Dafremen Last call. I won't be starting any other blathes along these lines. No reasonable question will be refused. (I'll even try to answer the unreasonable ones if that's ok.) I'm not sure how long I will be around, but I'm hoping until October..maybe later. Could be sooner. This is a continuation of
ferret 1.does that mean you could be leaving?
2. if one wished to marry two where would they get hitched?
3. iggledy piggledy boo?
4. 2l3l23lk52jENG23523432, yes or no?
5. if yes then why? if no then why?
blown cherry What do you do when you know that the person that you love
has fallen out of love with you?
Dafremen 1. Yes it does.

2. If by your question, you mean, where would one go if one wanted to become married to more than one PERSON. I might suggest:
Uganda, Malaysia, Swaziland, Gambia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran or, a bit closer to home..British Columbia in Canada, which hasn't legalized polygamy, but which has refused to enforce its laws against the practice.
If by your question, you were asking where you might go if YOU wanted to preside over the ceremony as the officiate who joins two people in matrimony, I'm afraid that depends upon whether or not you are a notary public, a ship's captain, or a priest,minister, cleric or pastor. If you would like to marry two people, I would suggest buying a ship or becoming a notary public, because these are useful when you're NOT busying hitching people up.(If you go the ship route, remember: You must be 50 miles from the nearest national boundary in order for a marriage to be legally presided over by a ship's captain. Otherwise, I'd recommend becoming an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church at They will ordain you for no fee over the internet in a matter of minutes. If by your question you were asking where you might go to marry a human to a non-human, or two animals to one another, or yourself to an animal...I'm afraid there's just Montana, and then only if your beloved is a sheep or cow and you have a private ceremony. (Just ask her to cut her guest list down, I'm sure she'll understand.)

3. You bet your EenkA Bleenka!

4. No

5. That part number was discontinued by the U.S. Navy Central Supply Command in the 4th Quarter of 1983. It describes a Houghton Bearing assembly for use in dough kneading equipment. That particular model is no longer in use by the military and so all remaining spare parts where sold at auction some time ago.
Dafremen 1. You must first determine what the cause of your beloved's loss of interest is. Is it something that you are doing? (Probably not so much as you might be inclined to think.) If it is, determine whether you are willing to give that particular behavior up for someone who apparently hasn't got the sort of "love staying power" that you had hoped for. If you are willing, try to change and see if they respond.

Is your relationship physically intimate? 8 times out of 10, younger guys will stay with a relationship (many fully convinced that they are in love) for as long as the challenge of "getting some" is there and they feel that it is a reachable goal. Shortly after they either REACH the prize, or determine that they aren't going to GET the prize anytime soon, interest wanes and they move on. It is a cycle that has been repeated too often for us to exclude even the "special" "different" "sensitive" guys. Young men have a problem thinking "outside the box", if you understand what I mean. One of the major problems facing today's relationships is that we tend to meet under circumstances that DON'T help us get to know each other. We see only the social face, the personality that people wear on their way out the door. Later, as the realities and the boundaries of a relationship start to solidify and become more serious, we find ourselves drawn once again, to the fun, smiling, laughing, social people that think we are interesting because they don't know us. Our more familiar admirers often fall by the wayside. It's like when you were a kid and you saw the latest commercial for the coolest new toy or game or whatever. You just HAD to have it! When you got it home, you played with it and it wasn't everything that you thought it was going to be. The advertising misled you. You were soon looking for the next new latest, greatest thing. Maybe we should all stop advertising the best we have to offer and start advertising EVERYTHING that we have to offer. Less buyer's remorse that way.

If his feelings have changed, I'm afraid that any compromises you might make would likely be at the expense of your dignity. The type of love you shared, if that is the case, is probably common enough to be discarded. Here today, gone tomorrow lovers are a dime-a-dozen and no real prize at anytime.
oldephebe (relocated from ask_daf)

what are the ramifications of a male cancer born on the 29th day of the month
hooking up with a female libran also born on the 29th day of the month one year later?
oldephebe wait a minute i didn't paste this here -I'm thinkin' daf must've pasted it here in the whole hierarchy of sundry things to sort out..or something - i was just going to type a reminder here or something but the prescient one whoever he or she is has beaten me to it..

yeah well, if anyone is interested read a blathe entitled revolting affections orsomething like that - there's this blathe from a 15year old young man who gushes so eloquently, with a capacity that far outpaces his years - really powerful stuff, sorry i can't be more specific - kind of going on fumes today what with the liquid diet and everything

oldephebe see: revolting adoration by
pobodys nerfect - she pasted our young prodigies storm of aching harrow there

like listening to a daniel bedingfield song - ?..( )

bc more specifically, he still loves me, still wants to be with me, still says I'm a very important and big part of his life (and the sex is fine), but he just isn't IN love with me anymore.
And right now, the fear of being alone is just to big to let me leave.
eyedream 1. Leaving?! Why?!
2. Why does everyone have an ask-me blathe except me?
3. Leaving?!

screams like a girl
Dafremen B.C. - 1.a. Sounds to me like either you or he or both are confusing initial passion, romance and the attraction of newness for "being in love". If he's in love still...that's love..the heroin rush at the beginning is to get girls to trust when they shouldn't and guys to spend money on things that they shouldn't. Love is the hangover of familiarness that's left after the "Hi! Nice to smell ya!" party starts to wind down.

So here's where you guys get to decide. More new relationship smell? Or is the seat worn in and adjusted on this one just the way you like it? Relationships are WORK..on both sides. Now that the Novacaine of newness is starting to wear off, is it that he's having second thoughts about having committed for the maintenance required?
blown cherry Thanks Daf, I needed to share and you've helped, really. There isn't a thing he wants to change about our relationship, I've asked, and I was happy the way things were too, I just don't know if I can be happy now knowing that he doesn't feel for me what I still feel for him. 030911
eyedream what about my questions dafremen 030912
Dafremen eyedream-

1. yes.

