prozac...
but believe only xtc will bring me up again
let it be The great numbers of the world 041105
keep breathing i is subjective 041115
seeker I am not who you think I am
I am depressed
and even suicidal at times
but that is my little secret
the world won't except me the way I am
so I must put on this happy face
and pretend like everything is okay
you would think after years of decieving others of who I am
it would begin to wear off
and I would begin to believe it too
laced I can resist anything, but
a temptation from you
ninecat You wanted to take everything I am and paint the sky with it. I wanted to take the final square of cellophane and sheathe you with it. 041126
<3SolarFlaresErupting am the dark side of the sun.

you will never see my light
but you will feel my energy

its no wonder
this blathe
is so long
blather is
a tribute to
the self absorbed
fix 041129
neesh the blathe love is much longer 041130
. loves neesh so much 041130
fainted never underestimate the power of one

so, looks like were a little self-absobed, aren't we? why I? why not he? she? it? them? they?

this individualist society's got us in our graves.

your life is not about you

You live in a world of people
therefore the longest blather should be
fearmilk.org You use this word more then any other word if you speak the english language.

I agree.
Russell i cannot logically prove that you exist.
i have just read all of this.
i'm sure i didn't write it.
so why is it here and how did i find it?
trox do you not get it there is no i only we and we is one for earth is one that is why you greive but do not know why because we have seperated 050411
trox do you not get it there is no i only we and we is one for earth is one that is why you greive but do not know why because we have seperated into single beings 050411
io the most loved word.
the universe loves itself, or hates itself, but either way, thinks only of itself.
Nick I is a selfish letter. 050617
Terrestial Pedestrian There is no "I", only a complex automata in which nearly all is predetermined. We have almost no Free Will (John Gray &c.) and are neither more nor less than any other animal. We are only the most complex Primate, perhaps the most complex Hominid to have lived. We share much of their social structuring & psychology, animal urges & animal lots. We even have our own natural predators (big cats, crocodiles & alligators) even if their often distracted by other prey.
Is there an Afterlife?
Terrestrial Pedestrian There is no "I", only a complex automata in which nearly all is predetermined. We have almost no Free Will (John Gray &c.) and are neither more nor less than any other animal. We are only the most complex Primate, perhaps the most complex Hominid to have lived. We share much of their social structuring & psychology, animal urges & animal lots. We even have our own natural predators (big cats, crocodiles & alligators) even if their often distracted by other prey.
Is there an Afterlife?
Zoa I am here therefore i am also over there, isnt that just delightful in it's own sense of itself? Is this not but a random conversion of itself being I? Where is the I inside of I? Is it Hidden among the vast and plentiful, As you can see I make no sense 050703
Zoa I am here therefore i am also over there, isnt that just delightful in it's own sense of itself? Is this not but a random conversion of itself being I? Where is the I inside of I? Is it Hidden among the vast and plentiful, As you can see I make no sense 050703
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why am i doing this...?
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why am i doing this...?
pepperdrinks u 050826
me i_miss_you 050919
. I_miss_you 050919