Dafremen So let's see how good I am at this sh*t now that I've had the secrets of life love and happiness dumped into my skull. If I suck at it, I'll gladly accept most_hated blatherer title, cuz it's mine dammit, and that's that. (Fer f*ck's already! As our dear kss might have a sed.) 020412
Dafremen Question Number One:

I will ask myself this one:

Why the hell are you doing this?

Because it needed to be done. Besides, the showman has reminded me that I owe you folx a show and albeit I'm nowhere near as entertaining is going through your neighbor's garbage, I AM fun at parties and I can juggle vegetables and some fruit. (No pineapples PLEASE!)
So go ahead, ask a question. The answer will be honest, but it will probably suck. This is a GOOD thing. You'll have to ask another question if you would like to know HOW it can possibly be a good thing. That is all of the answer I'm giving out for one question....even my own.
Teenage Jesus Question #2 Hey man, how's it going? 020412
Aimee Question #3:

Where the hell have you been Daffy?
unhinged repeat question #3 020412
stork daddy what is the average velocity of a sparrow carrying a coconut 020412
Dafremen Nice to see ya T.J. Thanks for asking. The truth is, I've been trying to find my way for about 4 months now and I believe I've found my direction again (which is a nice state to be in for me, makes planning 3 moves ahead at all times a lot easier if I know where I'm going, which in turn makes being right the majority of the time a lot easier.) and have decided to become a vendor. I've got some really incredible sources for good merchandise at incredible prices and I'm making money selling the stuff. I'm spending 5 days a week shopping for merchandise with the missus, making signs and store displays with the kids. FIVE DAYS a WEEK with my family do0d. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK with the missus. It's heaven do0d.
I'm hoping to make 5 bills this weekend. I'll open a second location if it works out. I'll keep you posted and again, thanks for asking.
Dafremen Hi aimee, and you were missed too dearest leonessa. I have been in Mexico trying to figure out what to do with my life now that I know the truth about what I am, who I am and where I was headed, and to TELL the truth Aimee dear, I was SCARED! REALLY scared, but I had this feeling, ya know? This feeling that what I was doing (the picking up, packing up and moving part) was the right thing to do. I am STILL terrified for what is coming lady(on a global scale), but at least I've got the swagger back in my step and I can follow my own advice and "Walk down the street like I have a pocket full of hundred dollar bills, even if I don't", because I know where it is I'm headed and my focus is back. Equilibrium is everything.

P.S. Ritalin free baby. Only one vice left...booya.
Dafremen Do0d,

Repeat answer number 3 with the following additional information:

My booya connect hooks me up with fat oh-zees for 20 bucks a pop. I might be awhile kicking that vice. : ) : (
Dafremen Question Number 4
The average velocity of a sparrow carrying a coconut unassisted is 0Mph or 0.0Kph. The average velocity of a single-stage rocket-assisted sparrow carrying a coconut is 854.342Mph/1374.930171648Kph for the first 53 meters after which the object ceases to be a sparrow and becomes a ball of feather, meat and bone plastered to the side of a coconut.

The average velocity of a sparrow air-to-air missile is Mach 3.7(approx 2743.3831424481 Mph at sea level). This velocity would be considerably reduced with the addition of a coconut as cargo, mainly as a result of added wind resistance rather than added weight. Initial wind tunnel tests in my basement indicate a probable velocity of somewhere between Mach 2.8(2076.07372942019 Mph at sea level) and Mach 3.0(2224.36471009306 Mph at sea level) Thanks for the fascinating question.
Aimee Daffy... you need to add me to your aol buddies or msn buddies, if you have either... msn, is just the e-mail address... aol is Ophelia1721... IM me!

note... that was not in the form of a question
daxle Why have you dismissed depression in the past as a condition which can be overcome by sheer will power? And if one is truly depressed, don't you think it's fairly unrealistic to expect them to come up with this kind of will? 020412
Dafremen daxle,

Depression is one thing, wallowing is another. You would have anyone and everyone that throws their hands up in surrender to be labelled as depressed. In fact, the majority are sad, anxious, overwhelmed and finally, but not by any means least, they feel lonely and neglected.

None of these conditions finds its remedy in well-intended pity or sympathy. No, each and every one of these conditions can be alleviated with a dose of healthy perspective. If you would coddle and encourage unhealthy self-pity, I would expose it as unhealthy and discourage its continuance. You would ask them to blubber some more. I would request that they not, and offer a reality checklist to help them stop. You would provide positive reinforcement for a pointless, negative, self-destructive behavior. You would basically encourage them to continue to be miserable in exchange for empathy, sympathy and understanding. I prefer to end the charade before it starts.

You seem to think my actions are callous or cruel, at last honesty has a nickname and I guess that you've named it.

Thanks for the intriguing although somewhat redundant commentary disguised as a question. It was probably time for a rehash anyhow.
daxle how have you concluded so much about what you "know" that I would do in a given situation? you've looked way too far into my question, seeing things that weren't there.
Obviously, encouraging people to wallow in their self pity is not helpful at all, and so I would never propose doing that.
shit raking rocket scientist Dear Daf;

Have you ever thought about taking these diatribes of yours and buying yourself some infomercial time on late night and sunday afternoon cable TV?

you ought to make a program out of it. Jeez, seriously.

(Feeling down? Feeling Blue? Is your entire existence crumbling around you? Well knock that shit off you simpering little hypochriac fucks because here it comes...YES! It's the new Roger Dafremen "I'm-okay-but-You-really-Suck" motivational program, That's right ladies and gentlmen: For only five easy installments of $39.95 [plus shipping and handling] you too can achieve as yet unheard of levels of arrogance, self-satisfaction and perceived superiority to absolutely everyone who is not a mameber. Also, as our special DafCo bonus gift to you you will get this free bonus guide on best uses for the word "do0d" and if you act now, the first 100 callers get a free pair of dog_boot

Offer comes with out bona-fide DafCo guarantee "If you're not happy...hey that's your problem!")

i know some people who do video production work, i'm sure they could cut you a deal
shit raking rocket scientist redux dont like my spelling?

not my problem
Toxic_Kisses 1.)
Whats your biggest phobia? (and why?)

Where has Cube gone?

When will this war be over?

Who do you admire most? (and why?)

Do you like Bush? why or why not?

BTW WB ^.^
stork daddy 1.) what have you got against depressed people? they have enough on their plates as it is.
Self pity in small doses is healthy, it keeps one from feeling completely responsible for their dilemmas and is therefore a natural antidote to bouts of grief. The world is against me, i couldn't help but be so lame is sometimes better to say than, i could've done better, but failed.

2.) I'm currently on the cowboy diet of baked beans and pork and coffee and nothing else. I am losing weight but friends complain about other aspects of the diet. Any suggestions?

3.) If you could choose to drown in any liquid, what would it be?