2. What do you mean? You DO have a blather. It's called ask_eyedream as per standard_blather_protocol.

3. Yes.

4. YES.
Dafremen Phebe-

I would really need more to go on to answer that question with any great amount of accuracy. However, I will tell you this. I am a Libran born on the 14th of the month and the missus a Cancer born on the 24th of the month. Most astrological texts call these two a mismatch. That's quite understandable. Librans are generally emotionally detached and logical. Cancerians are emotional basketcases that hide their feelings behind a mask and offer no logical clue as to their next mood. Needless to say, they both confuse one another a great deal. The Libran is emotionally cool, this leads the Cancerian to believe Libra doesn't care. The Cancerian is tenacious, but possessive, this confuses Libra who likes to move around and sees any restriction as an affront to freedom..Libra's most prized possession(besides their TRUE partner, of course.) Poor Crab! Crabs only hold on and smother when they CARE so deeply that they can't bear to let go. They are NURTURERS...which is something that they ALMOST have in common with Librans who are HELPERS. There are so many more ways in which these two differ. It's Air and Water trying to mix and it's just VERY, VERY difficult.

Now for the good news. Neither the Cancerian of your query, nor the Libran of your query are Sun sign only.

What I mean to say is that there are so many more influences to be taken into account. For instance: The Moon is paramount to any understanding of compatibility.

The missus and I have been married for coming up on 14 years.

See, I have a CANCER Moon. The Moon is Cancer's natural ruler, giving it GREAT strength in my chart. In addition, my Ascendant or Rising Sign is Scorpio...another Water sign. This adds Water to my Libra Sun..emotion. This makes me more LOYAL(Cancer & Scorpio) than most Librans. It makes me more JEALOUS(Scorpio and Cancer to a lesser degree) than most Librans. This makes me more EMOTIONALLY RECEPTIVE(Cancer & Scorpio) than most Librans.

The missus? Her moon is in Pisces (more Water). There is a natural attraction between Librans and Pisceans that is hard to describe. I believe it's based on a mutual distate for anything unpleasant..particularly ugly scenes and screaming matches. With Venus(natural ruler of Librans) in her first house, her image of self is wrapped around beauty, art, romance and the asthetically pleasing.

As you can see, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. If you are the Cancerian in this question, be patient even when your emotions scream to scream. She won't be able to handle that. Be her LOYAL PARTNER. Enjoy thing WITH her. Even risky, chancy things. Understand that, (depending, of course, upon other influences in her chart), she will NOT get the subtle little hints that you drop for her. She will not necessarily understand what looking at her THAT way means. She will NOT know what you meant when you asked her indirect questions in an attempt to avoid saying what you mean. You need to say what you mean with Librans. That's what they want...good information. Garbage in equals garbage out and most Librans CANNOT STAND garhage. If you wanter her to know what you need, you will have to hit her over the head with a big SIGN telling her what you are feeling or wanting. At LEAST you should be obvious about your wants...then she will take them into consideration with everything she decides. That's how Librans are. They want the best for everyone...including themselves..and they think about EVERYONE'S needs before reaching a decision.

Try to resist the urge to change your mind so much about plans. Librans like time to change course, to factor new ideas and plans into the equation. If you SUDDENLY have the urge to streak down to the park and run around naked in the full moon light..let her know...then wait a half hour or an hour or two while her brain mulls it over. THAT is what it takes to "force" a Libran out the door. Time to prepare.

Hell, if you ARE that Cancerian, chances are you HATE people forcing YOU out the door. In fact, you probably make them wait a good long time so as not to give the IMPRESSION that you are being forced out the door. (I'm also starting to believe that there is a Cancer mind delay. It's as if something said or done has to wait until it's in the past before it registers with most Cancer people. There seems to be a delay between word and action.)

If you will email me birth dates, times and places, I have a program that can crank out compatibility charts which describe one's personality within the confines of a relationship with a particular person.

(As for confidentiality..first I don't want to know your names. Secondly, to use, abuse, or otherwise mishandle ANYONE'S trust...PARTICULARLY in relation to astrology, would be unthinkable to me. To play goofy roles and parts on a site dedicated to free_expression is one thing. To betray a REAL trust given in confidence is quite another, and definitely not a part of my psychological, astrological or psychiatric profile.)
Toxic_Kisses How do I make these feelings go away?!? (how_do_you_feel)

Why is it so hard to be happy?

What would you be like in an alternate dimension?

Why are we ruining the future?
TK even more upset Wait a sec..

Youíre LeAvInG?????

Why would you ever willingly -want- to do that????

Havenít you even considered the fact that ppl are going to miss you???? (by ppl I mainly mean myself)

No! I won't allow such nonsense! TaKe It BaCk!!!
oldephebe Daf -
You did help to clear some things up. Um if you haven't guessed I would be the theoretical Cancer in that pairing. You were right on target with the temperaments. Um..perhaps I will e-mail you with the specifics. Listen, have you ever considered doing a radio call in program? I mean you are much more authentic and knowledgbalbe then the quacks I hear on the airwaves. You've got a real gift. Thanks for helping to give me some clarity.

Toxic_Kisses Alright ignore the first question out of the first post and all of the second post; I'm really feeling a lot better, all the questions I had got answered. I went to write you a letter and as I was writing everything became clear, granted you won't receive said letter bc I'd figured everything out on my own, and so while you didnít actively do anything I still want to thank you bc if it haddent been for writing you that letter I would of probably stayed in the emotional kay-os I was in for a lot longer then I did.

Also if you decide to leave thatís ok w/ me now, I realize you'll leave regardless of weather or not it was ok by me yet nonetheless I'm not freaking out over it any longer, I know you'll come back eventually, and so while I'd miss you while youíre away knowing you'd come back takes away the sting.

Also thank you for answering all the other questions Iíve asked of you in the past, you always put so much thought into your answers that itís always such a pick me up when I read them, you have a tendency to make me feel like everythingís going to be alright. If ever a huge comet were headed tords the Earth I always know that if I come to you that youíll make me feel like thereís nothing to worry about and that everything will be alrightÖ

I really will miss you if you go
jane where/why are you leaving? 030915
celestias shadow (relocated from ask_daf)

do you believe in fallen angels?

what is the one thing that money can never buy?

are people inherently bad, good, or just foolish?

why is it so important to me that i mean something to other people?

do you think this is really a good world to grow up in? because i'm afraid to.

it's fine if you can't/won't/don't want to answer any or all of these. i'm just tossing them out there.
Dafremen (TK..I'm working on yours.)
(jane...was that a question that requires answering separately, or will answering the same question for TK cover it? (If you were GIRL_jane, there would be no question. She would have to have her very OWN answer..preferably addressed to her at the top. Arians are, after all, usually like that.)

celestias shadow, here are your answers:

1. You're asking one chicklette. I had it all, saw the world and everything in all of the shades of Shangri-La. Still, it was only a taste (a HAL is what I believe students of Islam call it) to motivate me to better things, or to haunt me in my twilight years should I choose not to rise to the challenge.
Having sat on my ass for the last 4 months KNOWING what it is that I need to do, but failing to DO those things; having returned to smoking herb, I've been falling deeper and deeper into the self-delusion that throwing my hands up would be better than making a difference in mine and other people's lives. For 2 years now, I have had songs to share, but have not recorded them. I have had poetry to share, but have not gone to open mike nights. Have 3 book concepts, 2 of them already laid out, but only one has progressed, and slowly. I have been hiding from my responsiblities and my calling..I've been hiding from myself and the great things that are waiting for me if only I would stand up and grab them!

Then someone contacted me, about 3 days ago. They had seen the Zodiac and Its Mysteries ( and wanted to know if I would put their site on the links page. I agreed, and on a whim, I sent them the URL to the dream that I had (, adding that I would understand if they ran screaming from the lunatic after reading the page. The next day, I received THIS response:

"Hi Daf/Roger - which do you prefer?

Thanks for the link, it seems just fine to me. I shall put your link on my
site later on today.

I haven't run away after reading your dreams - it takes a bit to scare this
Arian. I read both of them and they do seem to have a common link.
Although they both have overtones of religion, I think it is the symbology
of them that speaks. The first one, The Man with Two Eyes is more subtle
whereas the second one is more graphical.

The first one: What was said suggests that a man who can see clearly
becomes blind and therefore becomes a follower not a leader. This is also
suggested by the two images of the Pope being black and white - the leader
can become a follower. This also suggests two possible paths of the same
thing - one light, one dark. The wavy lines like a postmark immediately
suggest to me the sign of Aquarius, the unconventional, the non-conformist.
With that there are two lines. Two religions as well, protestant and
Catholic. Definitely a choice dream, but I don't think it is purely a
religious choice. That seems to have come up only to serve to show clearly
that there is a choice.

[Not relevant to this blathe]

From a psychological point of view it suggests to me that you have a choice.
You can either sit back and be led or strike out on your own path but have
to acknowledge and conquer the demons within in order to achieve the goal.
If you take the easy way out you become blinded to the potential of what
could have been.

The second dream: I feel that this one was more graphical to emphasise what
was shown by the first one. Again it is the conquering of the demons, to
not be afraid of what you might face no matter how scared you may become.
The very grotesqueness of the monster is showing what has to be overcome.
The oil is a symbol of wealth, not necessarily materially, but of spirit.
i.e. your fears can be turned into something much more beneficial.

This kinda reminds me of the article I wrote on my site about
Lilith/Black/Dark Moon - I think I got a bit carried away with that!

As for any of it being linked specifically to America rather than individual
and the George Bush bit, well I have heard stuff like this before regarding
him, although I cannot remember where or what. If I do at some point
remember it, I will let you know.

So, there you are, that is what I make of your dreams......well you did ask

All the best


I've been clean since I received that letter. I've translated the page into Spanish, like I've felt I was supposed to. I've downloaded an MP3 recorder and will begin recording the songs. I have a list of open mike nights in San Diego and will begin to attend them. There are fallen angels dear..almost without a doubt. There are angels that have fallen by the wayside all around you, all around US. Thing is...angels have wings; they don't all FALL, some simply choose not to fly.

2. The moments of your life that were pissed away earning and spending money.

3. All things are inherently bad and good. All things inherently possess both darkness and light. People are no exception, and this should be taken into account whenever one attempts to put their words and actions into context. People may be foolish, but then again, perhaps not so foolish as those who would judge them as bad, good or foolish.

4. That's difficult to say. There are many possibilities, both psychological and circumstancial, I suppose. I would be happy to do your natal chart and help you find a more concrete answer to that question.

I will speculate here in the meantime. If you are a person with most of your influences in the western hemisphere of your chart, you tend to define yourself more from the outside in than the inside out. Here's what Solarfire has to say:

"If you are WESTERN STRONG, your interactions with other people take on a paramount role in your life. You value both your personal relationships, and the interactions of the human race. You have a gift for mediating in your relationships, as you possess insight into the nuances of relationships. You learn most about yourself in the context of your relationships. You need to make sure you are not engulfed in stifling relationships."

In addition, there are several signs that tend to place great import on the approvals of the public: Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius(even though they'd never admit it, since they are "UNIQUE and above such conformist notions"...shyeah..right! They are probably the most sociable of ALL of the signs. Find an Aquarian that stays in every night and has no friends and I'll buy you a beer.)

5. Don't be afraid, love. This is an AWESOME, GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, FANTASTIC world you live in! It CREATED you, and so you are it's most beloved treasure and it ADORES YOU! You are another of its children come to be its voice and its hands and its heart and its song. You are all of the Earth's aspirations, come ALIVE! The world counts every grain of sand as special, every breath taken, as its own. Yes, the Earth is a VERY warm and loving place, the only one we know of where you can be reading THIS..right now. But society has reduced us to seeing the Earth as a ball of dirt. Society has reduced individual human beings to mere statistics that eat, crap, breed, work, buy and die. It is this SOCIETY that makes you a disposable number in a sea of faces..not the world. Don't fear the future dearest..I have no doubt that it has a VERY important place set aside just for YOU. If I were you, I'd get up, brush myself off...prepare for a hairy ride, and GO FOR IT!