4.) Do you think you can take me? Huh sucker? (That only counts as one question right?) (surely my asking if it only counts as one question doesn't count as a question)

5.) Yesterday i was with my lady, and i accidentally said another woman's name out loud. I immediately followed it up with nine or ten other women's names to make it seem like a joke. Why did this not work? How big can a bruised testicle swell before i should see a doctor? (incidentally enough that line was taken from one of the rough drafts of the song blowing in the wind...yeah...who'd of thunk?)
Dafremen daxle,

Apparently I HAVE looked waaaay too far into your question. Or perhaps you didn't look far enough into it before you asked it. I mean, you're right, of course, how could I possibly know what you would do? Then again how could YOU possibly know that the aforementioned "depressed" are indeed clinically depressed and NOT just wallowing in self-pity? In the majority of cases I would venture to guess that you CANNOT tell the difference. It follows that you've based YOUR assumptions about what I do or do NOT believe about depression on the hypothesis that the people to whom I have responded in the past WERE in fact depressed. In reality, they could just as easily have been wallowing in self-pity and I think we've BOTH agreed that noone wants to encourage that. I'll tell you what, there's a young lady named trazlo that was TRULY depressed once and I think you'll find my INFOMERCIAL-READY berating style is completely absent from that blather. Shame on you for being so one-sided in your observations of my writing here and for being so quick to judge.

I love it. Keep up the good work. : )
Dafremen Rocket Scientist,

No, not until now I hadn't. Thanks for the idea, I liked it alot.

Look for me on cable access channel 52 Wednesdays at 7PM PST after May 6th.

P.S. Spelling is irelephant.
Dafremen Toxic_Kisses,

Hey there chicklette! Haven't seen you since the party. Did you ever get your pump out of the fondue?

1. Large hairy spiders. I was 5 years old when the "Pet Fair" came to town and the orphanage took some of us kids to see the animals there. I was entranced by the large brown 8-legged chihuahua the man had crawling slowly up and down his arm...until he reached a handful of it toward me, stuck it in my face and said, "Here kid, want to hold it?" I've had a hard time with big hairy spiders ever since. (There was the time I was at the dentists' office and I opened a national geographic magazine and started flipping the pages. When I reached the title page of an article on jumping spiders, there was a LARGE blow-up of one engaging me with an 8-eyed stare.
The magazine flew across the waiting room and landed in some old ladies' lap, who spent the next 20 minutes giving me dirty looks.)(I would like to point out that recent revelations in my belief system have left me unable to kill spiders or any living creature unless it is a threat to me. So I've actually managed to pick up a few of the little buggers IN MY HAND and take them outside. Freaked me out anyhow, but YAY for me!)

2. I don't know. I wish I did. I never got the chance to ask him/her what the ALT sequence is to get those co0l subscripted 3s to show up.

3. What war? This isn't a war. This is a noogie followed by a wedgie perpetrated by the world's biggest bully. More bad stuff is coming I'm afraid, dear. Some worse than 9-11. Hope I'm wrong..fear I'm not.

4. That's a really tough question. I HAD always admired my grandfather for being able to hold his own in a conversation. He and I would sit for hours "yelling" at one another. What most bystanders never realized is that we were having the time of our lives. Granted, when you're 67, having a 9 year old logically debate you into a corner can be a bit irritating(which is probably why Grandpa RARELY let me debate him into a corner. Usually we just ended up switching sides. Everyone was puzzled when by the end of the discussion, Grandpa was defending MY point, and I his.)

These days I admire creation more than anything. That's the truth too. I would feel silly admiring people anymore except perhaps in a personal, friendly way, definitely not the admiration that one feels for a hero or a role-model.

It's not arrogance though, I would feel just as silly if anyone admired ME in that way. Folks should look PAST the achievements of other people and start admiring the rest of the universe more. We're too self-centered as individuals and as a race. (Yours truly probably raises THAT bell-curve quite a bit.)

Ok that's all a bunch of hogwash, it's the character that Michael Douglas played in Falling Down. D-FENS!

5. I prefer having Bush in the White House to having Gore. The answer is NO, I do not. I'm not a fanatical Civil Libertarian, nor am I weak-minded moron who wants to give up being FREE for being PROTECTED here in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Ohhhh protect us...we're RAM Tough...Like a Rock. Sheesh, let's bolster free speech with warrant-free wiretapping.

So, to summarize: no.
Dafremen 1. I have nothing against depressed people. In fact, I care for them very deeply. All of them.

Which inevitably lead me to ask the question: What is SO gawddamned depressing? These people are so miserable...what is MAKING them so miserable?

This lead me to the answer: Nothing really. Just that they WANT something. Sometimes it's need, usually it's want.

This lead to the following saying that I use from time to time:

"The biggest problem in the world is what people want, the second biggest is what they need. We can solve the second, if we'd just stop focusing on the first."

(Post-quote analysis revealed this to be nothing more than a fancy shmancy version of the Rolling Stone lyric "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need." Theirs is probably more eloquent, but mind has bigger words and is certainly more obfuscated. : ) )

So I, caring as deeply as I do for them, would like to take their minds off of what they want.

Either that or I'm toying with their silly melancholy asses..BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!
} : )
You decide.

2. Give up dieting. Learn to get the proper amount of exercise and to eat the proper types and amounts of food. Learn what your body can burn and what it cannot. Stay away from the mirror. Scales measure weight. Mirrors measure insecurity. If all else fails, take up herding sheep. I hear shepherds are less picky about the odors or weight of their bunkmates.

3. I would try to be REALLY clever and pick that liquid air sh*t they have that you can breath. Hard pressed to pick a liquid that I could actually drown in, I would probably choose Brandy and Coke or Negra Modelo beer.

4. I think that I could. I probably wouldn't though, because I'm not a violent person. Fact is though, unless you're tougher than the front end of a 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, I'll annihilate you.

5. No, the "Huh sucker?" did not count as a question, but asking whether or not it counts as a question DOES count as a question.

Sorry man, great final questions...but that's 5.
daxle It's true that I haven't read everything you've ever blathed... might have something to do with you being a little long winded. However, you did just state that people are depressed because they "want" things.
It's my observation that some people are depressed because their life has temporally gone downhill. This is solvable, although still serious. However, some people are depressed because their brain is not working right. They are then cause to feel sad, listless, empty etc. etc. even though there is no real reason to feel that way persay. No amount of berating will get these people out of their depression and that is what I think you are missing.
daxle It's true that I haven't read everything you've ever blathed... might have something to do with you being a little long winded. However, you did just state that people are depressed because they "want" things.
It's my observation that some people are depressed because their life has temporally gone downhill. This is solvable, although still serious. However, some people are depressed because their brain is not working right. They are then caused to feel sad, listless, empty etc. etc. even though there is no real reason to feel that way persay. No amount of berating will get these people out of their depression and that is what I think you are missing.
daxle aww fuck... goddamn double post
and I did forget to mention that I do give you some credit for realizing how good negra modelo is...
Dafremen I think you treat people (mentally at least) as if they are more fragile than they actually are. That's fine. We need people like that in the world, takes the edge off. Reality can be harsh, and when your life takes a turn for the worse, you are depressed because you WANT things that you do not have...including good fortune. I have stopped wanting that. I want the adventure and the adventure that is life is what I get. Every single f*cking day and thank gawd for that!