I'm sure you'll amaze us all. You're already off to a good start with these questions.
celestias shadow *huge warm hug* thank you ever so much. you honestly have no idea how much i needed that. eternal thanks. 030922
Dafremen 1. Depression is such a hard emotion to deal with. There aren't any fast and easy answers. (Which might explain why your answer came so slowly...) I have been reading something by a guy by the name of Og Mandino. What he says is that we are subject to so much JUNK programming these days, that we need to take time out to program OURSELVES. He has taught me that the same tools used by the media can be used by individuals to retrain ourselves to think, believe and BE anything we want to be. I believe he is right. I have been doing this for only one week now and already I notice a change. Already I am getting more done and my focus isn't on whether or not I will fail...but on how close I am getting to success! His words sound like a bunch of rhetoric, and in fact, are. Then again, so are all of the messages that we are bombarded with every day. First by our television sets, later by our aquaintances that have just arrived from being in front of their television sets. We are hit with rhetoric left and right that programs us for failure, for submission, for consumption. Why SHOULDN'T we shoot a little of the "smurfy sunshine" rhetoric in our brains as well? Why shouldn't we take a little time to program ourselves to reach OUR goals, instead of some marketing genius' goals? I truly believe that by learning to create POSITIVE habits, and by learning to tolerate your OWN voice telling you how great you and your life are, you can effect a very powerful change in your life for the better. I'm doing it every day, three times a day. You'll find Mr. Mandino's first lecture under the_greatest_secret_in_the_world I hope you give it a try. It seems to work.

2. The above answer should answer this one too. We have been programmed not to pursue happiness, but neverending misery. There is less profit in showing people the way to happiness. Especially when you could program them to chase a moving target for "happiness". Create a hole and watch them spend the rest of their lives trying to fill it. That's the name of the game. It's not hard to be happy. It's just hard to see past the lie. That's the nature of program. The machine gone haywire doesn't know that its program is for sh*t. Work on debugging your program or replacing it. Then you'll see how easy it really IS to be happy. It's a miracle...WE'RE ALIVE!

3. I would be like you but different. I would be everything that you are that I admire and some of the things you are that I don't. I would be the best of me too, without my failings. In an alternate universe, my cheeks would taste like taffy, but never tempt a nip, just a kiss (the occasional lick). In an alternate universe I would have answered your questions much more quickly and have KNOWN better than to put a passionate, Eaglewoman with piercing eyes and a heart of gold, on the back burner.

4. At first, I used to think so. Yes. But now I'm not so sure that we are. I look at it this way now:

I said once that the more laws we pass, the more things insidious killers will get. Without public displays of outrage and relaease, more of these aberrant minds would be forced underground, like Dahmer and GAcy, where they could do more damage and go undetected for longer periods of time. I thunk that it is the same with our insanity. Thank GAWD we're being so blatantly stupid! Thank GOODNESS we're being so glaringly hedonistic, shallow and inconsiderate of one another. Thank GAWD our politicians are lying RIGHT to our FACES and stealing from us RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES. THank gawd it's OBVIOUS enough that we are destroying a good thing, that someone would ask this question. Can you imagine the sort of neverending mess this could become if we weren't so obvious about it? Eventually, with the turd staring us in the face, we'll get tired of the smell and brush it away. (Might wanna wear gloves when that happens.)

5.(from following blathe) Yes. I believe I am and I haven't wanted to answer this question until I'm very sure. I'm not there yet, but you will get an EMAIL from me when I am and you will be the VERY first to know besides me. You have my word on that.
Toxic_Kisses 1.) I read the_greatest_secret_in_the_world and found it a bit vague, it seems to simply say concentrate on not failing and replace bad habits w/ good habits. The only thing he doesnít seem vague about is reading his lectures 3 times a day for 30 days 2 times quietly to yourself and once at night out loud. He doesnít say what good habits we should adopt or how to define our own personal definition of success and thus giving us a goal(s) to strive for when it comes to improvement. Maybe he goes into further detail about such things in his book but what you wrote in the_greatest_secret_in_the_world wasnít anything that I personally found all too useful.
About what you said about (mass) media brainwashing us w/ their programs I agree w/ witch is part of the reason Iíve recently cut down on watching TV so drastically, one other reason was bc I realized that being in the same room w/ some one while watching the same program on TV had become the new definition of spending quality time together and I couldnít fully digest such a thing when there are so many other things that could be done to spend quality time w/ the ppl you love and care about, for example having a picnic in a park, taking up exercising together, going to beautiful gardens and/ or various museums/art galleries, protest rallies or heck just playing a board/card game together I mean thereís SOOOO many things to do when it comes to spending time together besides just watching TV! It wasnít until I cut down on watching TV that I really began to realize just HoW much I watched it to begin w/ and most times simply to cure boredom, but like I said previously thereís a whole world of things I could do to cure that and be productive in doing.

2.)Yes, it is a miracle that were alive, there are so many things that Iíve taken for granted, and still do sometimes when it come to that. That is something that at times I have to remind myself of, that regardless of whatís going on in my life regardless of it being good or bad the mere fact that Iím alive to experience and learn from such things, or even the fact that I know what silk feels like or what a banana taste like or can see how periwinkle blue is differentiates itself from all other blues, or hear the beauty of birds singing all of that and so much more is a miracle, and all of it because I am alive. ^.^

3.) So what your saying is that I have enough faults to even out the best of the both of us? *L* just jokein w/ ya babe ^.^ and even if the alternate personality of you would of know not to put me on the back burner whatís important is that the you of this reality ĖNOW- knows better then to do that again ^.^