I sit in a 210 a month 1 bedroom 1 bath shack eating beans and birote and I feel like a king. I sometimes start to give in to self-pity (aka depression) then I stop myself. I tell myself to take a more REALISTIC look at what I have. Sometimes I go on for hours in a "depressed" funk until I MAKE myself see things the way they REALLY are.

That's how I do it. You help in your way...I'll help in mine. You spare some feelings, I'll try to spare some time. I still get emails occasionally about the things I've written. They aren't ALL shame-on-you-you-big-mean-@sshole letters either. They are thanks-for-telling-it-like-it-is-cuz-I-needed-to-hear-that-man letters. So really the only problem I see here is that I'm perfectly content to accept the way that YOU relate to "depressed" people, but YOU are not at all happy about seeing the way that I deal with "depressed" people as acceptable. That's sad, because my acceptance comes with respect for your decision to treat these people with empathy, and your judgement of my decision to be the voice of honesty comes with a topping of a different, less respectful flavor.

Anyhow, if you've got more questions, I'd be happy to answer them. This has, at any rate, been entertaining as hell.

Thanks dearest_blather er.
daxle You prove my point. You were one of those people whose depression stemmed from your life situation. Not everyone is like you. So why treat them that way? 020418
daxle Also, I don't find you to be "honest" persay. You pass off your opinions (which I think are often misguided, or without basis) and present them as absolute truths. And I don't think you need anymore ego feed than you already have, so don't go looking for any from me. (Is it as nice when people "tell it straight" to you?) 020418
Photophobe yay daxle! (no offence dafreman) 020418
TK There are many diffrent shades of honesty and truth Dafs just saying that is HIS honest oppion, not that its THE OLNY honesty out there 020419
Aimee daxle,
Back off, if you wanted to start a fight, you should just go over to red. You're the one who ASKED the question, he gave what he interpreted as an honest answer... he was only being hypothetical.
birdmad Hey Aimee,

just because you are a card-carrying member of the cult of Daffy don't expect everyone else to just unconditionally roll over and give him give him deference.

I don't hate him or anything like the way spork or mourning do.

Hell, when he isnt being long winded (or picking fights) he can be mildly amusing at times, but i know he invites these arguments. i got on his (and spork's and KSS's) case about the whole thing at blather_pissing_match)

Daxle has a point, he does make blanket generalizations and tries to pawn them off as if they were pure fact

I think the one thing i can give him credit for is that he's at least admitted to being a hypocrite when called on it, but admitting guilt doesn't excuse it.

but yeah, in the end, i think his "wile_e_coyote self_help super genius" act and all of his lengthy spiels are the same kind of ploy to get attention that he baits and berates all the depressed people over.

No offense daf, but relentlessly happy people are just as fucking obnoxious
Dafremen Ok, first off...I would like to ask each and every one of you...as a personal favor in the form of a blanket request, to knock it off with the "no offense daffy." I appreciate the gentle touch, but you're all getting entirely too "don't rouse the monster"-ish for me.

Secondly, I'm not sure whether I'm being accused of being a depressed hypocrite (I have YET to be depressed here daxle, but if you got me against the wall I won't stop ya lady. Hell, I'm kind of curious as to what "blanket generalization" means myself so DO go on) or of being an overly-optimistic yak bag with a gym tote full of happy songs and cum-by-yah drink coasters. Make up your minds for gawd sake. I guess what's really funny is that blather shows how folks are willing to latch on to an impression and then FEEED the fire of their imagination with WHATEVER their dislike/distaste/disrespect fueled fantasies can make fit to the observations. You drew your conclusions based on little more than the writings of a person whose motivations you have NO WAY of knowing. An individual who you have decided, practically absolutely, is deserving of your disdain, is egotistical, self-absorbed and hypocritical. A person who wants attention, needs validation and would like very much for everyone to believe everything he says and like him. WHERE ON EARTH did you come up with this stuff? From what I write? How many times and in how many THOUSANDS of words do I need to write this in?


If you socio-centric ding-dongs need to put what I write into some sort of social context that tells you more about WHO I am...fine, but when you're standing so far out in left field that they have you selling hotdogs, DON'T get on MY case about it. YOU were the ones who wanted to create a PERSONALITY out of group of writings.

Will a second language help? I can do it in Spanish, but I'm afraid my Tagalog is a bit rusty.

I sometimes say:
Please, stop confusing MY intentions with YOUR motives.

I mean that. Just because this is why YOU would do something does NOT make it my reason for doing so. You judge, I read and mainly...I write. Gang bang me if you like...have at it, it won't change a thing (well except maybe make me feel a litte slutty) and I'm still going to resemble your armchair analysis as well as my picture fit your mental image of what I looked like which, I would venture to guess, is not at all.

It's always the same with you contemporary onliners. You want to make this virtual reality into a cyber model of your everyday lives. You would have the words fit the person and would judge a person by the words. Simple question is...WHAT PERSON? They're just WORDS!!! Do you think that this should be a virtual society in the mold of the old one...but improved by...by what? By folx judging each other? Deciding that they just have HAD enough of this character's hypocritical egotistical, sh*t-raking behavior and now we're just going to have us a good ol' boys lynchin' Hee-Yuk.

Tell ya what folx...let me get my rope...this should be fun. : )

Expression baby...I EMAILED that to you daxle...told ya...I'm just typing. That's the truth. If that doesn't fit your vision of who I REALLY am and what I REALLY am trying to do...then FIIINE, why don't YOU adjust the reality to suit your needs and everything will be much better.

Birdmad...ditto, if you hadn't been able to DRAAAG yourself through these LOOOONGWINDED blathers of mine, here it is just ONE MORE TIME.

I type. I write. I create. I have no intentions other than to type what comes off the end of my fingers. Period. There is no hidden agenda. I have no delusions of Godhood or validation. I am writing and watching and that dear bird...is IT. That's it. Period...no...no...shhh...nothing else. IF I get more out of it...well so be it. My intentions are (hopefully this really WILL be the last time I say it) to create. Nothing more.

Ok...that said...back to your lynching.

: )

P.S. Aimee's a frigging Leo. Loyalty is her middle name...give her a break...that was a reflex action. (OH and thanks for trying to explain chicklette. You make writing fun.)

P.P.S. More questions folx?
birdmad OK screw diplomacy then:

bullshit, you openly court arguments. you get after daxle and anyone alse who's gone afted you for making inferences about what you've written as if what you wrote wasn't based on inference from someone else's writing in a large number of cases. that's your bit of hypocrisy

blanket generalization = you trying to imply that what works for you and what suits your perspective is in all likelihood a universal truth for everyone else.

you remind me of a guy i worked with at one of my old jobs who managed (and rather blithely and seemingly without knowing it) to annoy and aggravate almost everyone around him...people told Scott that he was being a pain but he never semed to catch on and if someone ripped into him for being an ass hes first response was always
"What? what did i do/say?"

i get a lot of that from you, Daf.

nobody's here to tell you to go away, or censor you daf, but stop acting so surprised when someone you've managed to rub the wrong way snaps back at you

because if you're that naive about your effect on those who don't totally dig you, then you really need to wake up
Aimee can i just point out that everyone is subject to hypocrisy? honestly! Everything everyone says is at some point later on in life going to be contradicted at one point in time... and you know the beauty of that sentence? It proves my point... 020419
Dafremen No bird, I do NOT openly court arguments. I certainly don't disuade them either. If the playdoh wants to play back then so be it..I'm game!