4.)If it werenít for the fact that weíre so shallow, inconsiderate and selfish donít you think we would of done more/something to deter (if not compleatly stop) such blatant lying and deceit of politicians and large corporations? and on a "smaller" scale eachother?
5.) Thank you for giveing me such an honor to be the first you would tell of your leaveing.
Dafremen P.S. Og Mandino's piece that you read. That wasn't something for you to read and have a revelation. That is a program. It is the first in a series of 10. This first program teaches you to get into the habit of setting aside three times a day to program yourself for good habits. It is the first good habit, taking time to program yourself for the things that you REALLY want in life. So it is vague, because it is not his in depth treatise, but a program. It works in much the way brainwashing or television (why I made the distinction I don't know) work, by repeating certain ideas and instructions over and over again. You read that, once upon waking, once..well hell you read it. It is hard as hell at first, like you said, it's's sort of pointless sounding(but inpsirational), and the first day, I read it ONCE. Then I felt bad for fibbing to myself about it, so I did it all three times the next day. IT sucked, I was so ready to be distracted. So on and so on until I'm 8 days into it and I love the time for me. I love to read those words. I DO get up and feel a bit more like I can get something done today...and I HAVE been! I'm not saying this is the magic bullet. I'm saying the words are there, with no hidden agenda and they offer us a chance to have some SAY in our programming, within the bounds of a fairly loose structure free of political or religious dogma. I'm reading this lecture for 30 days, three times a day. Then, I'm moving on to the next one. I will translate that one too. (My first language is English and the words can work best for me in that language.) I'm inviting you and anyone that needs courage, motivation or just plain a belief in their ability to succeed to come along with me and see what happens. I've already perused the man's lectures...nothing insidious...nothing hidden, all much the same stuff with a different program goal in each one...a new habit for success. THat's a standing offer and noone has to tell me or anyone that you've decided to try. You can do this on your own without telling anyone. If you do and you love it, you know what you should probably do for the folks you care about. If you hate it, move on and noone's the wiser. 030930
Dafremen jane

1. Blather has taught me so much and I cannot begin to repay that gift. However, I have work to do and I'm finally getting in the habit of getting in the habit. I'm getting things done much as I may need you all, and as much as some of you may enjoy my company, I cannot get what I need to get done at blather anymore.

I have to concentrate my efforts on building another place of unity and free_expression...and I can only hope that each and every person who visits that site, will find their way to this, the only TRULY free-spirited collaboration in the history of the literary arts. Nothing would, could or should be closer to my heart's own desires than to see this place continue to grow and evolve and...shit feets or no, provide a very real birthing place for the inestimable, inexhaustible beauties that are our gift from and to this universe.

I love you all and will miss the interaction very much. (Those of you who have gotten to know me, know that these sentiments are heartfelt and extend to everyone, strangers and intimates alike.)

I hope that at least SOME of you will write me daily or as frequently as possible, because the withdrawals will no doubt be an intense, cranky, bitchy place to be alone.

Don't think that I won't miss this place like I would miss my own hands if I were to lose them. Choosing to lop them off is even harder, I hope you understand that, love.

But when this game is done and time closes the curtain, what will be my excuse for having failed to express my gratitude for existence by giving in return the performance of a lifetime?

There will be no excuse, there will be only silence, and a long wait for another chance at the stage.

No, girl...I've gotta get movin' and shakin'. You've all got your ticket same as me, but the seats in the audience are filled to capacity and the stage has become an empty places of lights, smoke and manufactured illusion. Time to do my part in making the props genuine, the players real and in making THIS the show to see.

Thanks for your support and comfort, thanks for your adoration and spite. Thanks for having a moment to type ANYTHING my way. Your truly and very free_expression was appreciated on this end, in WHATEVER form it took. From the brash loud mouths, to the blather_stalker s, from the most confident of you to all the way up to the most timid and self-conscious of you...thanks very much for your time and for the most humbling and glorious experience any man could have hoped for. Thanks for sharing just this little piece of your lives with me.

Knowing ALL of you was an honor and a privilege of which I have yet to prove myself worthy. I'm off to do that now.
Enjoy the show.

Love..your bud,

User24 so, are you leaving or not? don't keep us hanging on, man, decide so we can either grieve or rejoice! 031025
Dafremen Yes I am. For real. However I don't know when. It's all dependent on some things that I've been learning. Help me get that MySQL project going and I'll see if I can avoid it for a year or so...(cyber cafes and what not) 031101
Death of a Rose holy bounding boobies batman.

If this is for real, I for one will wish you well, dafremen. I have yet to have gleaned all I could of your soapbox sermons and meanderings.

If you should ever want to ship me some stuff through e-mail, just click.

Take care dafremen. You will be sorely missed.
Dafremen I suddenly realize that I don't know whether or not User24 is talking about rejoicing if I leave or if I stay....hmmm

I'd love to correspond with you DOR.
Doar well, I left my addy on my name. Don't forget us pilgrims. Brah (holder of boobies!, well misstree said it was incurable so I gave in, can't ignore the obvious....oh and rampagingwenchbeasts.....)

Keep your heart open.

Death of a Rose

User24 lol, daf, I was considering clearing that point up in the original blathe, but for whatever reason, I didn't.. besides it shouldn't take a genuis to work out who'll be doing what.. I'm sure there'll be a few private parties upon your departure, but I certainly wouldn't be joining them.. did you get my email re 1111? 031102
Dafremen Not yet do0d...I'll be looking for it. 031102
somebody 1 will you ever come back?

2 where have you gone?

3 did you just get tired of it here?

4 did you know how special you were to some of us?

5 will you answer if i email you?
Dafremen 1. Perhaps...but probably not. It's gotten pretty innane since I left, from what I can gather. (Not that my leaving had anything to do with that.) X still telling people to shut up, hissing and spitting. Stork daddy still looking to have his ego and other parts stroked...while looking for a good (or pointless) fight to pick.(Here ya go big guy...course you'll be punching a wall.) Then the usual tirades about lost loves and the pointlessness of life, with the cherry of busted cherries on top. Naww...probably not. Maybe on Dogboot Company Day...that's about it, love.

2. Had to move from California to elsewhere. Needed to get away from the white noise of senseless living that this place thrives on. (Even though for the longest time I thrived on it as well.)

3. Well, yes...and no. I got tired of it here at about the same time as I had other things that I needed to focus my attention on. It was just the right move for me. That doesn't make it the right move for anyone else. Especially not for you...blather needs more thoughtful people with a memory and a bit of consideration.

4. I could say that I didn't, since that is the politically correct answer that will keep the blather_hitsquad off of my back, but the answer is...yes I did. Many of them emailed me while I was here. Still, it was nice to hear it from you..hopefully you weren't alone. MAny of you were quite special to me...even the dark dipshits who thrive on stupidity and domination. (I have a soft spot for dark dipshits...must be the dark dipshit in me.)

5. Email me and find out. Thanks again...see you on June 5th, love.
eskimos friend daf back for but a moment :(

at least that moment was captured forever...
eskimos friend sorry, didn't ask a question.

for whenever you're next around: how's life?
somebody told you he was back..didn't say for how long though... 040413
dafremen eskimos friend, here is your answer:

1. Life is good. It's always good, regardless of how much I sometimes wish it was something other than what it is. Not to say that RAH RAH RAH is my theme song, but seriously...I could've played out this existence as a pair of Rosie O'Donnell's jeans. So here's to life! The best show going.
lavayensatanist From Yahoo Answers:

many don't know that satan used to be god's favorite angel, second to god before jesus was born. then satan and a third of angels rebelled against god because god either told satan to bow down before adam and eve or because satan had so much pride and he thought he was stronger than god as so many ledgends go
so my questions are:

1. why would satan think he's powerful than god, if god is completely more powerful than satan?
2. why didn't god just vanquish satan then and there? forgiveness or purpose?
3. some source suggest that satan used to be the angel who reported to god about human delinquences, truth?
4. why would satan need to appear as a serpent in the garden of eden?
5. if satan is the prince of darkness, does that make god the king of darkness? the book of isiah it clearly states that satan wants to be higher than god, but how is that so if he knows he lost the first time
7. does satan know anything about god that we should know about.
8. in the book of job satan makes a bet with god, god wins, what was god's purpose of taking satan's bet? does an almighty god really need to prove himself?
9. in the book of revelations satan comes back as a seven headed dragon, why a dragon? and as ive stated before why must satan put up a fight with god, especially if he knows hes going to lose.
10. why is satan considered so evil if he has not done anything evil in the bible? Yea he wants to fight god, but does the bible ever tell us what satan's plans are?
11. if sin is what seperates us from god and satan is the father of sin, why didn't god let Satan suffer for our sins and die on a cross?, considering that he brought sin into this world and he is the reason why we sin? Why should god's son suffer?
12. the antichrist? shouldn't satan be like his own antichrist?
13. 666? some source suggest it means that satan wanted to be more than human so he chose this number. some believe it came from some abiguous number translation from the roman emperor nero. what does 666 truly mean.
14. did god put satan on earth or in hell?
daf In order to answer your questions, and in order for you to understand why answer the way I do, it's important for you to understand the following about what I believe to be true:

I believe that within each human being, at this point in the evolutionary process, there is both a Spiritual Nature which represents where we are headed in the process of evolution, and an animal nature which represents where we have come from in that process. The spiritual part of us, is guided by what we might call our Godly characteristics, the animal part of us is driven by animal wants, needs and desires. In the Tarot, these animal drives and desires are represented by the DEVIL card. I'm not saying you should go out and buy a Tarot deck, I'm simply saying that this card gives us a clue as to the meaning of the figure we call Satan. When we follow our innate spiritual drives, we are said to be following the Will of God, ie. the ALL, the Tao or God. When we give in to our more animal drives, we are said to be following the Will of Satan. This is also the source of the words Good and Evil. Evil being that which goes against the natural course of the evolutionary process, Good being that which aids the advancement of the evolutionary process.

I want to stress that these are things that I BELIEVE to be true. You must find your own truth in this life. Anyone that tells you that their truth must be YOUR truth, is confused.

On to your questions:

1. why would satan think he's more powerful than god, if god is completely more powerful than satan?

Because Satan represents our material desires and because we are currently very much plugged in to our material reality, the material can seem more REAL than the spiritual. Since many of us are more materialistic in nature at this point in the process, Satan seems to have great power. This was almost certainly true also when the idea of Satan was first concieved and written about.

2. why didn't god just vanquish satan then and there? forgiveness or purpose?

Purpose. In order for us to recognize that part of us which is counter to evolutionary advancement, we have to be able to see it. Sometimes subtlety makes the reality of things hard to see. Think of trying to see white against a gray background. Now see that same white against a black background. It becomes much more obvious when the darkest shades become even darker. Especially when you are born into a world of a gray being. The question is...are we a lighter or darker shade of gray?

3. some sources suggest that satan used to be the angel who reported to god about human delinquences, truth?

In the next question after this one you ask about the snake. The snake is an ancient symbol of intellectual understanding or wisdom. This is a brain based wisdom, based in experience, decisions and memories all harbored by our material brains. At the same time, this brain is aware of such things as conscience; of right and wrong. Behind that material brain, and producing that notion of conscience, is our spiritual nature..our Godly nature. Certainly our actions are known to that same brain and are channeled to the spirit nature through our conscious, brain interpreted awareness. In that way, it could be said (following the metaphors for God and Satan laid out above) that Satan DOES report to God. Also it could be said that God advises Satan. Will that advice be accepted? That remains for each of us to choose.

4. why would satan need to appear as a serpent in the garden of eden?

If you remember the story, the Tree which Adam and Eve eat of is called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. At some point, when we were just awakening from our animal ancestry, we knew no evil. We just did what was natural and instinctive for us to do. You cannot consciously do evil without first knowing what evil is. You'll find this to be the root of the very old notion in Law that a person must know the difference between right and wrong before they can be held accountable for their actions. The fruit they ate of wasn't magical, it was just fruit. It was the fact that they had been told NOT to eat that fruit which suddenly created the opportunity for them to choose either to follow their spirits guidance..or not to. (Choose to go against God.) It was at that moment that they knew eating that particular fruit was considered wrong..or evil. As mentioned before, the snake is intellectual understanding. It is the material brain's reasoning power. It was that intellect, that reasoning power, not their spiritual guidance which told them that eating the fruit would make them more like God, and thus tempted them and eventually led them to eat of that fruit. The moment they did, they KNEW through experience, (which is much different than simply being told) what evil was. In the end, it is necessary for people to consciously choose evil or good in order that this current, spiritual stage of the evolutionary process might recognize whether their animal, or their spiritual nature is stronger. (In the same way that the material stage of evolution had to identify which life forms were stronger and which were weaker MATERIALLY in order to advance that portion of the process.)