I have NEVER implied that what works for me is a universal truth that will work for everyone. Only that it works. Whether it works for all or some is irrelevant. Blanket generalization is a buzzword that diplomats use to mean I don't like the correctness of your statement, because as correct as it may be under some circumstances...it's too vague for my liking and I don't like that. Yeesh. What we have here is a failure to communicate effectively.
I REMIND you of a guy at work because YOU have decided to be reminded of him. Not because I am now have been or will every be anything like him. THIS is EXACTLY what I was talking about. You've got this little mental picture (it used to be quaint, now it's just repetitive...then again so are some movies) of what I REMIND you of. Geezus, and if that doesn't take the cake you go ON to ASSUME that I'm surprised by any of these reactions. Of COURSE I'm not surprised! No more surprised than I have been at the direction this entire discussion has been taking. It's all been zippin' along pretty typically if you ask me and I'm just dying to see if this one will have a different ending! If you ask me it's beautiful and a pretty damned telling statement on human nature and our tendency to judge, conclude, assume and categorize based on past experiences (ala the Scott chronicles). You honor me with your performance. : ) Funny bird. You're an interesting character in this intereactive wonderland. What to make of the bird? Hmmm..let's not...let's just watch.

P.S. Any questions?
P.P.S. Any bets on how long the tailchasing will continue?
birdmad ironic as fuck isn't it? a fact which isn't (and wasn't) lost on me.

all i've left to say is that all of your spiels and diatribes are based on YOUR assumptions, why should the reactions you get be any different?

("if the playdoh wants to play back..." now that's pretty telling - superior attitude, anyone - yeah, i'm making an assumption but it seems fairly apt)

but beyond this, Daffy, i'm washing my hands of this debate

you are a fire upon which i personally refuse to pour anymore fuel.

(trust me it's the best option...)
daxle first off aimee, your comments to the effect of "don't be mean to poor daffy" are completely useless. Save your fucking breath against me.
second, I was never starting a fight. obviously a fight with daf, who will never think he is anything but completely right and will remain completely blind to any thoughts but his own, is futile. it was a gentle exercise in maybe getting him to see how his blindfolds affect others.
and daf, you are the one making assumptions about who I am or what I think. all i have ever done is restated the things that you have said and tried to clarify them.
having said that, I think this exercise has been rendered pointless, at least for me.
it IS all about personal expression daf. NO ONE ever said otherwise.
Toxic_Kisses um, hey I have an idea!!
lets all change the subject! az a matter ah-fact lets forget this subject was even brot up!

so ah, hey Daffy whats your fave Icecream flavor?
Dafremen Bird - Bout time. What did you think I was doing. Like I said just fun. Certainly and no please donīt puff yer feathers up and threaten me. IF I REALLY had a message I think it would be live and let live so letīs leave it at that and leave the blather as confirmation of a few minutes entertainment. I know I smiled a lot do0d.

(I pondered putting an upside down Espaņol question mark here)Why even try to show me ANYTHING? I think your just peachy the way you are and me...Iīm just writing lady. Iīve already told you that til Iīm blue in the finger tips. This was fun, kind of another rehash but hell I just tried to go with it. Couldnīt have done it without you, thanks.

Toxic Kisses,

Ah FINALLY a question!

1. Iīm not sure whether Iīm more partial to the double fudge chocolate or the strawberry with really big chunks of fruit.
Teenage Jesus I think an interesting point has been raised here. Is it possible to win an argument with Daf? Hmmm.

I think the answer is yes. But, I think it is worth noting that the prospect would not be an easy one. Frankly, I admire the stubborness.

SO the question is: What would be the best way to sway your opinion, generally?

(I will say, that I have found that you seem to admire a well phrased dig. So much so in fact, that I think the way to your heart ((for lack of a better term)) is through your brain.)

...and for YOUR pleasure ladies and gentlemen, The Show goes on...

BTW- side bar: can you (Daf) get ahold of Euros down there? Can you e-mail me if so? Gracias.
Dafremen You WOULD admire the stubbornness T.J. : )

The easiest way to sway my opinion is to not confront me and to make your case logically. If you havenīt thought about it very long, chances are Iīve prolly thought about it longer. Oh, and YES...most definitely through my brain is the way to my respect. My heart still has mUshy spots here and there that are subject to occasional bouts of sentimental empathy, but I prefer intellectual stimulation to emotional by far. Some of my favorite blather characters donīt like me one bit...truth is, I wouldnīt have it any other way. I must express myself, thatīs all.


P.S. T.J. I had ONE guy who almost had me. See he went at ME freestyle, completely switching up down sideways, left and right like I do. First time Iīd ever encountered some of my own style. It took me about 2 minutes to pick up on what he was doing,(this was in a game of Quake2) 5 and a half to find his weakness(He had an aversion to discussing death) and another 30 seconds before we were both exchanging propz because it was obvious where the exchange was headed and Iīve always thought it best to allow a worthy opponent an out that allows him to save face. So I did. Never saw him again. Bummer too, it rocked yacking with the do0d. He called himself The Real Shaggy.

P.P.S. Iīll look into the euro thing do0d.
silentbob loves you i have a comment. or rather an observation:

when things get hectic or miscommunicated

toxic kisses is the kind of girl who likes to pretend like it isn't happening. or at least thats what i gather from her wanting to change the subject and forget it ever happened.

if you get in a fight with a friend and you do that and say that...


you don't really forget. and it just bottles up. and then you don't really learn from your mistakes. debating can get you somewhere. dropping it wont.
Dafremen SīBob - Yea...but no questions? Iīve got some pretty good answers...the ones that donīt suck (in some opinions anyhow.)

T.J. - No euros down here...sorry.
silentbob loves ya dear dafremen

Have you ever considered simplifying?
this is not shitraking, unless you think it is


Daria Do you think orgys are fun?
Would you consider marrying a celtic guy(if it were legal)?
Would you hire a guy to kill me or do it yourself?
Have you had sexual relations with a duck?
Are my sicko questions getting to you?
Dafremen S'Bob -
1. Yes. I thought about it, laughed about it and forgot about it. This isn't a simple thing we're living, it's human life..THE most awesome ride going that I am aware of and also one of the most complicated things to describe. I prefer to play my part in that complication. Why rock the boat and blow a perfectly complicated thing?

Daria -

1. No. I don't think orgies are fun. I think they are HELLA FUN, but only if attended by illegally wed Celtic guys, hitmen and ducks accompanied by at least one sicko with a lot of questions.