5. if satan is the prince of darkness, does that make god the king of darkness?

God is EVERYTHING. When I say that, I don't mean it as a slogan for (or against) religion. I mean that everything there is is what God is. That includes light and and non living..spiritual and material. There is an ultimate destination, but along the way all possibilities will be experienced and explored. This is why it is said that God is omnipotent, timeless and omniscient. God encompasses all power that is expressed, all time that passes and all things that are seen and experienced. God can be said to do this through the many forms that exist, have existed and will exist. Including you and I. the book of isiah it clearly states that satan wants to be higher than god, but how is that so if he knows he lost the first time

Material reasoning tends to justify the unreasonable decisions it makes. Material desires are strong. Even if one knows that using someone for sex and breaking their heart will make us feel guilty, if the sex drive is strong enough, it still might be done again. Even though someone knows that foreclosing on an orphanage run by poor little old nuns will make their conscience sting; if their own mortgage is on the line...or perhaps if it means getting that new Mercedes for Christmas..they still might choose to put another load of nuns and orphans out on the street..against the advice of what they've experienced, against their spiritual nature's promptings.

7. does satan know anything about god that we should know about.

Perhaps. I wish I could say that I know what God knows. But I don't. I only know what I think I know, or simply what I believe to be true. Anything that Satan knows about God, we probably know as well at some level. It's what GOD knows about God that we may or may not be able to see at this time..if ever.

8. in the book of job satan makes a bet with god, god wins, what was god's purpose of taking satan's bet? does an almighty god really need to prove himself?

I'm not sure that there really was a bet. But if there was, it's purpose might have become evident to you by now: Job needed to know that his spiritual nature was stronger than his animalistic, material nature. Certainly if God proves anything it isn't to God..but to a very confused human race that is part animal, part spirit. Perhaps that's what the story of Job is there an example of where we CAN overcome our baser impulses, despite huge material losses..and still come out the winners. This to spur us on to accepting our spirit's guidance even if it leads us through difficult times. People seem to respond to a rewarding, happy ending like that.

9. in the book of revelations satan comes back as a seven headed dragon, why a dragon? and as ive stated before why must satan put up a fight with god, especially if he knows hes going to lose.

In reference to the might look up the word Typhon. According to Plutarch, an ancient Roman historian, the word Typhon literally translates to "insolence" or "pride." It is symbolized by a dragon, or crocodile monster. It embodies the negative aspects of Satan as Snake or Reasoner. Think of it as the notion that through reasoning, human beings can improve upon the evolutionary process..the natural process which gave birth to our race. That's a very insolent and prideful notion. That the process which gave birth to us is somehow beneath us or inferior to us in some way. That's why the dragon. It's a symbol.

As to the second part of your question: How many prideful people who know that they're wrong (ie. beaten) still refuse to admit the correctness of their adversary? Pride is strange and illogical that way. It does not require logic to guide it. It is it's OWN logic which usually lives outside of logic.

10. why is satan considered so evil if he has not done anything evil in the bible? Yea he wants to fight god, but does the bible ever tell us what satan's plans are?

As mentioned at the beginning of this long answer, evil means contrary to the evolutionary process. At this point, our animal ways are only good so far as they support our ability to nurture our spiritual ways. (This is an inner spirit, mind you...not some words spoken by someone outside of us.)

Whenever our animal ways are contrary to our spirit's guidance, we say we are "tempted by Satan" to follow the ways of "evil." This is why Satan is considered "evil." I don't think even the most powerful humans on the planet REALLY know what their plans are. They know that they want to rule. They know that they want power. They know that they want luxury and a life of ease. But I don't think that they really know WHY. In the end, it's because they are afraid. And rule, power and luxury distance them from the things that they are afraid of..being dominated, powerless and hungry. They aren't really chasing after what they want at all..they are running away from what they fear. That's not really a plan. It's an animal instinct.

11. if sin is what seperates us from god and satan is the father of sin, why didn't god let Satan suffer for our sins and die on a cross?, considering that he brought sin into this world and he is the reason why we sin? Why should god's son suffer?

First, the word sin means to me simply those actions which encourage our animal nature over our spiritual nature. It's the spirit within us that suffers for our "sins." This is the source of our guilt..of our sadness. As we "sin", it is buried further and further behind our animal nature..through habit and the "rewards" of immediate material gratification.

But our Satan nature is selfish. It is unconcerned about the spirit-self's pain and it is constantly running from that which makes it uncomfortable. Rather than face the pain which it creates, it looks for ways to alleviate its suffering. The cross is there...the suffering is there..but our animal self refuses to face it. The spirit suffers because by refusing to face the consequences of our actions, and refusing to face our fear, we prolong its imprisonment. In the end, once we've progressed to the point where our society is more spiritual in nature than animalistic, there will be "heaven."

12. the antichrist? shouldn't satan be like his own antichrist?

The Anti-christ isn't a single person. The Anti-christ is all religious people and institutions whose teachings result in us turning away from the spirit within us, and from the true teachings of Christ in relation to that spirit. If you see a prideful've met the antichrist's preacher. If you meet a person who tells you that you cannot know heaven on earth, you've met a follower of the anti-christ. If you meet someone who tells you that their beliefs are the only way to see things or you are doomed..then you've met a follower of the anti-christ. If you meet someone who tells you that God wants you do what society tells you to, you've probably met a follower of the anti-christ. It's not to say that you've met a bad person. You've simply met another human being who is confused by our part-animal part-spirit nature or by the words of someone who is also confused. Christ is within you. Heaven is all around you, waiting to be seen. The spirit within you is capable of seeing it if you are able to relinquish control to that spirit. Any learning that keeps you from knowing that..or that would guide you away from that is Anti-christ.