2. No. Except maybe Larry Bird. But not if it were illegal. Unless he paid me and I didn't have to consummate the marriage.

3. No. I don't kill. I torture. I make people want to kill ME, or themselves. I leave killing to the professionals, so I'd prolly hire a hitman.

4. No, (contrary to what some porn peddlers in upstate Louisiana would have you believe) and if you see any photos of me in a jacuzzi full of gumbo screwing a duck...they're doctored.

5. No. You overestimate yourself. Now stop with the sick questions already! Sheesh!
Toxic_Kisses Silent Bob, I use to love conflict, poking and proding ppl into arguments and debates, it would make my heart race and my mind whirl w/ excitement (and oddly enough even lust sometimes) yet to be honest I'm not quite sure when or why this has changed but @ the time being I absolutely can't stand conflict anymore, between myself or any one I don't dislike (I'm quite a protective person, even when I don't need to be), and while dropping it may not solve anything it does stop the conflict, my fave line az of late has to be "lets agree to disagree k?"

Daf, why are humans such social creatures?
Dafremen TK - Not all humans ARE social creatures, some of us are becoming less social by the week. However for the majority that are, I think we can sum the entire phenomenon up in one word:

Humans are afraid to see themselves as they truly are, small, weak, vulnerable and possessing of a finite existence. So they congregate in groups to talk each other out of such preposterous notions. They pat each other on the backs, give each other knowing nods and remind each other of the divinely or naturally spiritual nature of the human condition. They blow each others faces up to billboard size in advertisements to match the scale of everything around them, concluding in the face of such fabricated ĻevidenceĻ that they are indeed as larger than life, center-stage-in-the-production as they think they are.

They surround themselves with images of humans, human creations and more humans. The Earth appears small on our TV screens, human faces appear large.

Without the constant reassurances of other humans we must face a different reality. One in which we are simply another, tiny part of a MUCH bigger picture.

Copernicus and Galileo were both forced to eat sh*t for even indirectly BEGINNING to reveal this truth to humankind.
daxle 1)without looking up my birthday on blather, what do you think my sign is?
3)How is it that the day someone was born governs their personality?
4)doesn't environment have influence?
5)don't genes have influence?
Dafremen So I created a completely useless blather trying to fix this thing

It's called
Dafremen 1. I would guess Aries off the bat, but I don't really read ya much I'm afraid and I would be lying if I didn't tell you that

2. I'm basing almost my entire guess on the fact that you were wearing glasses in the one picture that I've seen. I'm no astrologer chicklette...I'm a software engineer turned vendor who happened to stumble upon a book that turned his otherwise coldly logic world completely upside down. Sagittarians and Virgos are born skeptics as are Gems, but anyhow on to question three, because guessing games are futile and no knowledge is to be gained by observing my piss poor guesswork.

3. Good question. Read my long dissertation on the subject in Whats_Your_Sign (?) Basically we are made of the same stuff as everythign around us. You need only project yourself onto a globe in scale to realize how trully tiny we are and how truly enormous the earth from which we come is. The earth is affected on a daily basis by the: heat, radiation and light of the sun, the gravitational pull of the sun, moon and to a lesser but measurable extent the other planets in our solar system. Your brain is made of the same basic stuff as everyone else's and your basic personality is INDEED affected by your environment, but on a more deeply physiological level than ANY of us would care to admit. To TRY to get to your last two questions, let me simply point out that:

If the basic behavior traits imprinted upon us by our environment from the time of our birth (our Sun Sign traits)respresent the canvas paint and wood that form our physiological makeup, then the other factors that you mention can be considered as the brush strokes that make of one Aries a Picasso and of another Aries a Rembrandt. We are each individuals, but we are made of the same stuff, and YES we do exhibit observable characteristics depending upon the time of our birth that IN ALL PROBABILITY are shared by people born around the same time.

Good questions. It's mind blowing stuff. Science can't refute it, only try....feebly.
Dafremen Hmmm. Ok, well I need more questions and Iīm not leaving blather until I get them. (Ok, so Iīm not leaving blather anyhow, but dammit if I donīt like to yack and this blather gives me a perfect excuse to do so.)

Here are a few questions for me:

1. Why have you gone soft on me do0d?

2. How do you think that cantaloupe fruit got on the inside of what was OBVIOUSLY a honeydew melon?

3. Has Rhinna REALLY lost her mind or is she just being entertaining in her own somewhat intriguing rub-the-cat-the-wrong way?

4. Do you think that onemorebumpintheroad chick will continue having sex and using abortion as a method of birth control or do you think sheīs learned an important life lesson and will be more careful next time?

5. On a side note, why isnīt abstinence considered an acceptable method of birth control by the majority of unmarried couples? I mean hell, homosexuality is a more popular method of birth control than abstinence.
Dafremen Well man:

1. Iīm not soft, I just canīt hurt my fellow human beings...or any living thing unless itīs in order to protect another living thing. Iīve learned that hurting others is like hitting yourself in the head with a mallet. Itīs dumb, youīre hurting a part of yourself...this is not a Tom and Jerry cartoon...why act like it IS?

2. Iīm not sure how closely related the cantaloupe and the honeydew melon are, but cross-pollination MIGHT be possible between the two of them. Otherwise maybe it was one of those rare high-speed cantaloupe-honeydew melon collision that we hear about every once in awhile.

3. I think itīs your second possibility. I think sheīs really trying to reach out and appeal on a different level. Itīs not working, but letīs not tell HER that...poor dear seems sensitive enough already as it is.

4. Well, both really. Sheīll continue screwing when the idea seems appealing because these days we consider sex just another way of expressing love. The only consequences that occur to us (when they occur to us at all) are those consequences that affect us personally, not those that affect others. Our little brains donīt LIKE to look outside the box very often Iīm afraid.

5. Simple. Abstinence is NOT what little brain wants. Little brain wants pleasure, avoids pain. We shrink from rejection, gravitate toward acceptance. Sex feels good and consequences are a million miles away when youīre feeling good. To summarize: Sex feels good, abstinence does not and we are fast becoming simple brutes who think only of our physical, emotional and intellectual pleasure giving not a sh*t about much else. Hope Iīve been helpful.
Teenage Jesus Here's five for `ya:
1. WHat's your least favorite color? Why?
2. Is it best to ignore your young`un when he/she is having a temper tantrum (nothing major; just fussin' in a freaked out sort of way; you know, loudly) or is it best to demand that it stop immediately?
3. Should people worry if Henry Kissenger visits their country?
4. How is the year 2012 signifigant?
5. Can I still e-mail you about a Mexican purchase and subsequent shipment to ME!?
Dafremen T.J.:

1. Wow...good question. I really hadnīt thought about it. Iīm just pretty damned grateful to see them all to tell you the truth. If I had to pick ONE color though, it would be that dirty grey-white seagull doo-doo color.

2. Definitely best to stop it immediately T.J. Calmly at first, but this wonīt work with all children. When they are younger, time outs in a locked room..later, demand that they "control themselves", backing it up with the Hand OīDad if absolutely necessary. (Realizing that your wife is a Cancer woman, this is an area that youīre going to have to tread VERY carefully through though, my friend. Iīm afraid being the ultimate mother also means wanting in the utmost way to pamper, spoil and protect your children from anything that makes them unhappy, even well intentioned discipline.)
This self-control thing is particularly true of Taurean children, T.J. as Iīm sure you are aware. If they are indulged into adulthood, they can get into the habit of thinking that they are entitled to act in anyway that they would like to. This can lead to a VERY difficult adulthood for your kids in the long run.

3. Yes. No doubt about it, well except maybe these days when he might just be visiting his many retirement homes around the world.

4. Besides being the name of a great Rush album, 2012 is supposed to have been predicted by several ancient cultures as being the time of the cataclysmic events that will lead to either the apocolypse or (if my intuition serves me correctly) a huge change in the world order and the way that human society views and relates to the world around it.

5. Yes, you most certainly may. Please make sure it doesnīt involve anything that might set off the new anti-terror chemical sniffers that they have at the border and in the U.S. Postal processing facilities.

Nice questions T.J.

Keep em coming folks...Iīm getting closed to entertained again for the first time in a long time. (Well cept for YOU paste!...youīre always entertaining man.)
Toxic_Kisses 1.)Why is it that now that I’m here I can’t think of any –good- questions, yet last night it was all I could think about?

2.) How far away will it be from now that we have to wear some sort of protective clothing to protect us for the sun?

3.) Will you ever get around to writing anything about Sagittarius’s? (Yea ok so that ones kinda selfish)

4.) How often do you say the word “truth” in one day?

5.) Whats your fave band?
Dafremen 1. Perhaps itīs the same reason that I walk into a restaurant craving something, and yet the second I get the menu and see all of the other choices, I have to ask the waitress for a few minutes to decide. When we allow our minds to lightly touch on a subject, the paths seem clear, the solutions fairly simple. When we begin to delve into the possibilities, we find the complexities that lie beyond the facade that our initial impressions fooled us into accepting as the subject in its totality more complex than we could have imagined. Either that or you, like me are an airhead, I find that hard to believe however. Sagittarians have the ULTIMATE power of concentration. Perhaps itīs that as a Fire sign, you have a tendency to rush headlong into things at times without much thought to the consequences. Well yer here now chicklette, hope you know what youīve gotten yourself into. : )

2. Well, if you listen to the news out here in California, that day is here, now...every day. SPF 60 anyone? I believe the sun will be good to us and the Earth will keep us from harm. I also believe that although the human race itself might cease to exist someday through itīs own silly stupidities, the Earth is in no danger of being destroyed. It is much more resilient than we are and will heal and create new life...eventually something else that is sentient. Since you and I are both made of Earth and therefore SURE to end up back in the mix...weīll be back in a safe, low-radiation environment in no time...cosmically speaking. Whether humans will stop increasing the likelihood of their own extinction on a daily basis remains to be seen. I certainly would like to believe so.

3. Yes, I will get around to writing about Sags. I have written a few things in Whats_your_sign . Might I also suggest that you check out the website at: zodiac.fragzaintskillz.com or www.gnarf.net/users/dafremen/Zodiac/Contents.htm
Iīll tell you this much up front: My youngest daughter is a Sag and she is the most sensitive and yet tom boyish little thing you ever did see. Sheīs capable of incredible inventiveness and at the same time can be the clumsiest klutz you ever did meet. Once she starts to concentrate on something, she finds it very difficult to break herself away...a trait that she seems to share with about every Sag that Iīve met. Sagittarius is represented by the Centaurian archer. The archer part has to do with the Sag habit of being VERY blunt and/or honest at exactly the moment that it zings folks the most. Like an arrow straight to the heart of the matter. The centaur part has to do with the fact that Sags are capable of incredible grace and eloquence...then along comes the not-so-graceful horseīs ass half of them with a klutzy nose dive into the potatoE salad.

4. Ok, now that was uncalled for, and thatīs the truth. Iīm not repetitive so much as I am persistent and what could be more worthy of persistent repetition than the truth? Truth be told, I probably donīt use the word truth more than maybe...8...er no maybe..ok 10..or 20 maybe max..but thatīs it..truthfully. Did you come up with this question because youīve read the truths of humanistic astrology and found out about the Libran weakness for the truth? Cmon...tell the truth lady...this is truthfully the most f*cked up question Iīve been asked yet. And THATīs the honest to gawd truth. Sheesh..."how many times do you say the word TRUTH" indeed!

5. Iīve been asked this question before and itīs the SECOND most f*cked up question I am ever asked. I love so many and I truthfully donīt know where to begin. I guess if I had to answer it, Iīd start with the really upbeat positive stuff that I like. I like Howard Jones and the B-52īs and Moonpools and Caterpillars because they can be so maniacally upbeat and that really makes me feel less lonely in the morning since everyone but me is usually a grumpy A-hole before 10am. Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, Simon and Garfunkel...all for the same reasons. But Iīm also a huge Megadeth, Anthrax, Limp Bizkit fan and I think techno can be great when I have some work to get done, so Lords of Acid trips my trigger sometimes as does Moby. I havenīt really mentioned my favorite yet though...see thatīs the problem. I really canīt decide on this one...hard as I try...sh*t I forgot Zep and Floyd and then thereīs Cypress Hill and 2Pac...Bone Thugz N Harmony. Iīm not too fond of the bands that just crank out lots of teen angst songs...thats too easy. Any moron can write about teen angst and gain a following, teens and young adults are sort of predictable that way...but of course I was a teen as well, so I have my old favorites from those days...my Boingo, Simple Minds etc...and letīs not forget Nirvana. All of those bands and I still havenīt mentioned my favorite because truth be told, I also like technically skilled artists, vocalists, pop bands and soloists alike. I like Metallica and Yngwie and Deep Purple. I like Primus and Rush and Annie Lennox. Les Brown, Tommy Dorsey. I like SOME country...Willie Nelson, PAtsy Cline and letīs throw Elvis in there too. I LOOOVES me some Prince and I really couldnīt get by without some Jill Scott these days. Hope that answers YOUR question, because it sure didnīt answer mine.
Dafremen Ok, Iīd like to revise my last answer. I just broke out Ritual de lo Habitual and listened to Three Days (the perfect song in my opinion).

Iīve FINALLY come to a decision. MY favorite band is Janeīs Addiction...for now.
dB Ok, Daff, the answer for the above question 2 about the sun is wrong.
See, the sun is expanding, getting hotter and hotter. At the moment we aren't really experiencing too much of the effects, but sometime it will be too hot.
The Earth will not be ok. Eventually it'll be melted down and sucked into the gravity of the sun and turned into a few forms of exotic gas.
It is doubtful that other sentient life will evolve in time before this happens.

Sorry, I'm being a bit pedantic.