13. 666? some source suggest it means that satan wanted to be more than human so he chose this number. some believe it came from some ambiguous number translation from the roman emperor nero. what does 666 truly mean.

If you check out a video on youtube called 666:The Final Solution (Parts 1, 2 and 3) You'll find two more series on the subject which I've put together. In these series, I've introduced people to the notion that 6 represents materially driven humans. That's why 666 is the number of Satan. This is the crossover point. This is the point in the process where we make the leap to understanding. You'll find out how truly powerful that number is when you check out that video. There is a calendar hidden in the number 666. There is a road map to the evolutionary process hidden in the number 666. There are all sorts of clues hidden in the number 666 and it doesn't take any CRAZY jumps of logic to find them. Just simple math. Here's a preview: 0123 + 456 + 78 + 9 = ???

666 is the number of the Beast, because it represents the system we live in which tempts us to embrace our animal or BEAST-like natures. Our greedy, sexually perverse, self-interested, self-preserving natures. The Beast IS the system and the society which preserves that system.

14. did god put satan on earth or in hell?

Hell is disintegration. The lake of fire described in Revelation 20:10 is exactly that. It is the molten core of the earth.

If our spiritual nature is completely buried by our animal nature, then we will return to the elements from which we came; return to lack of consciousness. We will return to being an inanimate bunch of stuff. That is Hell. Hell is a metaphor for a solely material existence.

Heaven is spiritual existence. Eventually the evolutionary process will bring us to know heaven on Earth..if we would only embrace our spiritual nature by overcoming our animalistic tendencies. Then we get to live on..forever as spirit.

Continuing to be materially driven humans will see us continuing to live in Hell on Earth..and returning to Sheol and a cold disintegration back into the elements of which our material bodies are formed.

Some references:
Way to go Daffy! Asking a questions and answering them! 081121
Lemon_Soda Someone else asked those questions. He was repeating them for reference.

Thats okay. I've posted without reading enough to know what is actually going on. You don't need to cry. You'll be okay. Work on that impulsiveness and you'll go far.
Way to go Daffy! I think he did it! 081121
dafremen Actually, the original question is here:;_ylt=AmT049CeMuoO2O0x1LAxGAbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081120222427AAUNWT6&show=7

(or you could look up: "Why Must Satan Put Up A Fight With God?" on Yahoo Answers. Probably easier.)

LS was right, I am archiving these Q & A's for future reference. A project I'm working on.

Unfortunately, Yahoo answers didn't provide enough space for my (typically) long-winded answers, so I provided this link for the person who asked the question so that they could find the rest of their answers. I was only able to fit Questions 1 - 3 at Yahoo. Thanks blather for the space.

Also thanks for the bumps mysterious suspicious person. I'll also accept the sarcastic cheer by way of your name. Thank you. (Way to go. Yaay me.)

P.S. For future reference, if you would state your suspicions as questions on at least this blathe, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
daf On this, the 4th anniversary of our seemed appropriate to answer probably the most frequently asked question of all:

1. How do I find true love?

The short answer is that you don't. Your job is not to find true love. Your job is to prepare yourself for when it arrives. The full answer will explain better and hopefully prove more satisfying.
dafremen The idea that one can "find true love" is a fallacy.

It may be possible ro happen upon true love during a search for true love..but the search was simply a circumstance (among many) during which true love took root. It might well have been in an elevator on the way to work with no search at all. Without getting into existentialism too much, let's just say that our brain likes to take credit for the things that happen in our lives, love is no exception..and so the brain calls its years of trial and error, suffering and pining..a search. And if and when the universe deems us ready for the love it has prepared for us and drops it in our laps..we claim to have FOUND true love when in fact it was handed to us.

So to answer this question, let's first rephrase it to get to the meat of what the questioner is asking: When will true love come into my life?

The answer to that question is: When you have done the work required to prepare yourself for it.

Each relationship is like a seed. There is soil and there is water: the material needs of the relationship and its emotional needs.

Think of each person as bringing both their own "secret soil recipe" and their watering can of "My Miracle Sprout Mix" to the garden party that is romance.

At first, we're inexperienced gardeners..and so our recipe may not be what is required. It may be lacking in some of the nutrients required for our perfect love to flourish. And so we adjust ourselves. Become less of a slob just a bit and the soil is better for this type of lover. Learn to not be quite so uptight a touch and the soil is more balanced for this type. Turn our emotional intensity down a touch and the pH of our water is better for these sorts of partners, turn it on, and we don't risk seeming cold to a different type.

Let there be no doubt about it. Some gardeners straight up get lucky with their gardening secrets. Everything's just right, the first time around. And even more rarely, their partner's ready too. That's undeniably nice. That's love at first sight. Don't bank on it. Don't count on it. Don't make it a big deal. It's just beginner's luck. New recipes invariably need tweaking..and so the universe tweaks us. If we watch and are willing to adjust; learning the lessons that time, tenderness and heartache have to teach us, then slowly, the universe will hammer us into shape.

If we resist this hammering. Stubbornly clinging to our notion of what it is that we want from love and life, and what it is that we want love and life to be..then we will wait for love. And we will wait for life.

Love and life will be there all along, opportunities passing through our days. But they won't sprout until we are ready for them, and so we'll remain oblivious to the fact that they were ever there at all. That, friends is a lifetime of loneliness..lovelessness.

But if we let ourselves be shaped by life, let the universe perfect our gardening supplies, feeling the cues for change, listening for what is required of us and remaining open to any and all possibilities, then we will have true love as surely as pulling dirt from the ground leaves a hole. Just live your life. Don't search for anything, you couldn't find it anyway. Just relax and get ready for love.

A final word of caution: No one that makes you feel bad about yourself is worthy of your love. No one that makes you feel guilty, unworthy, inadequate, ugly, stupid or otherwise worthless is worthy of your love, time or attention. Don't you know who you are? Don't you know that they need your attention more than life itself..because it is life itself to them? Don't you know that you are a mighty, mighty being destined to bring great happiness, to the one who adores you? You do now.

Don't baby these selfish bullies. Move on. They aren't ready for you yet.
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