Anyway, I have a question.
How can we kill pop culture? not just for now, not for the next 10 years but forever?
Aimee 1) have you missed me?

2) is it possible to die from overload of stress?

3) is it incredibly wrong of me to not want to ever speak to my mother again, while everytime i speak to her it ends with us fighting and me crying after we hang up?

4) Why oh why were resume's invented?

5) can i have a back rub?
Dafremen DB:
Ok well, I hate to point this out to you, but the expansion that youīre talking about wonīt occur for billions of years. There will be plenty of extinctions and reevolutions on this planet before that time. Life will evolve to survive the higher levels of radiation, just as the Earth will continue to heal itself. On an even larger and more cosmic scale, after the extinction of our solar system, all matter will eventually come back together an the entire thing will start again, this cycle will play out an infinite number of times, meaning that eventually, the material that makes up you, and the material that makes up me WILL get to be sentient as a single unit again. Infinity IS a mighty long time my friend.

As for your question, I think that the sun expanding and incinerating the Earth SHOULD do the trick, but pop culture is like a bad rash that has a habit of surviving even the most cataclysmic of catastrophies. Let us hope that I am wrong else, may gawd have mercy on our souls.
Dafremen 1. Yes Aimee, of course I have. Iīve also missed Arwyn, your other self.

2. Indeed it IS Aimee. Especially if said stress causes one to be reckless in oneīs use of substances. I almost died from pure stress and Ritalin. Iīm doing well now, but if I hadnīt quit my job and stopped doing stupid things to my body, I would have almost certainly been a goner by now.

3. I think it would be incredibly wrong if you actually followed through on your desire not to speak to your mother again simply because you fight when you see her. Family ties run deep and family acceptance, although harsh at times, is usually genuine. Perhaps you should think about WHAT it is that causes you two to fight, maybe even look at the (GASP) possibility that some of it might even be your fault chicklette. We can point our fingers at others all we want to, we can advise them to change and attempt to tell them how, but really the only change we can CERTAINLY affect, is a change within ourselves. You should think about that and go into the next interaction with your mother prepared for the worst that SHE has to offer, with the BEST that you have to offer.

4. Resumes are a way in which a human resources monkey-in-a-suit puts all of that money they wasted on college to use. See, they can toss a human being out the window without ever looking them in the eye, and THAT beats the hell out of having to tell them face to face. They can sno0p through your past, chuckle about your shortcomings and YOUR educational background without ever having to look you in the eye while they chuckle. Resumes are like those commercials for Milk and Cereal bars(donīt get me started on that one) with all the nutrition of milk and cereal (Oh THANKS mom! Whatever happened to PART of a balanced breakfast?)...see a resume is all hype, no substance too, rarely had it, rarely will. Good luck with your job search.

5. No, Aimee, Iīm afraid my wife would tear your lungs out and feed them to your kitty. Plus I would feel pretty awful if I did(not that youīre not worthy of a good backrub, you definitely are) because I am hopelessly faithful in every way, shape and form to my beloved. That includes giving other women backrubs.
Aimee daffy...

1) I know i am at fault for at least 40-60% of all my squabbles with my mother.

2) I had a follow up question for my backrub question... you jumped to wrong conclusion... was not asking you for back rub, was asking if I could have one... or rather am i entitled to one to be delivered by a not yet named party... don't really want one from you (no offense) as would be awkward between myself, yourself, your dear wife, and my wonderous husband to be.. apologize for confusion. so rephrased question.. am I entitled to a backrub?

Dafremen I believe I already covered that in my parenthetical statement that you DEFINITELY are worthy of a good backrub.

By the by, you havenīt had one of my backrubs. You definitely WOULD want one, because I am impeccably attentive.
: )
Aimee daffy,

you know I love you, but you have to be ASTOUNDING to meet my standards... the fiance is extremely attentive... :)
Toxic_Kisses Gah! I’m so proud of me! W/out even trying I asked not only the most fucked up question (for the time being) but also the second most fucked up question you’ve been asked so far! Not only that but you called urself an air head (!) witch says a lot coming from some one who thinks so highly of himself, you know I honestly think that ppl would be a lot better off if they all had the same confidence and self assurance that you do I mean really think abour all of the self inflicted problems that would solve for other ppl if only they were more confident and self assured. Oh BTW I found the best sun protection (so far)! It says it’s for babies but it absorbs a lot better than the other stuff I’ve tried that just sits on ur skin making you/me feel all slimy *Wrinkles her nose* so next time you go looking for sunscreen get the stuff that’s for babies. Az for the info on Sags, while the zodiac.fragzaintskillz.com link seems bad the other link you gave was such a fantastic source of info! Thanx so much for ur answers! 020617
Dafremen Why, you're welcome I'm sure. I'm trying to figure out what you meant by...thinks so highly of himself right now. I'm going to assume you meant what I hope you meant which is that after 33 years of learning to rely on my own judgment and watching my track record for making decision improve dramatically since my teens, I have gained a lot of confidence in who I am and where I am going, and what I am doing. If THAT's the case, I agree wholeheartedly, if it is meant to imply that I am full of myself...I won't argue, but meeting me would be a shocker, let me assure you. Confident I am, arrogant I am not...in the least.

I'm so glad that the zodiac link worked out for you...they are both the same site, so if the second one worked...Yippee!

As for your messed up questions, I think it's time you answered a few yourself. But right now the missus is waiting outside of the cybercafe for me...so they'll have to wait.

STay cool chicklette!

Aimee: I'm glad you found an impeccable guy, he'd have to be to live up to your royal standards. Someday we 'll get those standards of yours up to mine.
; )
Dafremen Time for five more to answer by myself myself:

1. How does it feel to be financially independent finally? I mean REALLY, you say you like the freedom, but have you REALLY thought about how it makes you feel?

2. Do you think anyone has finally seen the truths that you've been droning on and on about for the last 8 months or so ( GRAVY , DAFFY , INNERVIEWS_DAFREMEN , etc )or do you think that you're alone in seeing the irrefutable nature of these truths?

3. If the answer to #2 is that you are alone, why do you keep on yacking about it?

4. If the answer to #2 is that you are alone in these beliefs, do you think it's because noone has stopped to think about it, if so why not?

5. If you could buy any album in the world RIGHT now...which one would it be?
Toxic_Kisses Whoa! You have Q's for -me-? I don't know if I should feel scared or ecstatic over this *L*

I read gravity and it made me feel good *frowns slightly* honestly I can't describe it any other way although innerviews_dafremen was far to long to me to read on the restricted time I have here
Az for the third question -maybe- you keep "droning" about it bc you think if you repeat it enough times we'll finely "get it" so to speak *shrugz* but I'm just guessing kuz I have nothing better to do w/ my time

Oh and az for the comment I made about you thinking so highly of yourself just disregard it, az of late I've been saying (and doing) things that I wouldn’t normally say (or for that matter think) just to see what the other persons response will be.

BTW could you interpret a dream for me? I think I have it figed out but I want a second opinion on it

Oh and dB thanx for your input on my 2 Q earlier, do you have your own Question page?
. 1
why are you so annoying?

why are you so annoying?

why are you so annoying?

why are you so annoying?

why are you so annoying?
dB A vendor for what Daffy?
what are ya selling to the unsuspecting masses?
Suicide Snowman actually, just one...

Why do you care so much about my happiness?
Dafremen Because I can help ya, kid. Call it Buddha nature, call it a messianic complex, but troubled teens are my forte. In a very real sense, I feel that I must atone for my recent misdeeds. I behaved in a way unbecoming of the noble spirit that courses through the veins of every man. See, it's like this: I'm looking at the man in the mirror, and I'm asking him to change his ways. No message could have been any clearer, Snowman, no message at all. So if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or a side to stab with your spear, I'll be here. 021202
dB That's a bad assumption for you daffy.
While it may be a goodthing to attempt to be noble, assuming that ALL people have a noble spirit is plain blindness.

You know a well as I that people see in others that which they refuse to see in themselves. The reason they can't see it in themselves is because it is not there. the people who they see as having it do not, but they become an imaginary carrier for this imaginary flame.

We know how we are daff, but other people will make up their own minds about us.
ever feel like you want to run for office?
Dafremen Ok, Suicide Snowman, as you are probably aware...THAT wasn't ME. You'll know it's me because I'll return an email to you saying that I answered your question. For instance, I got your recent email and I'm sorry to hear about how badly she took the wedding rehearsal idea. There's your confirmation. AS for your question:

On a personal level, I care about your happiness because you've been very dear to me whether you knew it or not. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for all of the people that didn't give in to their very natural instinct to dislike me but instead took a bit MORE time to see through the charade. All of you have a permanent place in my loyalties, you can do little or no wrong in my eyes. You are the type of people that society needs more of and that makes your happiness of paramount importance to me as well. If you're happy, you take that great personality and caring nature out there with you and it spreads like wildfire. (That's the selfish part of my motive.)

As for the not so personal level, I care about all of you. That is sincere and it is heartfelt, it always has been. My goal in life is to play a part in ending the unnecessary suffering that so many people suffer on a daily basis. I want to bring about change, as a part of a greater movement toward change. To some extent, I needed to see society's reactions to different actions in order to do that. I needed to know where we were at as a society, explore the depth of the disease if you will. That DOES NOT excuse the things I did here, It's only an attempt to shed light on what was going through my mind when I decided to do it. What I did here was inexcusable and like I said, I understand the penance that I pay in the form of impersonators and detractors. I'm prepared for that, it is the consequence of my actions.

Long and short: You are a special friend, you always will be and you have at least one human being out here who cares about you because you deserve AT LEAST that many who do.
??????? You're my special Jesus, Daffyman.

Also, there's only one impersonator.
Dafremen DB,

Here is your confirmation that this is INDEED me, and not my imposter who is simply playing the part that he/she was meant to play, that I might remember the price of unbridled curiosity.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to the gift that you gave to your friend.

Now for your question:

First question:
Burritos, Tamales, Caldos, Tortas and Sodas.

Second question: That wasn't me old chum. You've been had. In fact, you'll find that you'll need to read very carefully from now on. This person is trying their darndest to get to me. It is what society has taught them is an appropriate response to their dislike of me. By no means should you blame them mate, they have every cause to be upset with me and they honestly don't know any better.


If you want to know whether or not something questionable was written by me, just email me man. You have my email address.

P.S. I would never run for office. I have already started three organizations which I am proud to say are all still around and thriving...one has been for 3 years. The one thing all three of these organizations have in common is that they have no leader. Anyone that knows me understands that I wouldn't have it any other way.

Leadership posts put power in the hands of the few. This leads to power grabs which lead to greed and subsequent abuse of that power to the detriment of the organization and its membership. For that reason I am opposed to creating leadership positions. I think they are unnecessary. Although democracy is slow, if it is approached in a conscientious manner, it works. All of the organizations I mention are pure democracies.

Again, the short answer: No.
??????? Wait, I just thought of something... since you're so ridiculously ashamed for all of the horrible crimes against humanity you've perpetrated on this website, can I get an apology, too? (Just send me an e-mail so I know it's really you). 021203
??????? The part I was "meant to play"? That's pretty cryptic, but there's a bitterness to it.

Do you really think I'm "trying my darndest" to "get" you? Your style's not that hard to imitate.
Dafremen Your apology is on thankyousomuchdafremen. Leave an email address or email me and I will write you too.(And no, I won't give out your address or your identity...I have no desire to publicly expose you.) Whether you want it or not, your actions are a direct result of your conditioning. You can rationalize and argue to high heaven about it, not only will it not change that fact, it will only prolong the changes that you deserve, that we all deserve in our lives. As for arguing to high heaven, you'll have to find someone else to do that with, I've got positivity to spread and I won't be drawn in by the societal negativity that your message only serves to amplify. You deserve better mystery person, find better..you can do it. 021205
??????? "Your actions are a direct result of your conditioning". Yeah, I know. That and genetics, and economic predisposition, and a number of other interrelated factors that contibute to an overall determinism.

But how can you mix determinism with free will? I just don't get that. You seem to say, "What you are is beyond your control: now transform!" It seems more consistent to me to say, "What I am is beyond my control, let's see what happens."
Suicide Snowman this anyomous agrument between you two is really really fucking lame... just give it up.. no one else is really watching with interest, by now it's probably a general disdain. 021205
Dafremen Then it is almost certainly time to start the discussion up again...isn't it? 030404
Toxic_Kisses wait, arnt You supose to answer the questions not aSk them?

2) whats your fave silly word?

3) why can't we all just get along?

4) am I bugging you?

5) what are your thoughts on worms?
Dafremen 1. Yes. Yes I am. Good point.

2. Poopchunk or oon

3. We can, but the spin meisters are stirring up the pot to keep us from realizing how little we really have under their system. If we are divided, we are not united. Us united scares them.

4. No. You're not even close.

5. I don't know, worms are good in their own way. When you asked that question, I thought of my buddy Biglizrd (A Scorpio) who explains the relationship between life and death in this way: "Hey, worms gotta eat too."
TK worms don't anything but dirt tho and their for don't nothing is dieing bc of them, if anything thay help plants live by being in the soil.
My guy steped on a green wormish looking thing the other day while we made our way to the car from a store and it made me sad, not so much bc he had killed the greeen wormish looking thing (or maybe it wasent dead but would go on suffering in agony on the parking lot pavement in blistering heat untill it died) so much as the fact that the parking lot even existed. I mean think about it had we not disropted the already thriving and living environment that was previously their b4 the parking lot and store not olny would that green wormish thing lived but so many other animals and insects would still be alive.

I have Q's for this but I gotta go my time here is up
x 1) How much of this had to do with your "experiment"?
2) What was your experiment again? Being an asshole?
3) Can deliberately being an asshole really be considered an experiment?
4) How do you know that that isn't just how you really are?
5) Once and for all, do you, or do you not, like kittens?
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